For those who adore the feeling of sand between their fingers and just the thought of the sea makes them feel relaxed, recreating the look is the ideal home decoration. What better place to explore nautical décor other than your bathroom? If you are ready to remodel your bathroom and bring that atmosphere in your home, take a peek at the tips listed here.

Sea-inspired bathrooms usually consist of small details that make the overall composition related to this theme. From the color picked for the walls to what shape the window has or what accessories you bring into the room, every detail will count. Feel free to mix and match the ideas you find here to obtain a unique bathroom design.

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Nautical bathroom décor is not that difficult to tackle because you already have the starting point ready and the context is favorable enough to include elements that relate to water or sailing, without going overboard. Hopefully, you will find the information below inspiring enough to get you started.

How to choose proper color schemes?

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Nautical bathroom décor is all about the colors that you choose. Creating beach vibes and using the shades of water is not the easiest task in the world of design because you can go overboard very quickly.

This is why you need to learn how to find a balance between nuances of blue and warmer colors. Nautical themes are correlated to a sense of calmness and peace, a very desired outcome for bathroom design.

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To achieve such a look, you should include shades of blue, green, grey and other neutrals in your color palette. Mixing powder blues with deep tone blues, as well as greens and beiges will give your bathroom a bright, yet contrastive look. Neutral nuances are commonly used for nautical bathroom design, but you need to make the design richer with accent colors like red and coral.

Opting for circular mirrors

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If this is not the most obvious symbol of a nautical bathroom theme, nothing is. Circular mirrors will make you feel like you are in the heart of a submarine or in the cabin of an impressive ship.

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Porthole windows are a common feature of ships, so bringing something similar inside your bathroom will make everything look closer to the maritime environment in just a few minutes. Non-reflective mirrors work the best, and if you add a rusty frame to them, you’ll get the best effect for nautical bathroom decor.

Adding accents

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Every aspect of your bathroom can make or break the nautical feel. To get closer to that seaside setting, you need to play with color choices, lighting effects and tiny accents that enhance the theme. Accent walls work best in this situation.

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If your bathroom is spacious enough to add an accent wall in, you can strengthen the overall effect by adding mosaic tiles or beadboard to the most visible wall in the bathroom.

Nautical bathroom décor accessories

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People don’t really add accessories in their bathrooms, but in this case, you can work wonders with a few accessories here and there. The objects you can use range between the classic anchors, ships and steering wheels to sea-related elements like shells or corals.

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If you want to combine both the use of accessories with accent colors, you can paint the elements according to the scheme that you selected. Whether your anchor is white, blue or green, it will fit in perfectly in nautical bathroom décor.

Choosing the theme according to bathroom size

The size of your bathroom, as well as its configuration, will influence most of your plan. Not all bathrooms are spacious and square-shaped to encourage simple interior designs, which means you will have to get creative. Smaller bathrooms call for a subtle implementation of the theme, while bigger ones allow for going bold with your Piscean accessories and bold accents.

If space is not your forte, try sprinkling in nautical-themed décor elements and keep everything minimal. If you are lucky enough to own a huge bathroom, you can get crazy with storage options, faucet designs or maritime wallpaper – it’s all up to you.

Good lighting always helps

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You’re probably thinking low tones when talking about lighting in nautical bathroom décor. Well, that’s right. The purpose is to create a soft, relaxing atmosphere, and you can only achieve that with mild lighting.

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Keep in mind that mild lighting in a bathroom is not always very effective. You will need to compensate for the lack of light and the dark tones in your color scheme by using task lights around the mirror and the sink.

Quality bathroom materials

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Don’t forget that your bathroom must be convenient to use besides being good-looking. This is why you shouldn’t save money when it comes to choosing quality materials. Opt for items that work well in humid environments, with a lot of water involved.

Woven items, tile, water-resistant lighting fixtures: those are all recommended for long-lasting bathroom design. Plus, you won’t be spending much more if you opt for quality items and there’s a very low chance of having to redesign the room in the near future.

Coastal wall art

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An amazing approach in nautical bathroom décor would be painting the walls. This will require more time, a bigger budget and tremendous amounts of creativity, but it is worth all the trouble. Illustrating some whirling waves on a wall or a serene coastal landscape will change the entire look of your bathroom.

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If you can’t afford a custom wall illustration, you can simply buy coastal-themed paintings and hang them on the walls, do them yourself or use wallpaper instead.

Small details that make the difference

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In nautical bathroom décor, you can easily find yourself adopting cliché ideas. Make sure to stay creative and combine elements according to your own requirements. Always remember that there is much more beauty in minimalism, and you don’t need to crowd the room to achieve a uniform theme. Here are some other ideas to explore:

  • Wood furniture items: they add more dimension to the room, fitting the nautical bathroom style
  • Faux fish: speaks for itself, a decoration item that can change the entire look of your bathroom
  • Marble sinks: great quality and luxurious touch, combined in one single item
  • Rope towel holders: both useful and custom-themed to support the nautical feel
  • Corals: same as faux fish, they can help to create the comfortable ambiance of a shore, the ocean, the underwater environment
  • Nautical boat cleats: replace the mainstream hangers with nautical boat cleats for an additional touch to the selected theme

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