Noise can be annoying when trying to sleep or work in peace. However, often you can control the external noise. This is incredibly hard if the noise is coming from neighboring houses or streets. In that case, it is essential to consider soundproofing your room.

The first thing you should soundproof is your door. Having a quality isolated door can make a huge difference in your bedroom. Doors prevent noise from entering and exiting the room.

That’s why you should have a clear goal. You want to suppress and diffuse noise. There are many reasons you may be considering trying to soundproof your bedroom, especially near the door area.

Before soundproofing your room, it is essential to know why and how reducing noise can benefit you. And why just by soundproofing your doors, you can achieve perfect silence. Here is how to soundproof a bedroom door quickly:

Why Soundproofing a Door Is Important

Glass-and-Premium-Doors-by-Renew-Doors-and-Closets-LLC How to soundproof a bedroom door quicklyImage source: Renew Doors and Closets LLC

It would be best if you relaxed at your home. It is a place where you want to escape the outside world. By having loud and annoying noises intruding on your home, you disturb your own peaceful time. According to research and numerous studies, keeping outside noises at a minimum can help you in many ways. Quiet homes often decrease heart disease risk, many sleep irregularities, and even help with diabetes.

As we know, doors are the most significant cause of many noise intrudencies. Doorways and wall cracks can leak noise. Not only those areas, but the open bottom space of the doors are at fault too. Here are several solutions on how to soundproof a bedroom door. Read about them and then choose the one that is going to work the best for you. After you’ve done that, hop on the project and enjoy a quieter bedroom.

Solutions for Soundproofing Bedroom Door

Use a door gasket to seal the cracks

rubber-gasket How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

How to soundproof a bedroom door by using a door gasket?  From physics, we know that sound amplifies as it goes through gaps, and Sound is amplified as it travels through cracks and holes. If your doorframe has any of these, then go for a gasket. You can install gaskets relatively easily. And, they’re also great for blocking any intruding sounds.

  • To install a gasket, first, remove the door frame.
  • Line up the gasket inside the wall and then place the door frame back.

Gaskets come in many forms and designs. Just like they vary in design, they also vary in prices. You can choose the cheapest one and still achieve the perfect result.

Place acoustic drapes over the door

acoustic-drapes-over-the-door How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

Another excellent method is installing acoustic drapes over the door.

  • First, you’ll need to install a short curtain rod. Place it directly over the back of your door.
  • Then get a heavy fabric drape and hang it from the rod. There are Sound dampening drapes on the market. They’re made explicitly from this unique fabric, which cancels out noises. When you are inside the room, slide the drape into place for less Sound from outside.

This is a method if you’re renting a room or an apartment. Who said you couldn’t achieve a perfectly quiet place without any severe installations.

Add soundproofing rubber

soundproofing-rubber How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

As mentioned before, sound leaks through even the tiniest gaps. If you’re looking for a cheap and quick solution, then try using soundproof rubber. You can add this rubber around the sides of the doorframe.

What is it that makes this rubber special? This soundproof rubber is a viscous neoprene structure. However, your door already has molding around it. You’ll need to pry it off first.

After you’ve done this, add the soundproofing rubber around the door’s edges. You can also add an acoustic sealant. Add it in the small cracks and gaps to further isolate the room.

Place a door sweep when it’s closed

Place-a-door-sweep-when-its-closed How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

Placing a door sweep when the door is closed will result in a quick solution to the loud external noise. These sweeps are usually made out of dense metal and rubber. What’s also great about them is that they allow you to open and close the door without adding to the resistance. However, when the door is closed, you won’t hear anything from the outside.

To install a door sweep, all you have to do is find one that fits your door’s size. Most of them use a few screws to lock in place. Make sure that it’s lined up perfectly. Otherwise, you’ll end up having to fill the gaps or completely redo the installation.

Coat the door with sound-absorbing paint

Coat-the-door-with-sound-absorbing-paint How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

A new and modern solution to loud noises is sound-absorbing paint. You can find this type of paint in local hardware stores. If they have one, it is best to choose a color that matches your interior doors. Then, before just like using any paint, read the instructions. Make sure to read them carefully before applying it.

One layer of coating this sound-absorbing paint can reduce external noise by almost 30%. This paint will also keep noises from inside the room from traveling outside as well.

Use acoustic panels

acoustic-panels How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

Sometimes you don’t want to spend your time doing a lot of work. If you’re too lazy to install any soundproof element to your door, add an acoustic door panel. This panel has a very simple installation. You only have to glue a layer of plywood to your door.

These doors range in sized and materials. Some of them are made from foam and others are made from wood. They’re designed in a way that they minimize the sound coming through, thus overall reducing the noise. Use glue strips to attach it to the door.

Add Mass loaded vinyl 

Mass-loaded-vinyl How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

Massive mass blocks sound the best. That’s why you might want to use enormous vinyl sheets. These sheets will prevent noise from entering through the door. Most doors, especially those with a hollow core, dampen Sound without blocking it.

Mass loaded vinyl can be installed inside the door’s core or inside the door in the room. It usually requires Sound dampening glue, which removes a bit of noise as well. Remember that there’s no type of bond that can block Sound, it only absorbs some of it!*

How to soundproof a bedroom door by installing foam tiles

foam-tiles How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

You can buy acoustical interlocking tiles. These special tiles can be installed on your door with screws and glue. These types of tiles are often used in music studios, to block out any external noise.

But secure them tightly. If you install them loosely, they might fall off. These tiles range from low to high noise-reduction levels. Depending on your need, choose the best one for you.

Place a soundproof blanket over the door

soundproof-blanket-over-the-door How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

Soundproof blankets don’t work if you put them on the ground unless you’re trying to block the sound from coming through the floor from down below. However, you can place a thick fiberglass soundproofing blanket over your door when trying to keep the sound out.

It is a known fact that fiberglass insulates sound. That is why many manufacturers have incorporated it in all kinds of furniture. You can use it in your apartment, studio, or office. Simply, throw this blanket over your door and watch how the magic happens.

Upgrade Your Bedroom Door

Replace-this-light-door-with-a-heavier-one How to soundproof a bedroom door quickly

Bedrooms often come with doors that have a hollow core. This door is made of a thin outer layer of wood with plastic or cardboard inside. This is why it tends to be noisier than those with a solid-wood door.

Replace this light door with a heavier one. The heavier the door, the more sound it blocks.

Some other ideas to muffle sound in your bedroom

Irvine-Remodel-by-KK-Design-Concepts How to soundproof a bedroom door quicklyImage source: KK Design Concepts

  • Placing bookshelves is a great way to absorb noise. Put them on both sides of the door. That way, you will amplify the noise absorption.
  • You can also readjust your room. Place your bed to the opposite wall, away from where the sound is coming from. And, put all the other furniture next to the wall, the sound epicenter.
  • If the noise is coming from the floor area, you can always place a heavy rug.

Soundproofing a door is one of the best, quickest, and most effective ways to start cutting out incoming and outgoing sounds for your bedroom. The trick is to identify how many sounds you want to block out and get a method that will work for you without straining your finances. This article hopefully showed you how to soundproof a bedroom door with no effort. You can now enjoy quiet time at home.

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