Luxury living rooms? How hard can it be to design them? Well, it isn’t easy, but if you already settled a  have a decorating process, it won’t be difficult either to give life to your living room ideas.

Your interior design should be both a reflection of your personality and part of what makes your home into a place of comfort and refuge.

If you are looking to update your shabby furniture or decorate your brand new home, you want it to make an impression.

It can be hard to realize your dream home and find the right living room inspiration, especially if you find yourself buried in the sea of interior design products, home decor magazines and maybe too many living rooms decorating ideas.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you create impressive and unique beautiful living rooms. It won’t take too much to start turning your house into your dream home and learn how to make your apartment look expensive!

Naples-Beach-Coastal-Retreat-Great-Room-by-41-West Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: 41 West

Forest Cottage

If your home is situated in a forested area, you might find that the atmosphere and feel of a forest cottage can be the perfect fit for your sitting room designs too. While you can’t do much about your home’s structure, you built a focus on your windows and chimneys, both inside and out.

Try to focus on windows and their view of the natural world. Large cozy sofas provide the perfect setting for this homey cottage feel, but it can also provide a living room luxury feeling, based on the genuine natural materials.

Use Nooks

Create a sun-filled window nook for a cozy place to read or nap while sitting on your elegant sofas living room.

You can build such a nook, or hunt down a vintage folding cot. While a window nook is a classic sitting rooms decoration, you can integrate and create nooks in other spots too. You can place them near bookshelves or other storage book spaces.

These cozy reading spots are perfect refuges for a tired reader and one of the easiest lounge room ideas. Add in oversized pillows and curtains for a real sense of peace and comfort in your luxurious living rooms.

Trump-Hollywood-by-Britto-Charette-Interior-Designers-Miami-FL Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Britto Charette – Interior Designers Miami , FL

Emphasize What is Already There

If the room you are decorating is bright and colorful, try using white furniture and relatively minimalist accents to let the color pop. Tall rooms with window walls should be allowed to seem airy and welcoming, so keep them uncluttered and comfortable. Such a suggestion goes well for a luxury bedroom, but also as living room decor ideas.

Make Interior Design Décor Vignettes

Wall vignettes can be shelves containing a few interesting things. In order to create this, set up a small area to look like something out of a magazine photoshoot. Put a tray or marble board on a table to group together a few items in an intestinal and pleasing way.

Place books with flowers and other plants, or show off something meaningful from your last trip, such as some pictures. There are many living room design ideas that can be easily done offered in many dedicated publications, such as veranda magazine.

Naples-FL-41-West-Bay-Colony-Marquesa-Condo-by-Certified-Luxury-Builders Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Certified Luxury Builders

Hang Low Shelves

console with a lamp and a few books, but that’s predictable! Instead, create a wide shelf at a lower height. Be creative with items you put on it and your luxury home decor can be ready without a huge financial investment.

Try adding taller accessories to it, such as unique pieces of artwork or tall pots. This can work very well for a limited budget while adding a lot of personality to space.

Bring in Natural Elements

Another living room ideas are to use organic elements that can add some much-needed variety of form and texture to your home. Try placing a cluster of birch branches in an oversized pot. Hang up a driftwood shelf. If you have a coastal theme, place oversized shells around the room. Such home decor accessories are easy to find and also affordable.

Indoor trees, wall-mounted or hanging plants, or succulents can all bring in a touch of nature to your living room decor. Even for more minimalist and modernist décor, you can easily find a pleasant natural touch to include into your must-do living room decoration ideas.

Include Interesting Textures

Blankets are a great way to bring different textures into space and creates a special home decorating accent. Just drape them over the backs of sofas and chairs! You can also use baskets as storage or decoration. These add in some additional dimension to your luxury living room.

The-Hampstead-Apartment-by-Boscolo-Interior-Design Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Boscolo Interior Design

Don’t be afraid to take a bolder and more unusual approach when it comes to decorating ideas for living room. Try using sheepskin or cowhide for decorative touches, like table runners, rugs, or even throws. Put exotic wall hangings up, or use ethnic rugs that will add an additional personal note. Textured wallpaper on an accent wall can lend plenty of texture to space, especially in the case of luxury bedrooms.

Think about using textured wall paneling. Furniture with wood carvings can be a subtle way to add in some new kinds of texture. There are a lot of different styles and colors to choose from and home decor magazines offer a lot of inspiration in this respect. Remember, different textures will create different overall effects in a beautiful living room.

Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is a good way to texture in your spaces to the next level. Rugs can allow you to section off different spaces in open floor plans, but also give you the opportunity to create a movement for less flexible floorplans. Part of the modern living room decor is the layering smaller rugs over a larger one separates multiple areas in one room.

Townhouse-Apartment-Belgravia-by-Helen-Green-Design Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Helen Green Design

Mixing and matching rugs with different patterns and textures can create a cozy look. Try placing bold geometric patterns with different sized stripes with simpler solid colors.

Group Lights Together

A traditional chandelier is a predictable and classical option of living room decor. For a fresher look, try grouping together hanging pendant lamps. This works especially well over a dining room or kitchen tables. Stagger their lengths if they’re close together for raising the visual interest, or space them out if they are further apart.

This living room idea is doable in many kinds of rooms in many different settings, but it can get expensive and works best in the case of large furniture where you can show off the lighting. Such decor idea easily creates luxurious homes interior.

Stack Artwork

A nice way to update your walls without having to change anything too much is just to change how you display your art. Instead of putting it all in a line, try stacking different sizes up against the wall in a casual yet intentional way.

New-Country-House-Hertfordshire-by-Yiangou-Architects Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Yiangou Architects

This idea creates new features and focal points in a space, even if it is architecturally plain.
You can use this technique creating particularly nice effects in large open spaces for a gallery atmosphere. For smaller rooms, use ledge shelves to stack your photos and art.

This decoration tip can match some interesting living room furniture ideas, so feel free to check decorating magazines for more inspiration.

You might want to avoid IKEA living room designs. They could derail you a bit and influence you in the wrong direction.

Use Mirrors

Strategic use of mirrors creates more visual depth in a room while making it seem both brighter and lighter. Placing a mirror opposite a window creates the illusion of a second window while maximizing the light and openness of a space. The luxury living rooms will always look bigger and brighter.

If you hang several mirrors on a wall, it can create different and interesting reflections of light for a magical and ethereal feel. For small spaces, the appropriate placement of a mirror can make it seem larger. You can check the impressive offer of Horchow mirrors for more inspiration in this respect.

Create Outdoor Rooms

Modern materials mean nowadays that you can have furnishings and accessories that can hold up and look good under all kinds of weather. You can easily extend your interior to your exterior with sitting room furniture which always impresses.

Pick out furniture that fits the environment and adds in a homey feel with outdoor pillows and rugs. If you live in the mild climate and have the proper budget, consider building an outdoor fireplace or an outdoor kitchen. You can check the offer by Horchow to design your own outdoor/indoor ambiance.

Serene-Hills-Las-Colinas-Eppright-Homes-by-Serene-Hills-LTD. Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Serene Hills, LTD.

Think About Your Color Palette

One of the first things you need to do when decorating any space figure out what colors you want to use. By knowing what tones and shades you want to use, you can pick out a theme, which makes it easier to buy the proper materials and accessories. Only now you can start creating your interior design ideas for living room.

While considering various living room set up ideas, consider what colors are associated with certain moods and emotions. Pick the ones that evoke what you want to feel in a space. Vivid colors can lift the spirit and help you feel more awake and happy too.

They work very well for spaces like kitchens and home offices. Rooms where you want to rest, like bedrooms, generally work better with more neutral and calmer tones.

To get the most out of your chosen colors, do some research regarding their impact, where to match them and how they suit or not some interiors. Your color scheme should contain two to three tones to make space feel sophisticated and fresh while preventing a sense of monotony. Try applying different colors to the walls and ceiling.

Pick out furniture the same color with the ceiling. This keeps the room feeling lively and ties it together at the same time. You can find a lot of inspiration while browsing any living room interior design photo gallery.

40-Park-Roseland-Property-Morristown-NJ-by-Window-Works Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them

Image source: Window Works

Find a Focal Point in your luxury living room

All spaces and rooms usually have focal points, representing the most visible and impressive feature in the area. The focal point can be almost anything, from the TV, a fireplace, a large table, or a particularly impressive piece of art.

Whatever you decide it is going to be in terms of interiors design ideas living room, make sure it is clear how important this part is. Try finding ways to make it even more attractive, framing it and drawing in the viewer’s eye.

Make Sure There is Space for Art

Art can bring in an extra bit of taste and even fun to a room and adds a specific touch to the luxury living room furniture. It is usually the finishing touch to the decoration of any room.

Make sure the art you display fit with your color scheme and style so it helps you achieve the atmosphere you are going for. Some arts offer a cool living room ideas and a welcoming ambiance.

Change Can Create a Domino Effect

Remember, changing one major element of your room—like the floor or the wall color—can make you change the rest of the living room decorating. Planning out your décor carefully can result in a very pleasing and unified room, but a single change can throw the whole design off and require a dramatic update.

Make sure you choose elements that will not become dated or worn over time and your living room design 2017 will be available in 5 years time too. You won’t to have a timeless feeling which means you don’t have to spend more money for a furniture update any time soon.

Wall-Paneling-by-Miami-Interior-Designers Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: J Design Group

Use Fabric Creatively

Fabric ha a cheap and fast way of changing a space. Something about fabric evokes a homey feel. Fabric texture, pattern, and color can enrich a space and make it seem extra cozy.

Make sure you pick out the right rugs, cushions, and window treatments first, then move onto things like blankets and pillows that are cheaper and can be replaced more easily.

Such sitting room ideas are very easy to put into practice within a low budget. You can find on some affordable inspiration for your ideas.

Put in Adjustable Lights

Lighting can make a big difference into a room. According to an interesting interior design ideas living room, you can install lights that can have their strength or even color adjusted so you can change the mood of the room as needed.

Multi-degree lighting means you can turn the lighting low for atmospheric moments. LED lamps are great for reading in a home office or library.

Try to install lighting so that it can focus on a particular element of the space. Picking the right lighting is a vital part of building a certain room feeling and it goes to a variety of styles, including country houses decoration.

Use Small Parts of Wallpapers

Wall-to-wall wallpaper is both expensive and tackily outdated and it can be expensive to change, too.

If you’re going to add wallpaper, keep it to a restricted area and use only small portions of wallpaper. This way, you save money and will find that it’s much easier to make a change while keeping your home stylish.

Cat-Mountain-Residence-by-Cornerstone-Architects Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Cornerstone Architects

Furnishing Should Not Be Underestimated!

Furnishing will make or break the style of a space or of your ideas for living room. It’s generally wiser to stay on the safe side. Pick out stylish furniture that looks good regardless the fashion. The best living room furniture shall not be changed every 5 years.

The interior design ideas living room can be timeless and this is what defines elegance in general. Sofas and tables are essentially required and are solid choices for coal pieces. Eccentric pieces, like a popcorn maker or indoor wings, may not look right in the middle of the room.

It can be difficult to adjust your whole design around something so unusual and may be off-putting over time no matter how much, in order to create a space that reflects your personality.

Renaissance-Waters-by-Sun-West-Custom-Homes-LLC Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Sun West Custom Homes LLC

Tips for Making an Impressive Room

Begin with a Mood Board

No matter what space you’re decorating, the first step is creating a mood board. By doing this, you can solidify your themes and design goals. Collect online prints outs and ideas for living room decorating, paint swatches, home decorating magazines, wallpaper samples, and magazine images together and keep them as a part of the board. You can also check for more inspiration.

Add in any samples of textures you want to use, as well. With all of these inspirations in one place, you now have a reference to use as you plan and decorate your living rooms interior.

Preparation and Painting

If you are going to be painting any walls, you first need to make sure that you move everything out of the room. You don’t want to trip over anything, need to move anything, or get anything covered in paint. Cover the floor area you’re working over with drop cloth to make sure that you don’t get paint on it. Use painter’s tape to cover up any outlets or baseboards.

You may need to start with a primer base depending on the existing color and your new color. Start painting by cutting in. Wipe your brush as close to the edge as possible, but not too close.

Chic-Luxury-by-Guided-Home-Design Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Guided Home Design

Your first brush stroke should be cautious, while the second should be smoother and closer to the edge, as your hand should be steadier and more experienced. In any case, make sure your brush is wet.

Once you are done the cutting in, use a roller and start painting the wall. Two coats on a pre-painted wall should be more than enough.

Luxury living room furniture

Once the paint is nice and dry, you can start moving in the furniture. Your decoration ideas for living room are getting a better shape now.

If you are decorating a bedroom, you should the bed  first, as it is the largest piece of furniture in the room. Pick out a really standout headboard. This can really make the room stand out, and need not be too expensive. Look for a headboard with a unique shape, bold color, impressive height, or interesting fabric like velvet or linen. Velvet, for instance, can instantly make your room look like a luxury hotel bedroom.

The next move is to pick out some stylish and comfy seating. Beyond just major pieces like sofas or dining sets, think about placing accent chairs in unused spaces like windows nooks, beside nightstands, or in front of a bed.

Family-room-looking-towards-kitchen-by-Gustavson-Dundes-Architecture-Design-LLP Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Gustavson Dundes Architecture & Design, LLP


These can be nice places to sit and read or put things down, much more interesting design elements than just placing tables standing alone in a room. Rooms design may need a long time for being tested so be sure that you are not running out of time until you are sure that you’ve found the right design for you

Add in nightstands or tables, depending on the room you’re decorating. Choose ones that are at least a bit showy for a perfect luxury decor. Too many tables and nightstands are utilitarian, and will just get cluttered with items if they don’t seem like noticeable objects.

Mirrors, brass, crystal, or shagreen surfacing really stand out in the modern luxury living room. Try keeping these surfaces free of clutter, leaving only perhaps a bit of lighting, coasters, some tastefully displayed items, or bare necessities.

Try framing your bed or sofa with mirrors. This adds a bit of glamor and dimensionality to the room. You can also place a mirror behind any lamps for an equally interesting effect. These additions can help make small spaces seem larger.

Any mirrors you add should have unique details, full of character. Get a mirror with an unusual shape or a gilded frame. This can add a bit of high-style to any room.

St.-Augustine-1123-by-Arthur-Rutenberg-Homes Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: Arthur Rutenberg Homes

Pile on stacks of pillows. The best living room designs include lots of glitzy, glamorous rooms made of huge, almost absurd number of pillows on beds, couches, and armchairs. It is a distinctive, decadent look. You want to choose Euro-sized pillows that are about normally a 26 inches by 26 inches, as well as two or three smaller throw pillows.

For a bedroom, don’t forget to include some sleeping pillows too. Make sure you avoid an overstuffed look by avoiding that the pillows are overwhelming the bed or sofa. For beds, the pillows should not take up more than a quart of the length of the bed.

Include a plush blanket too. The softness adds a luxurious feel as well as some variance on the room’s textures. Materials that look expensive can really make a room look impressive and upgrade the luxury home furnishings. Get high-quality linens for bedrooms, as it will look nice, feel nice, create a rich living room feeling and last for years.

Make sure the colors look good with your color scheme. Since beds are often the focal points of any bedroom, having it pop out in a tasteful manner is always a nice touch.

Window Treatments

Sheer curtains can soften a room in an elegant fashion, while you may want some nice blackout blinds to protect it from too much sunshine, especially in a bedroom. As always, make sure your colors work well with your room.

Another living room decoration idea is that if the window is the emphasis, use the window treatment to help draw the eye while framing the view. If you want attention drawn elsewhere, neutral colors can help.

Melbourne-Ave-by-NEOTERIC-DEVELOPMENTS-INC. Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them


Shelving is an easy way to create both smooth storage space and visual interest. Display collectibles, artwork and, of course, books. Good shelving ideas can be found relatively cheaply at many stores and are easy to install yourself with household tools. For your shelving living room style ideas, check any Horchow collection for more inspiration.


Pick out items that have three related elements to avoid an insanely cluttered look. This can be theme, shape, color, material…anything you choose. Display collections in an interesting and pleasing way, which may create some interesting dialogue between the different items, especially if an interesting story can be told.

Make sure every part is consistent with the whole, and feel free to refresh it with a new touch to your interior design idea living room — like, for instance, a new pillow or even a lighting change—every now and then. Your goal is to keep a harmonious and uncluttered look of your luxury design.

Hepworth-Sofas-Horizon-Coffee-Table-by-The-Sofa-Chair-Company Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them
Image source: The Sofa & Chair Company

Think Ahead for the Kids

When decorating a nursery or child’s rooms, keep in mind that it will inevitably need to be changed as your child grows. A cradle or small bed work well for a small occupant, but teenage growth spurts will quickly change that. Kids’ styles change, too, as they get older.

A favorite football may soon replace trains as a boy’s preferred theme, and the girl may start to be surrounded by horses more than by princesses. Keep future redesigns and changing upscale home decor furniture in mind as you design a small child’s bedroom.

Examples of luxury living rooms

Every living room that you will ever walk into will have a different look. Some spaces are only used to show instead of being a space for hosting guests, like a hotel, while others are spaces where people live and therefore, they can get quite messy.

When it comes to luxury living rooms however these are a cut above the rest, as they stand out with so much style and grace that you might be in awe just to look at them.

Seen here are several different luxurious living rooms that can make you wonder how they were designed and whether you can create something just as lovely or even better.

Each living room pic is different, like a snowflake in which there might be small similarities but overall each and every one is unique. And each design was put together by a great interior decorator, or specialists that enjoys bringing these unique creations to life inside someone’s home by creating modern luxurious living rooms.

From each piece of furniture to the pain found on the walls, there are unique living room ideas to find inspiration. What makes each one special is the time and care that went into creating each and every one of these luxury interiors. And if they were in your home you might use them as a great talking space or as an area where to entertain those very special guests that you choose to invite.

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15 Luxury Living Rooms and 31 Examples of Decorating Them

Ending thoughts on decorating luxury living rooms

An impressive room, whatever its use, is the result of a lot of planning and work. It’s easier than you think to pull it off. These tips can set you on the right course. With just a few touches, your space can knock someone’s socks off.

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