Fireplace ideas aren’t easy to find. We know that. This is why we made this collection of fireplace design ideas that you can use as a focal point in your living room.

From Regency to modern fireplace designs, fireplaces add atmosphere to the home. It isn’t a long time until the winter holiday is coming and together with the family we will stay around the fireplace, that thing that warms the room and create a cozy feeling.

There is no place in a home where a fireplace can’t be built and here you will find more than 45 pictures of fireplace designs. Stone, brick, ceramics, and other natural materials add to fireplace décor.  We’ll also show you how mantel décor can add additional warmth to your home.

Fireplace ideas you should check out

Modern fireplaces were traditionally built with stone and brick, but now use a range of natural materials, including marble and even glass. Modern gas fireplaces add instant warmth to a home. No matter the style you choose, a living room with a fireplace will always be the heart of a home.

Contemporary fireplaces have not changed in appearance but offer a wide range of raw materials to choose from.

According to Reviving Vegas, placing a fireplace helps you to create the right atmosphere for your living room. Traditionally, furniture has always been arranged around the fireplace.  However, if you have a small space, you can opt for a corner fireplace design.

The porch is the place where families gather to chat, cook a meal, or roast marshmallows on a summer evening.  A contemporary outdoor fireplace offers a new family space to enjoy warm summer evenings.  This is the perfect way to expand your living space.

Remember that fireplaces are important interior design elements, and give a beautiful appearance to the room they are placed in.  This is why collecting pictures of fireplaces and exploring fireplace décor ideas will help you to make the most of this cozy area.  From mantel ideas to fireplace candles, there is a range of different ideas to suit you.

…and don’t forget to clean the horn, I mean Santa’s entry place.

While each person has his own vision of the perfect home (the rule says: tastes are not to be discussed!), there are certain design elements that leave everybody equally stunned. These timeless pieces of décor gain power with years; and although they can be adjusted to suit a variety of styles, they remain classics.

If we had to choose an item that suits every home; and is incorporated into all home styles, that would certainly be a fireplace! Fireplaces are the loveliest home detail, which gives that warm, friendly glow to special and intimate occasions.

A fireplace provides a ‘homey’ atmosphere, which will remind you of how important family is.  From a farmhouse fireplace to a modern gas fireplace, you’ll always long to come home to this cozy space.

Why are fireplace designs so special? Beautiful fireplaces give friends and family a space to gather.

Think about muted lights, hot wine, and pleasant chats. Fireplace owners are the biggest fans of Christmas and New Year; because they have the warmest setting for long-lasting memories.  Christmas time presents a great opportunity for great mantel decorations.  Candles, wreaths, and pinecones often surround the fireplace at this special time of year.

Fireplace designs are not only common in elegant and classy homes.  Stone fireplace designs are popular in the European home.  Rustic fireplaces light up a country home and modern fireplace designs create a homely feel in contemporary and even minimal home designs.

Fireplaces keep both body and soul warm.  Living rooms with fireplaces will always be cozy.

Before we get to the fireplace design inspiration tips, let’s go through some quick questions:

Can you add a fireplace to a home?

You can add a fireplace to a home.  Making space for the chimney or vent is the most crucial element.  A direct-vent gas fireplace is often the easiest to install.  This is because the fireplace can be placed against any exterior wall and will vent directly out of the back.

A wood-burning fireplace can also be easily installed into your home.  However, in order to do so, you’ll need to ensure there is space above the fireplace for a chimney.  The chimney will extend into the roof and out to the exterior.

Does a fireplace add value to your home?

Yes, it does.  Realtors explain that the majority of home buyers are willing to pay more for a home with at least one fireplace.  The average a home buyer is willing to pay is estimated at $1220, but this depends on the area.  In some areas, buyers are willing to pay up to $12,000 extra for a home with a fireplace.

How much does it cost to put in a wood fireplace?

The cost of installing a fireplace depends on the style and size of your fireplace.  The most popular fireplaces are traditional wood-burning stoves.  However, some people don’t like the traditional style and select electric or gas style fireplaces. On average, there will be a material cost of $2000 to install a fireplace.

In addition to the material cost of a fireplace, you will need to budget for the costs of installation.  This includes building a chimney, installing a mantle, cutting a hole in the ceiling or exterior wall, and install the fireplace. These costs will come to approximately $5000.

If you select a gas or propane fireplace, it will cost approximately $2000 for materials, but you will have to budget an extra $2500 for installation costs.

How high above a roof does a chimney need to be?

Your chimney will need to be at least 3 feet above your own roof surface.  It will also need to be at least 2 feet above any surface within a 10-foot radius.  The taller your chimney, the more draft it may create.  However, your chimney will not create a draft because it is exposed to cold outside weather.

How much does it cost to clean a chimney?

Regular chimney maintenance is important.  Not only does sweeping your chimney keep it clean and soot-free, but your chimney sweep will be able to check for missing mortar or cracks (preventing sparks from entering into your roof space).

Cleaning a chimney will normally cost approximately $79 – $200.  To clean a wood-burning stove with liners would cost approximately $109 – $209.

The universality of fireplace ideas

Fireplaces traveled a long way from a necessity to wish. Original ones are usually found in old houses, log cabins, or countryside ranches.  The traditional fireplace provided a safeguard against freezing winters and often had a hearth.

However, this doesn’t stop you from incorporating a fireplace into your modern living room: contemporary rooms appreciate sharp and well-defined lines, and they could benefit from a classy, well-planned fireplace.  If you’re looking at adding a cozy element to your new home, a unique fireplace may be just the thing you need.  As times change, so have fireplaces.  Modern fireplace designs come in a range of shapes.

From gas fireplace ideas to corner fireplaces, designs didn’t stand too far behind technology and have developed into all sorts of fireplace styles to choose from.

Therefore, you could opt for a hanging sci-fi firebox; central hearths surrounded by the fireproof glass, or you could settle for classical stone/brick traditional fireplaces.

When it comes to decor,  that there are no positioning rules, so your fireplace can fit wherever you want it to be but it would be better if you would use it as a focal point in your living room.  Simply search for the best fireplace for your home.

A ‘real’ fireplace design

When it comes to fireplaces, Are you one of those people who support the ‘Nothing can beat the tradition’ theory? If yes, forget about modernistic transformations, and stick to traditional fireplaces made of stone. This could literally mean ‘digging a hole in the wall’, so get ready for some serious renovation challenges.

Your ‘normal’ fireplace design doesn’t have to be limited.  You can use your imagination to make dramatic size adjustments or choose a contrast to add an exciting element to your living room.

Stone fireplace designs are a great option because of their rustic charm. They have the ability to make their surroundings cozier. Their earthy appeal brings nature inside of your comfortable home.

Many designers argue that stone fireplaces are ‘too authentic’ for contemporary environments. We would say that it depends on your creativity; and how you adjust this element to the ambiance of your home.

There is no need to limit a fireplace to the living room.  A dining room with a fireplace offers a great way to enjoy family meals. Fireplaces fit perfectly on rooftops and patios, or whatever room that can ‘tolerate’ a bit of natural aesthetics. And if you do feel that a stone fireplace wouldn’t suit your style, you always have the option to change your mind and purchase a modern case fireplace. By the way, click here to learn more about how to start a fire with flint and steel.

A modern fireplace design

One thing is for sure: fireplaces are no longer limited to stones and bricks! We live in a time where almost every material could be used  (glass and marble included). Sometimes, it is just the material that changes. Fireplaces preserve their original shapes, and the subtle differences in raw material simply add interest.

If you don’t like the traditional style when it comes to fireplaces, it’s no big issue. Modern fireplaces can adapt to every style and covey every message: they can be your ‘valuable antique’ or your ‘futuristic accessory’, and they can be placed wherever you need them.  There is a room divider fireplace which adds coziness to an open plan house.  A cozy round fireplace can be placed in the corner of a small living room, adding subtle warmth to cold winter nights.

Thanks to the creativity of today’s designers, fireplace designs come in a range of inspiring and intriguing shapes; and they are easily integrated into every living room. There’s no shortage of fireplace ideas.

It means that unless you have a clear idea of what you want; you’ll explore for quite a while before discovering the perfect one.

Don’t be surprised by the versatility: there is almost no common feature of ‘fireplaces then’ and ‘fireplaces now’. In fact, even the purpose has changed: fireplaces used to be a source of warmth and coziness, but they turned into a decorative element with a purely symbolic meaning.

Ethanol fireplace designs

If you go for a functional fireplace, rather than a symbolic one, you should think about the heating source. The most popular trend nowadays is an ethanol-burning fireplace, because of its minimal looks; effortless maintenance; and flexibility.

Some designers argue that the trend was deliberately pushed forward by the outstanding producer EcoSmart, a company that based its work on bio-fuel utilization.

This means that ethanol fireplaces are eco-friendly since they work with denatured ethanol and produce no smoke or ash once the fire is on.

This modern ventless fireplace ensures the heat stays in the room, rather than disappearing through the chimney.

In terms of flexibility, an ethanol fireplace can be easily transferred from one place to the other, and they require a modest installment procedure (both the freestanding and built-in ones). Just perfect for bigger houses, don’t you think?

‘Floating’ fireplace designs (one of the modern fireplace ideas in here)

Still looking for a more flexible solution? Let us introduce you to the so-called floating fireplaces. These cool fireplaces are the best choice for a limited space, as they usually hang from the ceiling, and they don’t attract too much attention.

Floating fireplaces are examples of a modern fireplace design far removed from tradition. Their lucky owners have the advantage of placing a fireplace exactly where they need it, especially if they have high and spacious ceilings.

Electricity-powered fireplaces

Electrical fireplaces may look like real ones, but they only imitate their appearance and their functions.

They usually have a screen with 3D logs ‘burning’ inside, and are sometimes even smoky in order to reproduce the real experience.

You should check out this Puraflame Western 33 review for more info about this type of fireplace.

People, however, find them to be very practical – they are cheaper than a regular fireplace; and they are a decent substitute for traditional heating, in terms of power and appearances.

Electric fireplaces match both traditional and modern homes and are an equally smart choice for apartments and houses.  If this idea appeals, there are a range of fake fireplace ideas to choose from.

Are electric fireplaces safe to leave on overnight?

Yes, you can leave your electric fireplace on overnight.  Many people do turn their fireplaces off, however, while leaving a room or going to sleep.  Electric fireplaces are safe to leave on overnight because they don’t produce any fumes, and could be left on if necessary.

Which is better, an electric or a gas fireplace?

An electric fireplace is more cost-effective to install if you don’t already have a gas line to fuel your fire.  In addition, an electric fireplace is more cost-effective to run.  However, a gas fireplace will produce real flames, whereas an electric fireplace will only produce heat.

Do any electric fireplaces look real?

One of the biggest disadvantages of electric fireplaces is the lack of real flame.  As a result, electric fireplaces often lack the atmosphere provided by a wood-burning fireplace.  An electric fireplace will produce warmth without the crackle or blaze.  To many people, they do lack the ambiance provided by a wood fire.

Why an electric fireplace is better than a pellet stove

The main difference between a pellet stove fireplace and an electric fireplace is that the pellet stove uses gas, and the electric does not. This makes the electric one much safer compared to a pellet stove and also more economical.

Pellet stoves will not only generate smoke but you require clearing the ash at periodic intervals. An electric fireplace has no such issue as it heats using electricity which makes it more efficient.

Pellet stoves require wood pellets and gas as their energy source. Electric fireplaces only require electricity which is comparatively less expensive.

If you are looking for an authentic look and feel, then you can opt for pellet stoves because they have a real On the other hand, an electric fireplace has evolved enough to create an authentic look of a wood fireplace without the actual fire.

More fireplace ideas below.

Fireplace as room separators

Fireplaces that work as room separators could easily qualify for the greatest invention ever! Let’s say you have an open plan home design, or you wish to create a private area in the living room.

Using a fireplace as a room divider is great for this purpose, as is welcomed on each side of the room. It is also a perfect solution to separate your living room from your dining room.

But how can it be achieved? You can either go for the ‘wall-craved’ fireplace option; or introduce just a portion of the regular wall where the fireplace would stand. Both solutions are amazing!

Radiant fireplace designs

Radiant fireplaces are an integral element of your central heating system. Their biggest advantage is that they radiate heat, but require nothing more than a single wood load per day.

Once the load is finished (no more than 4 hours), the room remains warm for as long as 24 hours. While the fire is on, you can even cook a traditional recipe.

As an additional benefit, you can connect these fireplaces to your water supply system (HVAC connection), in order to have warm water available at all times.

The only drawback we could think about (compared to traditional fireplaces) is appearance since radiant fireplaces produce almost unnoticeable flames; and are therefore lack an equally cozy atmosphere.

What about the corners?

While many people opt for ‘centralized’ positioning, corners seem to be a bit underused. However, corners are able to accommodate both traditional and modern fireplaces. All you need to do is to calculate the size and to find a fireplace that actually fits the corner.

Corners are usually empty, so are an excellent opportunity to add interest to a small living room. By filling them with something fascinating and functional you’ll add interest. We assure you that the result will be breathtaking when using a modern corner fireplace.

I hope you enjoyed the fireplace ideas I’ve mentioned so far. There are even more fireplace designs below. But before that, let’s look at more questions that you might have about fireplaces.

Do you need to have a chimney with a gas fireplace?

Some gas fireplaces make use of a vent that can be installed into your exterior wall.  However, you do get ventless gas fireplaces.

These fireplaces use air from the exterior of your home for combustion.  They then release some of these gasses back into the room.  They don’t need a chimney.  There is debate about the health risks of these fireplaces though.

How much does it cost to put in a brick fireplace?

The cost of your brick fireplace would depend on whether you want it to be prefabricated or mason built.  An authentic brick fireplace which is built by a mason would cost at least $10,000. However, a prefabricated brick fireplace would cost between $2000 and $3000.  An average brick fireplace installation will cost between $2500 and $5000.

How much does it cost to stone a fireplace?

On average, it will cost between $3000 and $5000 to stone your fireplace.  However, if you would like a genuine stone fireplace constructed by a stonemason, this will cost at least $10,000.

Can you put a fireplace on an interior wall?

You can place a gas fireplace in any area of your home, including under a window, in the corner of a room, or even in the center, as a focal point.  The only criteria would be an accessible natural gas connection or, alternatively, available propane for combustion.

Do you need to clean your chimney if you have a gas fireplace?

Many people know the importance of keeping a chimney clean with a wood-burning fireplace.  Regular chimney maintenance also means checking for cracks and holes in the masonry, which protects your property.  However, it is also important to maintain your chimney if you have a gas burning fireplace, furnace, boiler, or geyser.  Your appliances rely on a clean chimney in order to release exhaust fumes.

How much natural gas does a fireplace use?

Natural gas uses 10 000 BTU in a therm and propane uses 91 500 BTU in a gallon.  Based on these figures, it will cost you approximately $0.70 an hour to run a decorative log fireplace when using natural gas.  To run the same fireplace with propane would cost about $2.30 per hour.

Is it cheaper to run a natural gas fireplace or a furnace?

It is cheaper to run a natural gas fireplace than a furnace.  A furnace that uses 75,000 – 100,000 BTU to operate per hour will cost approximately $1.12 – $1.49 to operate (based on recent gas rates).  A natural gas fireplace, by comparison, runs at 30,000 BTU and will cost only 45 cents per hour to operate.

What if you are tired of having a fireplace?  How much does it cost to remove a chimney and fireplace?

If you no longer enjoy your fireplace, you do not have to remove it.  Instead, you can simply remove some of the dangerous or inconvenient parts of your fireplace.  This will save you the cost and effort of removing your entire fireplace and chimney.  To partially demolish your fireplace would cost you approximately $500 to $2000.  To fully demolish your fireplace or chimney would cost you up to $6000.

Do you need planning permission to take down a chimney?

You generally wouldn’t need planning permission to take down your chimney unless you owned a building with heritage rights attached, or a building that fell under a conservation area.  If you plan to partially demolish your chimney, however, you may need to have your plans approved to ensure they meet building regulation requirements.

Do you need a chimney with an electric fireplace?

No.  An electric fireplace is very clean and efficient to run and releases no fumes, gas, smoke, or dirt.  As a result, you don’t need a chimney to extract residues from the fire.  An electric fireplace is also highly cost-effective, with the highest heating efficiency of all fireplaces.

Fireplace design ideas: 35 fireplace pictures

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And that’s a good selection of modern and traditional fireplaces that should inspire you into building or buying one of your own.

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