What paint color should I choose for my white cabinet kitchen? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Let’s talk about kitchen color schemes with white cabinets, modern kitchens, and how kitchen design trends are evolving!

If you are planning to create a new kitchen with white cabinets, or if you’re thinking of a kitchen renovation, or even if you want to change the look of your kitchen after a long period, the answer may be yes.

Please continue reading this article about kitchen color schemes with white cabinets to see why I chose each color on the list and to see some backsplash ideas and design examples you may use as inspiration.

What Is a Good Color for a Kitchen with White Cabinets?

Image source: BlueWaterPictures- Dennis Anderson

White cabinets go well with a variety of kitchen color schemes, making them a favorite choice for farmhouse style kitchens to glossy cabinets designs. White also helps to brighten and lighten the area, especially in a high-gloss or semi-gloss finish, enhancing the neutral tones of your kitchen.

Earthy hues, like granite countertops or earth tones, are recommended by interior designers for kitchens with white cabinetry. These colors offer a warm and welcoming vibe to them, making both the chef and the visitors feel at ease. The color should be vibrant, with a mix of hues used in different areas of the kitchen like wall paint colors or pendant lighting.

If you’re looking for some solid paint color ideas without delving into the intricacies, or perhaps you’re curious about stainless steel appliances that might complement these colors, here are a few stunning paint color possibilities for rooms with white kitchen cabinets:


Image source: Sarah Ponden Interiors

With this arrangement, you will paint every surface in your kitchen white, even integrating it with quartz countertops. White cabinets, white walls, white ceiling, countertops, and accessories are all examples of this.

All-white kitchens, a great monochromatic look, exude openness and cleanliness. They are light and refreshing, ideal for those aiming for a clean subway tile aesthetic. If you have a smaller kitchen and want to make it feel more open, this color scheme is for you. Take inspiration from this all-white kitchen and get creative with accessories like the red oven knobs, gold cabinet handles, and futuristic pendant lighting to give a little oomph.

The color combination of white and white can also be varied. This might be brilliant and bright white, warm and bright white, or cold and bright white.

It is no longer a secret that white wall paint color is utilized to create a more expansive visual appearance when space is restricted, enhancing the open shelving feel.

Light Gray

Image source: Keith Wing Custom Builders

White might be too bright for some people’s tastes when it comes to cooking, especially in modern kitchens with a sleek design.

If you have a tiny kitchen but want to give some depth to an all-white kitchen layout, gray and white is a terrific combination. Gray, unlike wood, lends an impression of urban refinement to the whole thing. In this case, white may be utilized to add a warm, inviting touch, while varied shades of gray allow you to switch between designs and themes, like transitioning from a farmhouse style to a more modern aesthetic.

Gray grounds many other aspects in your kitchen, including the colors of your kitchen appliances and any natural materials you may have, such as stone worktops and exposed wood. We like how the black ebony clay contrasts with the lighter Oslo gray.


Image source: Village Home Stores

Greige is a simple gray-beige color combination that is simply a gray with a warm beige undertone. This hue seems like a warm gray, giving the kitchen a warm and inviting atmosphere while maintaining the modern color palette.

This warm light gray color looks great in both modern and transitional kitchens. Try ordinary beige or perhaps a monochromatic look instead of this semi-gray color for a more conventional design approach.

The use of the greige hue gives the kitchen area a warm appearance, enhancing the neutral tones and also making the room cozier, much like how quartz countertops might elevate a kitchen’s aesthetic.

Of course, while greige is still a gray color, it lends a clean aspect to the kitchen area, complementing stainless steel appliances and any hardwood flooring present.

Something like this would go great with the white kitchen and all of the stainless-steel appliances, creating a harmonious kitchen color scheme with white cabinets.

Brick Wall

Image source: Fireclay Tile

Adding a brick wall, perhaps a nod to farmhouse style, to the white kitchen is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Even imitation brick walls or backsplash ideas don’t feel as lovely and inviting as natural brick walls that have been revealed after removing the plaster that has kept them hidden since the 1990s!

Whether exposed brick walls are whitewashed for a faded look, the finest ones give textural contrast to the kitchen without changing its aesthetic. The obvious stylistic possibilities here are industrial, farmhouse, and rustic. Despite the existence of a brick wall in the kitchen, don’t shy away from modern and contemporary designs. With the right kitchen design trends, even glossy cabinets can work alongside exposed brick.


Image source: Carolina Design Associates, LLC

If you have all-white kitchen cabinets and a lot of natural light, perhaps alongside some pendant lighting, you might want to make the area feel warmer and more inviting. Beige, resembling earth tones, is an excellent paint color for making your kitchen seem warm and inviting, simply creating a wonderful, homey ambiance.

Of course, this does not imply that the combination will provide the same clean and warm effect as greige for the wall paint. Instead of a clean and pleasant appearance, beige wall paint combined with white cabinets will give a soft, inviting appearance.

Beige wall color works well in classic traditional kitchen designs because it keeps the color palette centered on the warm tones and brown hue of classic construction materials such as wood and brick. However, if you’re aiming for a more contemporary dwelling or even a sleek modern kitchen, we would recommend exploring other color options.

Light Yellow

Image source: HOUCK Residential Designers

Many designers use a bright yellow hue, which can be a fresh addition to kitchen design trends. This bright yellow tint on the walls complements the brown tiles or wood on the hardwood flooring wonderfully. The color yellow bounces light throughout the space, adding ambiance to your kitchen. To create an antique ambiance, you might add a blue painting to the bright yellow tone, or perhaps integrate some subway tiles in a contrasting shade.

It is generally distinguished by the presence of seats or pendant lighting over stools combined with a kitchen island or perhaps a set of dining tables and chairs, the total size of which is usually not too large.

Isn’t it a wonderful idea to start each day with breakfast at this location, under the soft glow of pendant lighting?

Dark Blue

Image source: Lulu Designs

If the combination of wood or gray with white is novel and groundbreaking, the concept of blue and white coexisting is as ancient as, well, farmhouse style kitchens. Blue and white, reminiscent of neutral tones, is a timeless combo that evokes a sense of earth tones.

For a reason, white and blue is a timeless combo. It never fails to enchant you, always provides a diverse range of design and style options, and versatility comes to the fore. However, this season, you may experiment with hues other than blue and delve into the realm of turquoise and teal. No matter how far you go from your ‘basic blue colors,’ keep in mind that the simplicity of blue and white is where the genuine magic resides, especially when combined with quartz countertops.

This color works well in transitional and modern kitchens, especially if you’re going for a glossy cabinets look. It might work in a classic-style kitchen environment, depending on the colors of other elements like the countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Chocolate Brown

Brown is a great color to go with white kitchen cabinets, especially if you’re aiming for a monochromatic look. Brown is also considered an earthy tone, making it an excellent choice for your kitchen. Our food originates from the land and is grown on our farms, so naturally, the farmhouse style would resonate here. Brown is the natural hue of the planet Earth.

This is one of the reasons why brown is the ideal kitchen color, resonating with the feel of granite countertops. To break up the monotony of the brown tone, use other colored accessories or even some subway tiles in a lighter shade.

Depending on how you match it with other kitchen hues, this cool brown color has the ability to function in classic, transitional, and modern kitchens, seamlessly blending with stainless steel appliances and other elements.

Winning Kitchen Color Schemes

White Cabinets and Green Subway Tile

Image source: Castro Kitchen Remodel

If you want a natural and vibrant aesthetic reminiscent of earth tones, green and white is a terrific color combination to use in modern kitchens. Green suggests health and vitality, drawing parallels with farmhouse styles, while white provides your kitchen with a bright and clean appearance akin to glossy cabinets.

Glossy green subway tile, a popular backsplash idea, gives a splash of color to this transitional kitchen, which features white Shaker-style cabinetry and black stone counters. Colorful plates provide a splash of color to open cabinet shelves, enhancing the overall kitchen design trend.

White Cabinets and Classy Wood Furniture

Image source: Agnieszka Jakubowicz PHOTOGRAPHY

If we were to choose just one kitchen color scheme, inspired by neutral tones, to share with our readers as the finest of 2021, we would surely go with white and wood. White, much like in all-white kitchens, keeps everything sleek, neat, and adaptable, but wood lends warmth, elegance, and sometimes ageless appeal to the kitchen. The best aspect is that you can add color to this kitchen in little doses, perhaps through pendant lighting or accessories, without changing the overall look.

Overall, the black accents combined with the all-white color scheme produce a rustic overtone, perfect for that modern farmhouse design, and harmonizing with stainless-steel appliances.

White Cabinets and Black Furniture

Image source: Signature Interior Designs

Add a splash of color to kitchen color choices with white cabinetry, making your kitchen color schemes with white cabinets stand out. The accent color in this example is black, a shade that often complements granite countertops. Nothing says “classic” like black and white. If you don’t want to be concerned about ever going out of style or want a timeless kitchen renovation, this is the option for you.

Black, being elegant and strong, contrasts beautifully with white quartz countertops. White, on the other hand, represents the existence of all hues and fosters openness, cleanliness, and creative ideas. The combination creates a smart and imaginative environment, much like kitchens featuring subway tiles or pendant lighting.

White Cabinets and Green Appliances+ Brown Countertops

Image source: Jenni Leasia Interior Design

A green refrigerator, resembling the earth tones popular in modern kitchens, may appear to be an unconventional decision for a kitchen’s appearance. The green hue on the fridge, however, combined with glossy cabinets, especially white ones, will be the talk of the entire house.

The fundamental goal of blending white, green, and brown colors in your kitchen design trend is to make your kitchen appear vibrant and welcoming. You might choose a brown theme color, reminiscent of granite countertops, to paint the countertops and shelving. This will aid in the transition between the white and green colors, providing a harmonious kitchen color scheme with white cabinets.

Brown counters and shelving provide a nice transition, much like subway tiles might, from the stark white to the rich green.

White Cabinets and Black Countertops + Red Tiles

Image source: B.C.D. Interiors

Adding red to a black and white combination, a nod to neutral tones, creates a completely new look for your kitchen renovation. Red is a hue that lies between the richness of black and the purity of white, making it an ideal color to pair with the polar opposites of black and white.

With its ruby red and sand black color scheme, this kitchen produces a vibrant and dynamic color palette that, alongside stainless steel appliances, is likely to inspire some amazing prepared cooking.

FAQ on color schemes with white cabinets

Why are white cabinets so popular in kitchens?

Oh, white cabinets are the bomb! They’re timeless, and you know, they can pretty much blend with any style – be it modern, farmhouse, or even a classic look. Plus, they’re like a blank canvas. You can jazz up the rest of the kitchen with bold backsplash ideas or some striking pendant lighting. White just gives you that flexibility without overpowering the space.

Does every color go well with white cabinets?

Not every color, but dang, most of them do. White is incredibly versatile. But, hey, it’s also about how you balance things out, you know? If you’re looking at neutral tones or earth tones, they almost always vibe well with white cabinets. But, remember, it’s also about the other elements – like your kitchen appliances and countertops.

What are the trending wall colors for kitchens with white cabinets?

Ah, the trendy stuff! So, right now, soft greens, light blues, and even some muted yellows are in the limelight. These colors add a hint of personality without screaming for attention. They kinda act like the supporting cast for the glossy cabinets or even the matte ones, ensuring the white cabinets remain the star of the show.

Can I mix and match different styles with white cabinets?

Absolutely, and that’s the beauty of it! You want a sleek modern kitchen? Pair those cabinets with a smooth quartz countertop. Feeling the farmhouse vibe? Throw in some rustic subway tiles and some wooden shelves. White cabinets are like that friend who gets along with everyone. They can jive with various styles, making your kitchen a reflection of you.

Do white cabinets make a kitchen look bigger?

Yup, they totally do. White reflects light, which gives an illusion of spaciousness. Especially in smaller kitchens, white cabinets paired with the right lighting can make the space look more open and airy. So, if you’re working with limited space but dream of that spacious feel, white cabinets are your best buddy.

What countertop colors work best with white cabinets?

Here’s the cool part – you’ve got options! From granite countertops with specks of gray and black to wooden ones for that earthy touch, there’s a lot to play with. However, if you’re looking for a contrast, darker hues like black or deep blue can pop beautifully against white cabinets. It’s all about that harmony and how you want your kitchen to feel.

How do I add warmth to a kitchen with white cabinets?

Warmth, you say? Think earth tones and wooden elements. Wooden flooring, wooden open shelves, or even some cozy lighting can do the trick. You could also choose warmer hues for your backsplash or even opt for brass or gold hardware. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, a touch of green with plants always brings in that cozy warmth.

Are white cabinets high maintenance?

Well, white does show stains and splashes more, so there’s a tad bit of truth there. But with today’s finishes and easy-clean paints, maintaining them isn’t as big a chore as it once was. Just a quick wipe-down with a damp cloth, especially if there’s a spill, and your cabinets can stay pristine. And hey, they’re worth the effort, right?

How do I accessorize a kitchen with white cabinets?

Oh, the fun part! Think of your white cabinets as a blank canvas. From pendant lighting to bar stools, from colorful kitchen appliances to quirky knobs and handles, there’s a world of options. Depending on the vibe you’re going for – modern, rustic, vintage – choose accessories that resonate with that mood.

Will white cabinets ever go out of style?

Honestly? I doubt it. They’re like that classic white tee in your wardrobe. Sure, kitchen trends will come and go, but white cabinets have that timeless appeal. They’ve been around for ages and, with their adaptability and elegance, I don’t see them fading into obscurity anytime soon. Plus, with the versatility to adapt to modern kitchen trends or even the classic ones, they’re here to stay.

Ending thoughts on kitchen color schemes with white cabinets

Choosing the appropriate paint colors to go with white cabinets may be a time-consuming effort, especially if you’re looking for backsplash ideas or considering pendant lighting. The good news is that there are various alternatives to explore when it comes to combining kitchen color schemes with white cabinets in farmhouse style or other designs.

If you have a room with white cabinets, you’re in luck since white kitchen cabinets, be it glossy cabinets or others, blend with almost any wall color. This is why many homeowners like white cabinets: it allows them to easily alter the decor of their kitchen, perhaps adding quartz countertops or other elements, without having to repaint the cabinets.

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