The most important area in every home is the living room, regardless of whether it has been designed as a reception saloon, dining area, play zone for kids, or a peaceful reading nook.

Basically, the big living room can assume several different roles, especially with no extra rooms around to cover for those.

This is why large living room ideas should be analyzed carefully and planned with care.

Bel-Air-View-Home-by-Michelle-Ruben-Interiors How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Michelle Ruben Interiors

Great room ideas are unique and original. However, there are some tips to follow when it comes to the large living room. The first and most important rule is to make it comfortable and dismiss the feeling of emptiness by using aesthetic and on-point decoration without making it too busy. Great room designs appear spacious and tranquil.

What this means is that large couches will work just fine as the central large living room furniture, and you can go on adding pieces as you need them. IKEA living room sets are a good starting place if you want to do it on the budget.

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However, investing in some modern furniture for your living room is a great idea and you can afford to go for some big statement pieces when decorating larger rooms, just don’t go overboard. A few statement pieces is all you need, too much furniture can become a distraction and ruin the overall look of your space.

Designing and furnishing a large living room: The 7 hit off tips

For most of us, large living room designs work around the concept of a contemporary parlor where you will organize gatherings and parties, and host events for special occasions. Large room layouts are focused on entertainment, and try to make maximum use of the space you have available.

Stein-Residence-by-Strang-Architecture How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Strang Architecture

What you may not know is that you can achieve the very same result with a huge living room, as long as you follow several ‘visual spaciousness’ rules on how to decorate a large living room:

  • When it comes to decorating large walls, pick one color, and spread it around. It’s no surprise that large living room ideas usually work with a single color, as the uninterrupted flow of one shade on walls, doors, and trims creates the illusion of the room is bigger than it actually is.
  • Think vertically: Height is an often neglected dimension that can make big living rooms look even bigger. In order to make use of it, use wall spaces well. Hang your drapes and curtains higher than the frame of your windows, ideally with crowd moldings beautifying the edge between the walls and the ceiling. These solutions are eye-catchy and distractive, particularly when you support them with decorative shelves and large living room pictures.
  • Make use of reflection. You can use mirrors to make your salon even more beautiful, and let the light spread evenly all around the room. For a more open feeling, use wall mirrors and position them next to lamps and similar light sources. Don’t forget the compulsory mirror opposite the window, as in such a way you will create the illusion that there is an additional window in the room. This will give you the illusion of a huge living room which is light, bright and airy.
  • The balance between sizes, colors, and patterns. Oversized ottomans and settees will look just adorable placed close to a delicate coffee table, especially when you choose the right colors and patterns to complement the look. The more balanced your room looks, the more welcome your guests will feel.
  • Bring furniture together: In order to ‘protect’ the spaciousness we’re working with, we tend to make one very common mistake: Sticking furniture right up against the walls! In great room décor, it is far more effective to rearrange pieces and pull them closer to each other. This will make the room look way bigger than it is.
    Expose furniture legs: This is another simple trick that makes large living rooms airier and more spacious, compared to using solid line furniture in oval shapes.
  • Hide the clutter: With a large room at our disposal, we often believe there is enough space for all of our belongings. However, in big rooms, it is important to store things efficiently (great room furniture can often serve multiple purposes), and making sure there is no clutter to obstruct movement.

Traditional-Living-Room-by-Oakley-Home-Builder How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Oakley Home Builders

How to furnish a large living room and turn it into a haven of comfort?

In big living rooms, use tall potted plants placed in strategic positions. In a room with high ceilings, place tall potted plants and trees to fill the lonely ceilings. Make sure, however, that the space supports the needs of those plants, including sunlight and airiness. If possible, consult a garden specialist for detailed instructions.

Paint walls with two tones. With tall plants around to accentuate empty corners and high ceilings, you may as well consider achieving the opposite effect on the walls. What you can do here is paint half of the walls with a neutral and cozy color, leaving the upper half plain white. This will trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are even higher.

81N3jRnE3RL._SL1500_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Replace tiny coffee tables with oversized ottomans. A tiny coffee table may not look as pleasant stuck between large seating arrangements, and that’s why we recommend fancy upholstered ottomans instead to soften the ambiance.

81uE26QXiUL._SL1500_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

For a great room layout, use a couple of X-benches to complete the seating plan. X-benches and armchairs will look just adorable in empty spots distanced from the seating area, or maybe in front of your rustic fireplace. With more space to organize, you can also consider side tables and footstools to accompany them.

91IxuiMNO-L._SL1500_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

When decorating a large living room, you can always divide the room with daybeds. The larger the living room is, the more you will feel as dividing it into different areas, but instead of doing so the traditional way, we invite you to be creative and use furniture for the purpose. A comfy daybed, chaise, or a bench will all work perfectly for the purpose.

71G484p9WfL._SL1250_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

When it comes to large living room layout ideas, you could use console tables to define the zones. The room doesn’t have to be clearly divided in order to look sectioned, especially when it comes to defining the seating area. In this case, all you’ll have to do is locate an ideal spot for the sofa, and to place a beautiful console table next to it.

81KdcKU6-wL._SL1200_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Hanging decorative screens. A simple trick to turn and open and large spaces into intimate and protected areas is to use decorative and partially folded screen. The best position for them is behind sofas and chairs, so that visitors will have the impression that the room is smaller than it seems.

71Ia615CdFL._SL1200_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

When it comes to great room furniture layout, you can use the quick, all-in-one solution: L-shaped sectionals! Despite of being referred to as a fading and outdated trend, L-shaped sectionals work great in a large, modern living room. Even those already considering other seating arrangements as tailored for their space must remember that the comfort provided by L-sections is simply unparalleled.

When it comes to open living room ideas, consider using dual-purpose L-sectionals: Dividing a large room. If you want your L-section to look a little bit less out of style, you can think of giving it an additional role. This may even mean placing it between the living and the diving space and using it as a comfortable divider.

Avoid bare and dead wall spaces. Pulling furniture pieces off the walls and arranging them in the center of the room will help make a large room feel cozier and more inviting. However, don’t make the mistake of leaving walls bare – use artwork and paint to make the most of the space you have available. Huge wall décor will add interest to a large living room.

Here comes a unique living room arrangement: Pull a small coffee table against a bare wall, and surround it with a couple of benches or comfy chairs. Hang frames arranged in a neat grid, get a small plant, and lay your favorite books and magazines around it. How more delightful can your living room be?

If you’re thinking of how to set up living room spaces which appear empty, bring in some extra chairs. Occasional chairs in large living rooms will not only secure extra seats for large gatherings, but also make use of your surplus wall space. Couple them with a tiny console table, and place mirrors and artwork around for an even more elegant look.

In great room design, a large room should be as comfortable for couples as it is for large groups. Before you start designing your living room, consider all possible scenarios in which you’re going to use it. You should, of course, be able to host large groups and throw parties, but that won’t always be the case.

For unique big room ideas, use your side table creatively. Instead of dedicating your cozy side table to friendly coffee meetings and relaxing reading afternoons, turn them into dinner zones for two. Don’t forget to use decorative trim on the walls to define the area.

If you decide to make repairs in the living room, and change the old sofa to a new one, it is not so easy to take it out yourself.

Bay-House-by-McClellan-Architects How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: McClellan Architects

Large living room ideas

Use color to set the mood

The feeling of your guests while spending time in your large living room will depend predominantly on the colors you’ve chosen. You can use different shades to relax or energize your space and set the right tone and intensity you think would be suitable for the room.

For instance, whites, neutrals, and soft blues create serene schemes for calm and relaxing areas and are thus considered a perfect choice for elegant and formal gatherings. In order to avoid a cool and uninviting scenario, soften the room with a light and balanced carpet.

If you’re not sure of the colors you’d like most, explore a range of large living room pictures, picking out those that appeal to you until you start to see a pattern.

Don’t leave ceilings and walls unfinished

Statistically, it is large living room design ideas that are most elaborated and formally treated in every home. We all consider living rooms as a transition between the private and public space and tend to make them as welcoming and comfortable as possible.

Skyline-Gliding-Window-Panels-by-Stocks-Draperies How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Stocks Draperies

Living rooms, however, should also reflect who we are and what we stand for, and the best way to convey such messages is to treat wall coverings accordingly.

There are many décor ideas for large wall surfaces.  Wall coverings create atmosphere. For some people, this will be murals and chic prints, for other artwork, while for most warm patterns and textures that make the walls look sophisticated.

Consider architectural trim work to beautify the room

There are many reasons for homeowners to consider trim work, including the need to cover the seams between the ceiling and the walls, and to accentuate the architectural structure of walls, doors, and other openings.  Even in a large living room layout, small touches make a big difference.

Modern-Luxury-With-A-View-by-Giffin-Crane-General-Contractors How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Giffin & Crane General Contractors

Rather than purely practical, trim work also serves aesthetical goals, including the need to give your room a distinctive character, be that the one of a classical or a modern, minimalist setting.

Other large living room design ideas include projecting lintels over your windows and doors, install deep cornices and beam the vaulted ceiling to turn a whitewashed living room into an actual living space.

Install floors that are stylish, but also practical

Emphasizing the idea that living rooms are high-traffic areas, we will try to draw your attention towards adequate flooring coverings able to sustain wear and tear. Living room spaces should be comfortable and flooring should be solid, durable, and beautiful, supporting the rest of the décor ideas you’ve implemented.

Palisades-Modern-by-Niche-Modern How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Palisades Modern

We also suggest wall-to-wall carpets with stripes and floral prints for a vibrant living room area and energizing scenarios.

In most cases, however, owners will prefer something calmer and less bold for their large living rooms. We recommend neutral and solid floors that won’t distract viewers from your furniture or artwork. The preferable option would be light hardwood decorated with cute area rugs, as well as ceramic tiles, carpets, and stone flooring.

Choose a central element

Every large room needs a focal point anchor that brings it together, be that an oversized ottoman or a rustic fireplace. Fireplaces, in particular, symbolize family values.  In a cozy living room with TV, a fireplace and may even divert attention away from a large TVs and similar tech widgets.

Honore-Contemporary-Living-Room-by-Michael-Abrams-Limited How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Michael Abrams Limited

If you find it difficult to choose the most stunning piece for this role, combine several of them, especially if you have a large artwork collection that you want to display. Breathtaking window views and large art pieces can also assume this role, and give the room a chic look that won’t break the bank.

Turn the living room into a conversation area

Regardless of your lifestyle, your living room will mainly be used for gatherings and interaction, and this is exactly what your furniture arrangement should promote.  Big living room furniture will create a comfortable and plush space for conversation.

To create comfortable conversational spaces, pull seating elements closer or have them facing each other, setting the mood with appropriate lighting.

Arthur-McLaughlin-Associates How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Arthur McLaughlin & Associates

Extra large living rooms can even have more than one conversation area, each of the intimate and specific in its own way. Another smart idea is to bring extra chairs and benches to secure enough space for everyone who wants to join the conversation.

Cozy nooks in large living rooms are attractive for this purpose.  Think of arranging a couple of chairs around a fire, for example. Use sites such as Pinterest to explore how to place furniture in a room.

Plan lighting in advance

One of your key priorities in large living room design will be to plan the distribution of illumination, namely to install several purpose layers, and position sources in a rough triangle to ensure both a relaxing and an entertaining setting.

If looking to encourage people to rest, go for subtle table lamps and overlapping arcs, as they will redirect lights on the seating arrangement instead of the wall, and attract people to sit without you saying anything about it.

Lee-Avenue-Residence-by-R-Brant-Design How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: R Brant Design

Plan your window treatments

Years ago, formal living rooms were unimaginable without heavy drapes and window treatments, but recent design trends reimaged the concept of luxuriousness. Today, elegant room owners prefer their floor-to-ceiling curtains combined with light and relaxing shades, as this solution looks elegant without overwhelming the eye.  In a living room with big windows, this keeps the room looking light and airy.

Another way to achieve an elegant look is to use fabrics generously. Instead of spending a fortune on expensive materials, use paddling ends and folds to send the very same message. This way, you will also have privacy and block light from disturbing a relaxing afternoon.

Get your own media center

For a large family room, design ideas will revolve around watching TV and making use of media. This is why tech gadgets are nearly always integral parts of these rooms, even when you can’t afford the newest technologies.

San-Diego-Craftsman-by-Studio-6-Architects How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Studio 6 Architects

The best place to accommodate your media gadgets is a beautiful, built in bookcase.

Display your artwork collections

The best way to bring living rooms to life and to make them more personal is to display favorite memorabilia and expose favorite art collections we are proud of. For a maximal impact, group the pieces you love and relate them to your furniture, making sure they’re not placed too high or too low.

How to decorate a large living room: Top furnishing ideas for creative owners

The central role of coffee tables

Great room furniture ideas always include coffee tables.  Even when not a focal piece, a coffee table has an inexplicable capacity to gather all attention around it. The problem is that these tables are usually too small to make a large living room feel compact, which is why you should always combine them with several armchairs and sectionals.

Multiple seating settings instead of one

Another trick that helps soothe the effects of your room’s size is to arrange furniture in several seating areas, including reading card tables, mini diners, comfy window nooks, or fireplace sofas.  Placing furniture in a room in this way will create a number of cozy areas to enjoy.

East-Mountain-by-DD-Ford-Construction How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: DD Ford Construction

Placing furniture close to the wall

You’ve started furnishing the room, and concluded that you’re actually working with less space than it takes to accommodate all of your pieces.

In such case, you can still emphasize the size and airiness of the room by leaving the central zone uncluttered and pushing the sitting area furniture closer to the walls. Rooms with curved windows look particularly well arranged in this way.

Your priority is comfort

You can spend a fortune on designer furniture and keep in line with all the newest trends, but it will be worth nothing without the comfort living rooms need.

This is why cozy and casual designs are so common, including such where owners pair different sets of accessories and make unexpected choices.  Large living room sofas are often plush and roomy so that owners can lounge in comfortable seating while reading or engaging in conversation.

Make the most of your view

While arranging the furniture, consider the sources of natural light, and try to direct it towards the main interaction areas. You mustn’t ignore large living room windows, so make sure you’ve positioned some (if not all) seating arrangements around it.

Boxenbaum-Residence-by-Ehrlich-Yanai-Rhee-Chaney-Architects How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Ehrlich Yanai Rhee Chaney Architects

For an even better effect, install skylights above the interaction zone, and take full advantage of what they have to offer.

Use the calm shades of white, gray, and aqua blue

Warm colors may energize a living room and bring it to life, but there is one thing they certainly won’t do – help it to visually expand in the desired direction. This effect can be achieved with calm and neutral colors, ideally applied in similar nuances on walls, trims, and doors.

What you’ll be doing here is dismissing the effect of corners, and helping the eye move unobstructed from one area to the other. To understand this, think of a plain white room with a blue door and one with a beige door instead. Which one would look larger?  Light, bright colors will create the appearance of a giant living room.

Give bookshelves the role they deserve

When decorating a big living room, bookshelves are a great help when decorating large wall space areas.  Order tailor-made and inbuilt shelves instead of buying such in stores, as even the most beautiful pieces may look stumpy, and leave undesired inches of empty space between their top and the ceiling.

Mes-Realisations-by-Modulis-Vendome How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Modulis Vendome

Naturally, the eye will stop as soon as the shelves stop, and this will give viewers the impression that your ceilings are lower than they actually are.

A smart way to fill this gap is to add custom pieces above or crowd molding instead, as long as the style and the color match perfectly. We also recommend wall mirrors behind the bookshelves, as they can reflect light and make shelves look deeper than they already are.

Eliminate empty corners

When decorating a large living room, the best way to decrease the lovely effect of empty corners is to make use of them, by simply placing a potted plant or installing few shelves instead. Smaller rooms, nevertheless, may benefit from empty corners, as owners will find it easier to move around and to maneuver their vacuum cleaners.

Make use of vertical space

There is a reason why all designers recommend hanging curtains as high as possible. Doing this, you will be maximizing the effect of your living room’s height, and distract attention from your limited horizontal space.  High curtains and attractive drapes are a great way to answer how to decorate a huge wall.

Contemporary-Interior-by-Michelle-Marsden-Design How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Michelle Marsden Design

We warmly invite you to check Grommet-topped drapes which are practically united with the ceiling (their rod actually treads through the shish kabob and similar fabrics), and naturally draw visitors’ eyes upwards.

Obviously, you can’t expect this trick to turn an 8 feet ceiling into a cathedral, but the effect will still be amazing.

Choose furniture with the right size and style

The main benefit of owning large living rooms is being able to buy oversized furniture, foremost speaking of your new, ultra-comfortable couch you just can’t wait to try.

Delicate pieces will look out of place and proportion, but you should still try to strike a balance between large and slimmer pieces (smaller leather chairs next to the supersized sofa or a tiny coffee table) in a large open living space.

As for the sofa, designers are becoming particularly fond of bench-set alternatives, namely the ones with large and continuously arranged cushions instead of separate seats, as these can accommodate more people, and provide a specific feeling of closeness and community.

Warden-St-Residence-by-Mata-Design-Studio How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Mata Design Studio

If you are aware of the fact that people generally dislike sitting in the middle, what makes you think they’d opt for cracks between cushions?  This is worth exploring when furnishing a large living room.

Don’t forget mirrors

The magical capacity of mirrors to reflect light and make rooms look bigger has turned them into sacred and fundamental rules of décor when it comes to big living room wall ideas.

But as it happens with every rule, this one too has its exceptions: mirrors that reflect and overlook bookshelves and busy areas will only make the room cluttered, so make sure you position them close to light sources, or opposite large windows.

Open and spacious living rooms make visitors feel relaxed and comfortable, which should be your driving motive when putting together large living room ideas.

As experienced designers point out, there are many ways to make a large living room stylish and modern, but they all prefer an elegant setting to support the cozy and homey ambiance.

Jetties-House-by-Chip-Webster-Architecture How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Chip Webster Architecture

The first and foremost trick to adopt from them is how to divide a large room into separate areas, so they can serve several different purposes at once.

Colors also play a critical role in the rooms’ mood, as dark and bold tones make them look masculine and formal, while nature-inspired and neutral ones add value to the welcoming, casual concept.

If possible, designers also recommend stone and brick textures to convey the welcoming message in an unobtrusive manner and invite you to consider different patterns and layers to make the room interesting.

If looking for a formal and elegant scenario, you should use different shades of blue, and combine classical pieces of furniture. They advise you to avoid displaying too many cabinets as these may distract attention from the central piece, and make the room look crowded and busy.

A multifunctional cabinet that stores stuff and displays your artwork would be a much better option, they agree.

Mill-Valley-by-Rasmussen-Construction How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Rasmussen Construction

Last, but not least, they invite you to utilize the most of natural light reaching your room, meaning keeping large windows open and decorating their surroundings with beautiful accents.

They also recommend beautiful chandeliers for a pleasant glimmer in the evening, and low-hung pending lights that support the interactive character of the room.

Get inspired by both modern and elegant interiors

According to experienced designers, the trick to how to decorate a large room is simple: you have to look at both elegant and modern interiors and combine the best of both worlds. These styles have something to offer to each homeowner out there and burst of brilliant design ideas that turn living rooms into havens of good taste.

Choose a scenario you like, and bring in the right textures, furniture, and decorations.

Here are some more huge living room ideas:

Get a rug of the right size: Every living room needs a plush rug to support its comfortable and inviting character, which is why such are available in all colors, fabrics, and designs. The criterion that matters the most, however, is the size.

Great-Room-by-Liza-Jane-Interiors How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Liza Jane Interiors

When you decorate a large room, you’ll be better off with a larger rug, as it will accommodate the main furniture elements, and complete the looks of the seating area. Depending on the colors you’ve chosen so far, you can opt for a vibrant and energizing material, or get a natural, fiber piece in natural hues.

A1XgyXC1aRL._SL1500_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

A bonus tip: 8-to-10 feet is the standard size for a rug, be it that you’re buying it for a small or a large living room. In a tiny, cozy room, this rug will complete the look and give it a more comfortable feeling, while in large rooms it will serve to distinguish between different areas or fill empty and lonely zones.  Use a rug when decorating a great room.

Get down to shelving. Large rooms will look great even with wall-to-wall shelving, depending on the intended use and tone you’re trying to set. Instead of purchasing pre-made pieces that may not fit the scenario, you can opt for more affordable custom solutions, and bring in free-standing shelves for a stronger personal statement.  Custom shelves are great for a big living room because they create a clutter-free space.

Lincolnshire-Manor-House-by-Sophie-Peckett-Design How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Sophie Peckett Design

A bonus tip: Mix closed cabinets with open shelves, as in such a way you can store all less attractive utilities, and expose elements that deserve attention. Make sure, however, that your free-standing shelves are properly anchored and secured, and that there is a minimal chance for them to fall over and hurt someone.

71mDh4JvLL._SL1500_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Get a low pendant light. Low and oversized pendant fixtures are among the most welcoming features for large living rooms, usually combined with flush-mount fixtures in other areas and zone lighting on the floor.

The lower the pendant hangs,  the more convivial and warm the conversations will be, and people will simply wish to stay longer and chat with you.

A bonus tip: Creative homeowners who tend to get bored with their furniture arrangements and constantly change their large living room designs should avoid low pendant lights. These fixtures take time to get used to, and the last thing you want is to be bumping into them each time you switch their position.

Minerals-by-Metricon How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Metricon

Stylish surfaces. The key trick here is to combine three types of elements: Vertical, flat, and organic. This is the perfect formula for stylish surfaces, including the shelves and coffee and console tables.

  • Flat: Textiles, trays, platters, and books
  • Vertical: Sculptures, vases, paintings, and other framed works of art
  • Organic: Plants, flowers, shells, stones, and driftwood samples

Change the shape of your sofa. Second-time living room designers will intuitively go for pieces shaped like the ones they already have, and that’s where they usually go wrong. The reason you’re actually remodeling is to change the mood of your place, and keeping the same shapes won’t help do that.

91DD4vFjoVL._SL1500_-1000x600 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

With the sofa, in particular, you can transform the entire tone of the living room, setting it to formal with chesterfield-structured, sharp-line, and higher models, or to casual and laid-back with oval, squishier, and lower ones.  Explore how you define furniture for great rooms, exploring a range of new ideas until you find those that appeal to you.

Gary-Finley-Design-by-Jeri-Koegel-Photography How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Jeri Koegel Photography

Bring your old couch to life. We all know it is easy to splash out on brand new furniture, but why not preserve the pieces that have sentimental value?

An old couch that reveals a wave of memories can undergo a modest makeover (in most cases, a simple slipcover replacement) and look even better than a new one.

For a simple and easy change, tuck over some gorgeous textile, and hide the tear and wear in a single move.

Use sconces to save floor space. Sconces will not only free much of the floor area, but also support the moodier atmosphere of your parties and gatherings, and display your artwork in the exact gallery mode you’ve imagined.

Restrict the color scheme. What your color palette should ideally do is to make the room look better organized, clean, and carefully designed.

Monte-Paraiso-by-Ambience-Home-Design-S.L How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Ambience Home Design S.L

This is why you should opt for a single background color (potentially a neutral one), another matching color for the main features, and restrictively used accent hue when decorating large rooms.

A bonus tip: Before you continue, make a photo of your living room to have a fresh and clear perspective of what you’re working with. Once you take a second look at that photo, you will understand the effect of the colors you’ve used so far.

Layer patterns and textures. You’ve painted, furnished, and accessorized your large living room, but you still feel as if something is missing inside. The issue will most likely be texture, so try to add such on several layers, and let it turn the place into a comfortable and livable area.

Here are some of the textures you can match and mix to finish your living room décor:

  • Softer: Pouf, cashmere blanket, velvet, knit throw, mohair throw, and faux fur
  • Nature-inspired: Driftwood, burl wood, raw wood, stone, and handmade ceramics
  • Shiny: Mirrors, shiny metals, Lucite, and different types of glass
  • Rough and rustic: Burlap, sisal, linen, seagrass, wicker, and natural fiber
  • Smooth: Polished wood, lacquer, and leather pouf

Get a massive mirror to expand the space without remodeling. When positioned in the right place, a large wall mirror will play the role of an additional window, and add light and visual space, giving you the appearance of a massive living room.

An enhanced effect can be achieved by putting lamps around it or displaying plants for a fresh and natural setting.

Project-1-by-Williams-Custom-Art-Builders How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Williams Custom Art Builders

If you have a great room fireplace, shift focus from the TV. Would you really like visitors to stare at a tech widget with a beautiful and calming fireplace around?

In order to protect the rustic and homey feeling of your living room, place the TV somewhere on the side, ideally on a swivel mount for comfortable watching.

Willoughby-Way-by-Charles-Cunniffe-Architects-Aspen How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)
Image source: Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

This way, the flat screen won’t attract undesired attention, and will remain out of view when not in use.

Pictures of Large Living Room Ideas

Working on the interior design for a living room can be challenging work, and sometimes it can actually be made harder when space is larger.

Here, you will find a showcase of large living room interior design ideas and living room setups to get you going as you set out to tackle this project.

The inspiration that you find here will help you as you choose furniture for the living room that you are working on, as well as how to place furniture in a living room.

It will challenge you with new ideas for arranging that furniture, taking advantage of large spaces and assist you with how to decorate a great room.

No matter what look or style you are seeking to create, looking through this showcase will help to open your eyes to new ideas and new ways of doing things.

This set of pictures, these large living room interior design ideas, will help to inspire the designer inside of you. Enjoy yourself as you look through these pictures, and gain knowledge for a new way of doing things.

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-1 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-2 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-3 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-4 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-6 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-7 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-8 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-9 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-10 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-11 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

Large-Living-Room-Interior-Design-Ideas-To-Get-You-Going-12 How To Decorate A Large Living Room (36 Ideas)

FAQs about decorating a large living room

1. What are some tips for choosing the right furniture for a large living room?

It’s crucial to balance functionality and aesthetic appeal when selecting furniture for a large living space. Armchairs and accent chairs can add variety and interest while large sofas and sectionals can be a terrific way to fill the room and provide plenty of seating. To create a natural meeting area, think about adding a coffee table or ottoman to the middle of the space.

2. How can I divide a large living room into separate areas for different activities?

Utilizing furniture to divide the space in a large living room is an efficient way to accomplish this. You may set up a seating area near a fireplace or television and a reading nook or game table in a different portion of the space. To visually divide several spaces, you can also use rugs, drapes, and other decorative items.

3. What are some effective ways to decorate a large living room without making it look empty or sparse?

Consider using various seating locations to make a huge living room feel more occupied and less bare. To provide depth and variety, mix and match various furniture pieces like ottomans, armchairs, and sofas. Including decorative items like artwork, area rugs, and toss cushions may help make a space feel cozier and more unique.

4. What are some popular color schemes for decorating a large living room?

Depending on your own preferences and style, a large living room might benefit from a variety of popular color schemes. Classic options include earthy hues like green and brown as well as neutral tones like beige, gray, and white. To create a style that is more bright and energizing, explore with stronger colors like blue, crimson, or purple.

5. How can I create a cozy atmosphere in a large living room without sacrificing style or space?

Consider adding warm, inviting accents like plush carpets, subdued lighting, and comfy seating to make a vast living room feel intimate. Large sofas and armchairs can provide you plenty of space to curl up with a nice book or spend the evening watching a movie with family and friends.

6. What are some creative ways to use lighting to enhance the decor of a large living room?

A huge living room’s decor can be improved with the use of lighting. To achieve a layered, balanced design, think about combining overhead lighting, floor lamps, and table lights. To produce a range of moods and effects, experiment with various types of bulbs, shades, and fixtures.

7. How can I incorporate artwork and other decorative elements into a large living room without overwhelming the space?

It’s crucial to keep a large living room from becoming cluttered while adding art and other items. Instead, pick a few distinctive pieces that can act as focal points, and then add coordinating accessories like curtains or throw pillows to bring the space together. To give the decor depth and intrigue, think of combining a variety of textures, materials, and colors.

8. What are some ideas for creating a focal point in a large living room?

In a large living room, establishing a focal point may be a terrific way to ground the area and draw attention to it. This could be a large piece of furniture like a sectional sofa, a fireplace, or a striking piece of art. Whatever you decide, make sure the other components of the room are set up so that your focal point is supported and highlighted.

9. How can I choose the right window treatments to complement the decor of a large living room?

Think about aspects like natural light, privacy, and design when selecting window treatments for a large living room. The correct balance of light and seclusion can be difficult to achieve with large windows, which can be a terrific opportunity to show off stunning views or let in lots of sunlight. Depending on your needs and preferences, sheer curtains, shades, or shutters could all work well.

10. How can I incorporate different textures and materials into a large living room to create visual interest?

A huge living room can become visually appealing and exciting by incorporating various textures and materials. To create a sense of contrast and depth, think about combining and matching materials like wood, metal, and cloth. A more organic and welcoming environment can also be achieved by using items like plants or natural textiles.

Ending thoughts

Living rooms are the heart of every home, and should hence look comfortable and inviting. With the right set of ideas, you can make them both practical and elegant, and we sincerely hope that our tips inspired you to do so. Good luck!

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