IKEA bedroom ideas are famous worldwide for their neutral, yet warm tones and maximum usability and performance design concept.

Each and every of IKEA rooms has a different story to tell, but preserves the simplicity and multi-preference compatibility this company is so appreciated for.

Homeowners who prefer a relaxing setting can get IKEA bedroom furniture in darker, less energizing shades, and then enhance the decor with luminous accents alike those that accompany all IKEA room ideas.

Image source: In House Interior Design

IKEA bedrooms are all equipped with practical, easy to organize and arrange pieces, including bookcases, shelves, easily movable boxes, and unique elements such as IKEA closet hacks or IKEA bed hacks. Those who wish to define separate areas in one room can do that with handy curtains, and secure some private space for themselves or their children.

For cases like this, IKEA offers deep pink colour assents that match sunny and warm furniture settings, so you’ll get two different rooms in a single one. Basically, IKEA brings complex and practical models down to minimalist designs, and does so by simply avoiding complex colour combinations.

The company is also a leader in storage and arrangement – IKEA storage ideas for small bedrooms are simply the best ones out there!

IKEA’s marvellous bed frames

Let’s see why IKEA is such a popular bedroom provider. If asked what the most important element in a bedroom is, we’d all agree it is the bed. For a gorgeous bedroom, you need an equally gorgeous bed that will not only be a comfort haven, but will also look breathtaking and memorable.

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IKEA offers amazing bed frames that vary from modern and sleek to traditional and rustic, and presents you with a crazy choice of styles, shapes, and sizes. The competitive edge of the company is that while most producers focus on excessive decoration and unneeded accessories, IKEA concentrates on comfort, and tries to meet your specific ergonomic needs and design preferences.

What this means is that you will be able to find everything, from trundle beds with drawers that slide out and store extra pillows, to king-size twin beds designed for modern couples. On top of that, you can choose some of the well-known IKEA mattresses and custom-complete the bed of your dreams.

Image source: Chris Snook

IKEA designs for small bedrooms

Dormitories around the world are more diverse than you can imagine – urban couples share attic studios and look to maximize square footage, while others enjoy the comfort of a large country villa and have no similar concerns.

For those that are short of space, IKEA offers ingenious bedroom compositions that transform tiny rooms into fully-functional bedrooms, and match a nice living room/dining area units to organize common spaces.

Image source: Design Shop Interiors

For instance, you can use their loft bed frames to easily transform a bedroom into a common room, and add some extra storage cabinets and side tables to store your belongings. This is why IKEA’s Scandinavian form solutions are ranked at the very top of smart bedroom design top lists.

Bedroom storage solutions and modern wardrobes

When investing in a beautiful bedroom, you have to invest in many pieces other than the bed, in particular with a valuable clothes collection that requires ample and convenient storing. To sort out and arrange the pile of shoes and clothing, you can get panache and display the collection, or get any of IKEA’s practical cabinets, drawer chests, and similar cloth storage systems.

The most popular solution is probably the standalone dressing table with a hanger which will look even better paired with simple, wall-mounted shelves.

Trendy bedding for extra comfort

Once the bed frame and storage questions are out of the way, you’ll need to move to suitable bedding options. Here, IKEA will please you with a number of attractive cushions, pillows, duvets, and comforters, and make your bed even more appealing.

Image source: i3 design group

To look for features like these, check IKEA’s Bedroom Zone – you won’t need a bunch of money to solve the bedding issue, but the materials, colours, and exciting patterns will certainly give you some fun time.

IKEA in the service of your good mood

Last, but not least, you need little details to make your bedroom pitch perfect. It is impossible to think of a place better than IKEA, which offers fascinating accessories and finishing touches that will make your bedroom feel more personal.

Two sconces to replace classic bedside lamps or a genuine, corner reading nook with a gorgeous transcended lamp are just the starting points! Visit the closest IKEA store, and you will discover a world of snazzy mirrors, vintage frames, plush rugs, and more for your peaceful and practical bedroom.

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Keeping a small bedroom in order

A bedroom that is pint-sized is, believe it or not, the most difficult to arrange and maintain. What we usually do with such bedrooms is getting drowned in the sea of shoes, cloths, bags, and other essentials – a thing designers fancy calling ‘the tiny bedroom syndrome’, and which is completely curable by visiting IKEA.

There, you will find all needed furniture and accessories to store wardrobe clutter, such as the ones we are going to discuss in this article.

IKEA Hacks: Platform beds

IKEA offers small space-dwellers the ideal kitchen solutions. Inspired by their wide choice of kitchen cabinets, Oh Yes Blog contributor Noraelli prepared and showcased her dreamy storage bed, whose platform was created by nine basic cabinets.

The creation is both practical and swoon-worthy, and benefits both from useful storage, and bedroom functionality. From a single, tiny room, she now owns a practical bedroom and a living room.

Image source: Van Wicklen Design

IKEA Hacks: Multi-purpose shelving

Do you need some extra space to hang your clothes? Here comes a cool IKEA idea for transforming simple shelves into double-duty storage pieces. To get one of your own, go to IKEA and look for their FINTORP/GRUNDTAL hanging rail, and fix it on the shelf’s underside.

IKEA Hacks: DIY clothing rack projects

Clean clothes are neatly stored in the closet, and dirty ones are tossed in the laundry hamper. But what happens with once-worn stuff? Do you have a dedicated place for them, or you, as all people out there, pile them up on the chair?

An IKEA ledge hack helps get rid of once-worn clutter. It is an easy DIY project you can complete with a BYGEL rail hung on a KNOPPÄNG picture ledge’s underside. Next, mount the entire composition on the wall, and you can leave all of your dirty-but-not-dirty clothes to air out.

Image source: Rock Kauffman Design

IKEA Hacks: SEKTION storage beds

How do we store items on the long run with a small bedroom? IKEA has once again come up with an ingenious solution, namely the METOD kitchen cabinets that transform easily into platform storage beds.

For your information, METOD is not yet sold in the USA, but purchasing few SEKTION base cabinets will suffice to complete this project yourself.

Another savvy solution is to combine several drawer cabinets that have two doors with your shelves, and get a huge dresser out of it. As a finishing touch, consider IKEAs FINTORP two-rail racks to store your shoes.

Image source: Joshua Lawrence Studios INC

IKEA Bedroom Idea: MALM Storage Bed

No time, skills, or patience to create the ideal storage solution?

No worries, IKEA can make this happen!

Their MALM bed saves plenty of space, as it conceals all of your clothing right under your mattress.

IKEA Ideas: Not a DIY hero?

Let’s face it – not all of us are DIY experts, and even those who have bright ideas here and there may not be keen into triggering some action. IKEA comes handy once again, as it offers different pieced of inexpensive furniture that can be used to store belongings.

Image source: Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

We recommend BRIMNES beds that offer underneath drawers, as well as KALLAX shelving units that can assume the role of a useful footboard.

IKEA Bedroom Hack: Built-in closets you can make yourself

If skimpy closet storage is a problem for you, as it is for most of us, turn to IKEA for some professional assistance.

Homemade by Carmona’s contributor Ursula, who is also an expert DIY’er, solved this problem by making her own freestanding closet with melamine boards and IKEA RAST dressers. This way, she got to store all of her clothes in a beautiful wardrobe that didn’t cost even $200.

IKEA Bedroom Ideas: Under-bed storage

Did it cross your mind how lovely it would be to use your under bed space? What if this is the future hiding place of your annoying shoe pile? IKEA offers very useful under-bed storage boxes (BRUSALI) that you can also mount on rolling casters. This way, you will be able to access your belongings any time you want.

IKEA Hacks: Accessory walls

Ladies proud of their handbag collections would find it more than interesting to display those on a gallery wall. IKEA makes this possible with towel racks such as HJÄLMAREN, and coat hooks alike BJARNUM.

Image source: Dale Alcock Homes

IKEA Bedroom Ideas: Storage headboards

Bedtime readers are the ones IKEA is trying to target with its BRIMNES headboard. The element has three very practical compartments, all equipped with cords and cables, an just ideal to stash a book, or charge your phones and tablets.

IKEA Hack: Displaying your beautiful gems

IKEA’s cute jewellery boxes contain a knotted heap of trinkets and baubles, and a DIY necklace rack which, as explained by Broader Borders’ crafty bloggers, prevents your tiny and delicate chains from getting all mixed up and tangled.

To make such rack, you will need IKEA’s picture ledge (MARIETOP or KNOPPÄNG), and a special, twist-on cup hooks for your necklaces. You can install these hooks on the ledge’s undersides, and then mount the brand new jewellery rack on the wall.

IKEA Bedroom Ideas: How about a new closet?

Does your bedroom need a new closet? Have this in mind: IKEA requires nothing but a blank wall to give you the storage unit you so desperately need.

It offers, for instance, clothing racks you can comfortably place on the wall behind your bed, or pick one of its popular STOLMEN open wardrobes to secure space for all clothes.

You can configure this wardrobe in a matter of minutes, and combine it with as many shelves, rails, or drawers as you need. The biggest benefit of it is having your stuff neatly packed and arranged out of sight while spending some you-time in bed.

IKEA Bedroom Hacks: Sweet, built-in corner dressers

IKEA’s great built-in elements help transform empty and dull corners in attic bedrooms into beautiful dressers. To achieve this, you should get a BRIMNES dresser, a PAX wardrobe, and a BILLY bookcase.

All of these items are available second-hand on Craigslist, so that you can save even more. IKEA also offers a DIY tutorial for you to build the dresser on your own.

Another clever idea from IKEA: The Ultimate Storage Wall

New York’s pre-war apartments have only one or two closets the size of a shoebox, or not even those in the worse scenario. Chloe Daley had a similar problem, but luckily for here, IKEA’s Home Tour Squad experts mashed up IKEA products to present her with the perfect storage solution.

Chloe now haves a practical set-up storage unit that resembles a walk-in closet, and she got it on a budget. Feeling jealous? Because we did!

Image source: Judith Balis Interiors

Be the designer of your ideal dreaming area

It doesn’t matter how the bed of your dreams looks – Go to IKEA, and you will find everything you need to construct one. The vendor’s extensive range of personalized beds and frames is there to meet even the most unique requirements, and there is a detailed buyer guide to help you find what you need.

IKEA is also known to pay special attention to details such as pillows and appropriate bedding, and gives you in such way the comfort you’ve always wished for.

Slats and frames for mattresses

IKEA is also a provider of diverse slat options and frames for all sorts of mattresses, so that you can build a perfect, custom-made bed to sleep on. The slats are available in all colours, sizes, and materials..

Bunk beds

Bunk beds work the best in children’s and guests’ rooms, and represent the most practical solution for fitting two beds in a single room. If you need an additional bed in the room, you can always get an extra lower bunk.

Guest beds and day beds

What if your sofa or day bed can be transformed into a proper sleeping hub? IKEA gives you this possibility with single/double day beds that can become double beds, by just placing inside any IKEA mattress you like. You can even get two separate single-foam mattresses, and use them as a daybed.

Image source: White Crane Construction


If sturdiness and comfort are your priorities, you may as well look at IKEA’s divan beds. They have a sturdy mattress sitting perfectly on the base, and providing you the support needed for a tight night sleep.

Beds for kids

Kids happen to treat their bed as the focal point of the room, as that’s where they sleep, play games, talk to friends, and more, IKEA’s beds for children are very comfortable, and come in amazing shapes and colours that will support the room’s theme.


Sofa beds and futons are where IKEA allows you to save the most – You and your guests can enjoy many different colours and styles, corner sofa beds, release chairs, and so on.

Image source: Susan Hargraves

Ending thoughts IKEA bedroom ideas

Bedroom design can be quite challenging with a limited budget, and that’s where IKEA comes on the scene. Its platform beds are probably the cheapest ones out there, but that also makes their designs low-quality compared to competitors. Therefore, these beds may not resist frequent pressure on their frames, and won’t last if not taken care of.

IKEA offers many different minimal platform bed solutions, and for each of them, a number of matching furniture elements.

If you liked this article with IKEA bedroom ideas, you should check out this one on how to turn a basement into a bedroom.

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