If your mind has never strayed to how your plumbing pipes fit with your interior design, then this is the time to start. If you try to hire a plumber in Southern Maine to handle plumbing repair, one of the first things they’ll ask you is the interior design of your place.

Essentially, this means that plumbing professionals care about how your pipes fit with your interior decoration. Plumbing pipes are crucial in every building whether it’s a residential or commercial building. A lot of homeowners neglect the plumbing aspect and focus entirely on the usual elements of interior design.

Generally, visitors dislike seeing plumbing pipes since they’re not suitable with the conventional interior design. Nevertheless, there are several ways you can go about blending the plumbing pipes into your home’s interior design.

Tips for Blending Plumbing Pipes with Your Home’s Interior Design

  1. Check for the Age of Your Pipes

Before you start blending in your pipes with the interior décor, you have to check for how old the pipes are. Knowing the age of the pipes can help you determine whether they’re broken or still in optimal working condition.

If your pipes are old, you’ll have to purchase new ones that can blend in with your interior design. Also, replacing old pipes will ensure that the pipes don’t surprisingly spring leaks.

  1. Paint Over the Exposed Pipes

If you have any pipes that are visibly exposed, you can paint them with a color that’ll go with your interior décor. If your walls are already painted with your favorite color, you can use the same type of paint on your pipes.

You can take the initiative and try out different hues to see if you can give your home an exotic touch. If the pipes are exposed in your kitchen and you have wood flooring and cabinets, you can paint over the pipes with the same color.

  1. Place Artificial Plants and Decorations Over the Pipes

Another great idea for making your pipes blend in with your interior design is to use decoration or artificial plants. When you use either of these options, it’ll look like the plants or decorations were placed there to beautify your home.

If you’re getting artificial plants, you have to ensure that the color of the plants you purchase matches that of your interior decoration.

  1. Install Cabinets Below Your Kitchen Sink

Kitchen and bathroom sinks don’t always look appealing because of the visible pipe network below them. To solve this issue, you can install cabinets below both sinks.

The plumbing pipes under the sink are usually very visible since they have to be placed there before they can function effectively. A lot of homeowners have tried to obscure them to no avail. Nevertheless, when you install some cabinets below the sink, it presents two advantages for you.

First, you get to hide the unappealing pipe network from view. Second, it creates storage space for bathroom and kitchen items.

  1. Lower Your Ceiling

Many homes have exposed pipes that are close to the ceiling. This type of pipe network looks unappealing and it can distort the aesthetic view of a room.

Some people choose to paint the pipes with the same color as the ceiling. However, a less explored option is to lower the ceiling of your home to conceal the pipes. Note that it’s best to call an expert before you lower your ceiling rather than handle the task yourself.

  1. Convert the Visible Pipes into Accessories

In some cases, painting over the pipes or concealing them might not be a satisfactory option. If you’re faced with this dilemma, you might have to convert them to accessories while using some architectural expertise.

For instance, if your pipes are strong and can carry some weight, you can decide to hang pendant lights on them. You can also use the plumbing pipes to support a bookshelf.

  1. Cover Your Bathroom Pipes with Rope

If you’re comfortable with a rustic design, you can cover your bathroom pipes with rope. You’ll have to get ropes with different colors and textures that will flow with your room’s interior design. One of the key benefits of covering your bathroom pipes with rope is that staring at it gives a relaxing feel.

  1. Get Modular Blocks

You can purchase modular blocks to hide your plumbing pipes and beautify your room at the same time. This way, you get to conceal your pipes in a way that gets you something useful all at once.

  1. Get a Sink Skirt to Hide Pipes Under Your Sink

If you don’t want to get cabinets for your bathroom or kitchen sink, you can decide to get a sink skirt. Nevertheless, you have to note that selecting a suitable fabric and color is vital to pulling this off.

The best advantage of using a sink skirt is that you get presented with the option of concealing the pipes or flaunting them.

10. Purchase Steel Pipes

Although steel pipes are quite costly, they can be a great option for blending your pipes with your interior décor. If your interior design tends towards the classical era, you can install steel pipes.

The best advantage of using steel pipes is that the design would be evergreen and you wouldn’t have to worry about changing the design years down the line. Steel pipes can be used in most rooms at home. Apart from their decorative abilities, steel pipes are durable and can last for several years.

11. Painting Pipes with Vibrant Colors

This tip is quite different from painting your pipes with a color that matches your interior design. Instead of that, you can paint your pipes with a vibrant color that will make them stand out.

You can use this tip in an unconventional but interesting way. If you have kids, you can get them to paint the pipes in a vibrant color of their choice. This will allow them to explore different options and use their creative skills. You might even be surprised by the ideas they come up with.

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