When you decide to design any section of your home, consider using the colors black and white. Both of these colors are considered neutral, and they also accept other colors into your decorating plans. When you add a warm color such as red, it will create a bold statement in any space. Frequently today, we are seeing red used as a popular choice for accent for walls, which attracts a lot of attention from visitors. This decorating scheme works particularly well in bedrooms as well.

If you’re looking to create a modern appearance, both black and red will accomplish this, while the color white is used to neutralize spaces and reduce the shrinking effect that the colors black and red can cause; however, when used together, all three of these colors combine to create a classical color scheme for the bedroom that will promote good feelings and create dramatic contrasts.

In some rooms, the color red should be used sparingly and only as an accent color, while in other rooms it can be used as the dominant color. The combination of red and white is also a popular scheme to use in living rooms. Together, red and white complement each other and create a lively, warm atmosphere.

By color, red is more intense, while white is more subtle. When used together, these 2 colors work extremely well together; however, not every room featured here today will utilize these colors in the same proportion or manner.

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