We all need to eat. It is a need that cannot be escaped, which makes having a kitchen indispensable in any home. However, we have refined the palate so that eating is also a way to enjoy life, and with it, the spaces where we prepare the dishes have become exemplary works of art. We are likely to end up inhabiting the kitchen for many hours, so it should give us the best possible environment. For example, if you have a kitchen with a breakfast bar, decorating it will help you start an excellent day.

Although many call them breakfast bars, these serve for any meal of the day, so we will end up using it more often than it seems. Although they do not replace a dining room, the kitchen bars are cozier for family moments, since they are always available and have the kitchen nearby.

A kitchen breakfast bar allows us to save space in furniture, in addition to creating an elegant separation between home environments. Unlike a wall, in this area, we can eat snacks, or even use it as an auxiliary shelf when preparing food.

Since we will spend a good part of our day at this countertop, it would be fair to decorate it so that we enjoy our stay. That is why today we bring you some kitchen bar ideas to be the envy of all your neighbors.

These ideas can be applied to multiple types of countertops or island bars, and can even be combined, so the limit is our imagination.

Preliminary considerations for a kitchen with breakfast bar

Island Style – An independent space

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Image source: USI Design & Remodeling

A breakfast island bar is a classic option when we want to install more appliances or kitchen utensils. Some only build a table, while others take advantage of the space to manufacture additional shelves. For this aggregate, it is necessary to have a considerable space in the center of the kitchen, so that the movement of people is still possible.

Peninsula style – The continuation of the countertops

Partridge-Project-by-Stonington-Cabinetry-and-Designs Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Stonington Cabinetry & Designs

Unlike a kitchen island breakfast bar, the peninsula-style ones are embedded in a wall, or failing that, they are the continuation of the countertop. They do not occupy a central space in the kitchen, so they are perfect for small rooms, with the only drawback that we can only sit on three sides.

Peninsula-style bars are usually built-in U or L shaped kitchens, depending on the architectural needs.

Additionally, if we do not have the budget to integrate the breakfast bar into the kitchen furniture, we can always choose to buy a removable countertop.

It all depends on space

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In addition to the budget, it is obvious that we must take into account the space we have. If we have a large kitchen, it is best to opt for the breakfast bar island. This is especially attractive in studio apartments, as it creates the feeling of having a more spacious home.

What is the best kitchen bar design in my case?

Lakeside-Living-Residence-by-VFLA-Architecture-and-Interiors Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: VFLA Architecture + Interiors

Although there are two fundamental ways to integrate a countertop breakfast bar, our customization possibilities are much broader. We must decide what material we will use for its construction, if this will be of a single level, if it will be used to have appliances such as sinks, or even if it will have shelves.

From a designer’s point of view, the first thing we should keep in mind is that the bar cannot hinder the step when walking. After that, it will suggest a pattern that does not dislodge with the general design of the kitchen or the house, making it match what we already have.

Try to select simple furniture, discarding all unnecessary angles, since vertical space is much more important in kitchen bars. The bar should not be overloaded with shelves or accessories. A minimalist alternative is hanging furniture for plates and glasses.

The construction materials are very varied, from wood and plywood to metal sheets, stone or crystals. You can choose to contrast the rest of your kitchen with another hue or maintain the uniformity of the set.

Ideas to decorate your kitchen breakfast bar

Complement a corner

Georgian-Style-by-Streeter-and-Associates-Inc Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Streeter & Associates, Inc.

Sometimes, the kitchen, despite being continuous, has a small dividing wall. We can use this corner to install some cabinets, so that we can place a couple of chairs or stools on the other side of the wall.

Just light up the space

Ashburn-Kitchen-and-Family-Room-by-Synergy-Design-and-Construction Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Synergy Design & Construction

A kitchen with a breakfast bar can gain a different appearance simply by installing some lights on it. The most common is to use pendant lights since they are easy to install, they can be used on island or peninsula type bars, and they come with a variety of shapes and materials.

Complementing our L-shaped kitchen

Country-HomebyTHINK-ArchitectureInc Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: THINK Architecture, Inc.

Many kitchens, for spatial reasons, are distributed in an L-shape, occupying exclusively two walls for all its appliances. In these cases, we can install a kitchen island bar table, so that the atmosphere is cozier.

As we already have all the necessary appliances in the main construction of the kitchen, this central table can work exclusively to enjoy meals.

As if it were a room

Just because it is in the kitchen does not mean that we will have it neglected. Our bar can be accompanied by decorative elements as if it were the dining room table. Some of the classic options are fruit bowls, centerpieces, small tablecloths, flowers, etc.

We cannot go wrong with wood

Hayes-Home-2019-by-Cornerstone-Homes-by-Chris-Moock-LLC Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Cornerstone Homes by Chris Moock, LLC

Not only classic or Renaissance style kitchens look good with wood ornaments. In general, the use of this universal material makes any place adopt a warmer and more elegant style.

With the proper design, we can also make modern furniture in wood, although most of the time it is used for rustic finishes. A popular trend is to use previously treated barn-style wood.

Make everything more cheerful with the use of colors

tanasi-by-Kitchen-and-Bath-by-Design-LLC Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Kitchen & Bath by Design LLC

To have positive energies throughout the day, it is best to start by having a cheerful breakfast. That is why our kitchen with breakfast bar should have a series of colors and ornaments that encourage us.

Try to make the colors as clear and cheerful as possible. The pastel tones will help you wake up slowly and not abruptly, as well as helping to make meals stand out above the rest of the kitchen.

There are also options for U-shaped kitchens

Simply-Gris-by-Creative-Kitchen-Designs-Inc Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Creative Kitchen Designs, Inc

The best option when it comes to U-shaped kitchens is simply to continue building the shelves, extending the workspace a little longer.

Because these are already embedded in three of the four walls of the room, we must leave the central area completely clear, so that we do not interrupt traffic.

The bar can be constructed in two ways preferably: the first is if we turn the table, so that the kitchen create a kind of O, leaving adequate space to access it; or continue the countertop in a straight line, maintaining the continuity of the surface that comes after the oven.

Every home needs natural light

project-121009-by-Rice-Residential-Design Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Rice Residential Design

Although artificial light can complement the spaces, natural light will always be the most pleasant option to brighten the rooms. Especially in the kitchens, since there is nothing better than having breakfast while the soft and fresh rays of dawn sun come in.

Select appropriate stools

New-Construction-Design-and-Build-by-Austin-Design Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Austin Design

Depending on the amount of use we will give to our kitchen bar, it may be a good idea to get sturdy stools or chairs. If we will use this bar to eat, it is best to buy stools that require little maintenance, such as those with wooden, leather or metal seats. The other alternative is that they have cushions that we can easily exchange in case they get damaged.

As for the design section, the stools can be a bit more extravagant, since these are a complement to the countertop breakfast. You can even choose to use them as a contrasting element, selecting wooden stools if your kitchen is mostly metallic.

Metal is the modern choice

Custom-HomeObservatory-Park-Denver-by-Shadow-Creek-Homes Decorating ideas for a kitchen with breakfast barImage source: Shadow Creek Homes

Finally, if you want a modern style kitchen with a breakfast bar, then it is best to use metal as the main material.

It does not matter if they are details in wrought iron, or if they are only small wraps in specific areas: any metal detail (especially in stainless steel) will make your kitchen look modern. Steel appliances cannot be missing in this decorative idea.

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