If you have some extra space in your basement or garage have you ever thought about what you could do with it? One option is to create your own “man cave”.

A man cave can be your personal sanctuary where you will be able to do whatever you want. Having the right man cave decor is just a matter of making the right choices. There are many options that you can go with so we decided to give you some tips.

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No matter how crazy your idea is for sure you can go with it. Making your own man cave decor should also be a lot about having fun. Maybe you want to go for a more serious design with a lot of technology or you want to go for something classic. In the end, for sure you will be happy so let’s find out more!

Where can you create your man cave decor?

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The answer is that it really depends a lot on what part of the house you can use as space. Any man cave should be situated where boys don’t have to worry about other people around them. Most of the times the best-suited locations are in basements or garages.

This is because they are the most intimate zones where there are little chances of getting disturbed. Basements can be ideal for man cave decor ideas. They also do have some advantages compared with garages.

If they are properly isolated they are warm and you don’t really hear any exterior noise. If you go for the basement it is going to be easier to create the layout but it depends on the theme that has been chosen. As the basement is part of the house, not that many renovations are going to be needed. So, you will cut the costs for the plumbing or electrical side.

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There are a lot of garage man cave decor options that you can go for as well. They are known for being a good choice because they are detached from the house. So, you get enough space to get inside a few friends and many accessories that you have for your man cave signs.

You can also add an extra room like an unused bedroom. Space is indeed important but if you don’t have so many worries, creative ideas are always around. Depending on the location that you chose you will have different ways of creating the man cave decor. Let’s see more about this.

Man Cave Decor Options

When you hear the man cave concepts what does first come to your mind? Guns, weights or gaming gear? For sure this could be present there but most of the time it depends on who it is building it. You can make easily a man cave to be friendly and cool at the same time. Check out this man cave options and see which one feels the most familiar to you?

Sports Themed Man Cave

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A sports theme man cave decor can be probably the most obvious choice. A huge u-shaped black section takes a lot of the space but goes well together with the elegant contemporary grey wingback chairs. What is great about this is the brown area rug that you can see on the floor. IT has a fun vibe and works really well for somebody that wants to showcase their favorite team.

Turn a Barn Into a Man Cave

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If you want to create a barn into a man cave then you need to check this out. The presence of wood makes any space friendly. The best part is that you don’t need to cover the walls. They actually look better if you don’t do this.

What is great is that you can recycle wooden pallets and you can use them to cover certain areas. Play around with them because many man cave stuff can be built around that.

Ping Pong Table as a Centerpiece

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Keep a nice vibe to your man cave decor by giving it a theme. A ping pong table can be a nice addition when you want to add some energy to space. So, consider it a real option for what you intend to do, you will love it.

Add Cool Denim Ottoman

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Go for this denim ottoman if you want to hide certain parts of your man cave decor. It can be a nice storage compartment as well for different stuff. Just think about what you might use it and give it a go.

Make a Table From Old Tires

This is one of the best ways to get a unique and inexpensive coffee table for your man cave. All you need to get is a piece of round glass together with some tires. It’s very masculine and you can customize it however you want. Paint it to your desired color and slide the glass to complete the table.

Add Movie Theater Amenities

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If you like movies than building the man cave decor around that can be an option. This man cave has all you need in order to enjoy a full movie. Just go for it and see what you can get.

Display Your Memorabilia

Image source: VM Concept Interior Design Studio

Get your own shelves in order to display the collections that you have. It is a simple way to customize your space and put in front things that you enjoy.

Add a bar

Image source: Capstone Custom Builders

Any man cave should have a bar, no? For sure if you have space you should consider adding this in your basement. A bar is a nice feature and it doesn’t have to be big. If you have enough space, you can get a fridge, wine coolers and so on. It’s really up to you to decide what you are going to use it for. Your friends are going to love it!

Make it Youthful Eclectics

Image source: Canyon Creek Cabinet Company

This man cave decor is made entirely for having fun. It has a massive red Baxter lamp that sets the right mood and the old gumball machine brings that youthful feeling.

Make a DIY Whiskey Barrel Sink

You can really use this sink to make it an addition to the bathroom that you have. It is really unique so you should show it off.

If you need to add a sink anywhere in your man cave go for this whiskey barrel sink. It really looks great and it should be fun.

Your Poker Paradise

Image source: Lori Dennis, ASID, LEED AP

Do you like poker? If the answer is yes consider it as a real option for your man cave decor.

Add Sporty Bar Stools

Image source: Superior Woodcraft, Inc.

A man cave’s lounge area is a really nice choice to go for. It brings a masculine design and it shouldn’t be hard to make it happen.

Make a Vegas Style Man Cave

Image source: VintageView

This Vegas-style man cave decor has a lot of light inside. Together with the small bookshelves and a tiny table, it can be your quiet room when you just want to relax with friends.

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