Kitchen backsplash was originally a practical idea which protected walls form splatters and spills, but evolved to one of the most innovative kitchen decoration ideas.

The way things are now, kitchen backsplash ideas vary from glass to stone, metal, and wood, and please visitors with their modern appearance.

Kitchen backsplash tiles are among the preferred focal points, which make a strong visual statement, but are extremely functional at the same time: All tile backsplash ideas are great because this material is simple to clean, durable, and allows you to arrange cabinets in all possible ways.

If chosen with care, kitchen backsplashes can be an artistic masterpiece, and the size of your kitchen isn’t going to change that.

Kitchen backsplash ideas were a real blessing in disguise, knowing how difficult it is to pick the focal point in such small and function-orientated rooms.

Image source: Jules Duffy Designs

If you take a look at some kitchen backsplash photos, you will noticed this is the only thing that actually stands out – walls are most of the time neutral, and furniture is simple and uniformed.

In certain occasions, there is a lighting fixture of a piece of hardware to complete the look, but the backsplash is definitely the fits thing that catches the eye.

More than modern backsplash ideas are practical: They will beautify and protect your walls, and you won’t have to break the bank to obtain them.

Still, choosing the right one among thousands of awesome kitchen backsplash designs is going to be difficult, which is why we summarized the most important tips you need to consider when doing it:

Brick backsplash ideas

Personalize it

Image source: Fiorella Design

Backsplash for kitchen is a wide term, and you’ll probably be heaped with ideas from the very first moment you start searching.

The most important thing to consider here is who you are, and which materials, colors, and designs you like the most. If you’d feel good in a traditional kitchen, go for it!

This should be your ultimate criterion for making an appropriate decision.

Choose a different color than the brick one

Image source: Normandy Remodeling

Both in the case of genuine bricks and faux try to skip the classic red assortment.

The market is overwhelmed by shades and prints, and allows you to pick a light or an obscure nuance for your kitchen backsplash, including even imitations of grey stone backsplash.

The array is so large that there is hardly any chance that you won’t find the color you’re looking for, or match them in a breathtaking combination.

If you like diagonal strips and rainbow colors don’t be afraid to implement them. It is your kitchen, and only can decide what motivates you while cooking or drinking your morning coffee.

There is a secret you may not know…

Image source: Chanie Laree Designs

The magic trick for a cozy and functional kitchen is to establish balance between the backsplash, countertop, and the floor.

The backsplash should never look like an artificial addition you decided to add once everything was in place, as the kitchen won’t look equally good.

Choose thinner bricks

Image source: Alloy Homes Incorporated

Backsplash bricks should be as thin as possible, so that you can adhere them on every location you’ve imagined, and make sure they will remain in place.

On the other hand, you can combine thickness to obtain a 3D backsplash effect, but you should make sure the dynamics of this solution match your personality.

Custom solutions

Image source: Aaron Gordon Construction, Inc.

The ideal choice for traditional kitchen settings is custom tiles, ideally ones designed by a popular artisan. You should consider them for mural effects and focal hood areas.

Play with brick patterns

Image source: Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Unless you’re firmly decided to arrange tiles in classic horizontal rows, you can easily wave them at a desired angle, or combine various patterns and colors for a more interesting look.

Laying them down as stripes, or decorating them with shiny stickers is also a good idea for a unique backsplash. Note that even the simplest and most common brick designs can do for an out-of-the-box look, as long as you know how to combine them.

Faux brick siding instead of custom design

Image source: LDa Architecture & Interiors

Premade brick siding is a smart faux idea for kitchen owners looking to skip paneling or damaging their walls.

When cut in the appropriate sized and fixed with colored caulk, brick siding will look just as good as real bricks do, and you’ll get to implement it easily and on a fraction of the price.

As you see, you don’t have to be a designer in order to have a unique kitchen backsplash.

The options are just unlimited

Image source: Schrader & Companies

Kitchen backsplash is such a trendy concept that you can find it in any form, shape, material, or color you like. The scope is just endless! Be it smooth glass, or rustic wooden textures, you can simply put in place everything you’ve imagined.

In a situation like that, we recommend you to make a logical decision, and choose materials and colors that take time to get messy, or the ones you can clean easily.

As for texture, keep in mind that you can always add it yourself by painting your tiles in an interesting way.

New Caledonia granite for slate backsplash tiles

Image source: Dream Kitchens

As we already explained, backsplashes are an aesthetically pleasant solution that helps you protect your kitchen walls, and come up with interesting cabinetry combinations to make the kitchen look more contemporary and practical.

If we had to find a solution that connects both, it would be slate backsplash tiles.

What is absolutely awesome about slate backsplash tiles is that they are known to be fireproof; something we would all agree is smart in the kitchen where we often use high temperatures.

The other distinctive advantage is uniqueness, as there are no two slate tiles that look exactly the same.

On top of that, you can easily combine them with a Caledonia countertop made of granite to turn them into a breathtaking focal point of your favorite family zone.

Bold brick backsplashes for brave kitchen owners

Image source: Chris Dyson Architects

You may perceive them as a traditional solution, but brick settings work equally well in modern and industrial settings.

All you have to do is to combine colors in the right way, and you will fall in love with the coziness feeling your backsplash creates in a seemingly bold environment.

Classic red bricks

Image source: Locati Architects

If your purpose when using bricks is to have a traditional kitchen, red bricks will do. You can mix them with marble countertops to make the place look more modern, or use softer textures to make it more viewer-friendly.

Vintage mirrors for reflective finishes

Both vintage and antique mirrors are an influence that comes from 19th century Japanese kitchens, where they were used to reflect light, and make the small room look significantly bigger.

As you can already imagine, the best setting for a backsplash like this is carved wooden cabinetry.

Modern backsplash

Image source: Interior Intuitions, Inc.

By modern kitchens, designers usually refer to white cabinetry solutions with straight lines and clean design, most of the time included in a French door setup and smart shelving solutions.

You can go for translucent glass to support the contemporary looks, or add a rustic flare with few antiqued bricks for the backsplash.

Backsplashes with whitewashed bricks

Image source: Asher Associates Architects

Whitewashed bricks seem to be deliberately salvaging the original beauty of this material, but the result is charming.

You can see the original brick from below, peaking here and there from the color you’ve decided to put over (it doesn’t have to be white). The texture will be simply breathtaking.

Rustic backsplash solutions

Image source: GRADY-O-GRADY Construction & Development, Inc.

In a rustic setting, the theme doesn’t have to begin with the backsplash: as long as your beams and cabinetry are made of rustic oak wood, you can keep your gray, marble-made backsplash.

On the other hand, if you want the backsplash to support the rustic setting, choose an antique and rustic finish, and preserve the modern flare with lighting fixtures or exciting ‘out-of-place’ details.

Bricks backsplashes’ functionality

Image source: Positive Space Staging and Design Inc.

Choosing the right backsplash is more important from the functional point of view than the aesthetic one, something you need to remember in any occasion.

Once you’ve ensured your backsplash is practical, you can easily make it bolder and more dramatic with any visual detail you like.

Bright colors for the backsplash

Image source: B.C.D. Interiors

The lighter your backsplash is, the more impressive it will become, but it certainly won’t help the practical or homey aspect of the process. Still, note that brick backsplashes do look inviting and warm when done with the appropriate texturing.

Brick backsplashes for gloomy kitchens

Bricks will do even to obtain your long-desired daring and industrial kitchen, due the fact that they can be used as chic and splendid accents that will never stop attracting attention.

Ending thoughts

Image source: John Bentley

Bricks work both for traditional and industrial settings, and are perfect for any styling concept applied in different kitchens and dining rooms.

They bring a homey feeling of coziness and harmony, regardless of whether you’ve applied them on the walls, ceilings, or simply the kitchen’s backsplash.

Plus, you’re not always expected to use the classic red bricks, and can always opt for your favorite shade or any style from glam to Provence settings. Brick walls will simply do in every environment.

The wide choice is not the only reason why we recommend brick backsplashes – we believe these are the most functional and visually charming backsplash ideas for every kitchen setting.

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