Pallet furniture has created a revolutionary movement in the world of decoration. Who would say that these large wooden frames would do more than carrying boxes? It is the truth, since taking advantage of the structure that they possess, they can create very striking rustic furniture. Keep reading so you can see some pallets furniture ideas that you can do on your own.

If you’ve recently gone to home stores like Pottery Barn, chances are you’ve seen a piece of furniture that reminded you of a hardware store because of the use of wood pallets. It is not unreasonable if we think that they are a good source of wood to build.

And if curiosity has stung you and you have come to review the cost of that furniture, you will see that it is just as expensive as the rest. How do they dare to charge so much for something we can do at home? That’s why today we gather some pallet board ideas that you can adapt for your home.

What is a pallet? And, what kind of pallets exist?

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A wood pallet is a 3-ply wooden frame that can support large loads so that they are easy to transport with forklifts or other vehicles. It is a solid base for stacking objects that, otherwise, would be very difficult to move.

Although it does not look like it, there are two types of pallets, whose main difference is the mooring of the medium between the upper and lower panels.

When the middle layer is formed by long wooden slats that only leave openings in 2 of the sides, it is a stringer pallet. These are the most popular for wood pallet decor, as they have more material to use.

If instead of using complete slats, the separation is made with the use of blocks, then it is a block pallet. The advantage of this is that it has access openings in the four sides, making it more convenient for forklifts.

You should know that these pallet furniture ideas can be made without problem with any type of pallet since, in the end, it will depend on us the amount of material that we need.

Reduce expenses with wood pallet decorations

Image source: Paolo Natoli

At the moment of decorating your home, the most important is to have creativity. We do not have to buy designer furniture to have a popular style. In fact, many modern food establishments have chosen to use recyclable materials to decorate. You just have to see the coffee shops and their use of wood pallets.

If we have debts and mortgages to pay, it is best that we focus on these and look for economic alternatives for furniture. Wood pallet decorations are versatile and we can use them for almost anything, in addition to being accessible on a monetary level.

Decorate your garden and make it practical with these pallets decor ideas

Let’s start with these pallets furniture ideas in the best place for the rustic style that they offer: the garden. If we have one of a moderate size where some chairs and table fit, using wood pallets as a base material is an excellent idea. In addition, we can create furniture with additional storage areas, using the space that we have in a smart way.

The options are wide: coffee tables, chairs or benches, kitchen counters, desks or rudimentary shelves. Here is a more detailed list:

A practical and simple coffee table

Image source: The Tiny Tack House

If we are looking for small pallet ideas, we can try a simple coffee table for our garden. It will be enough to install a pair of wheels in each corner of the pallet and adapt the height to what we need. Now you can serve drinks in a unique and elegant way.

An impressive pallet table

Image source: Cool Gardens Landscaping Ltd

Depending on the space we have, we can create amazing garden tables with just a couple of wood pallets. Use 2 for the top and 2 for the legs and you will have a fully functional table.

Another alternative is to give it a more elitist touch if we paint it white. Thanks to the finish, we can locate the table even inside our home.

A more natural touch with this pallet table

Image source: vicki hilton garden design

If you are someone who enjoys spending an afternoon on the terrace, a country-style pallet table will create that outdoor setting that we are looking for. The wood of the pallet will not break the natural charm of our surroundings.

An extremely easy to make glass table

Image source: DesignHAUS 24

This trick may not be to everyone’s liking, but in simplicity is beauty. We will simply place a glass panel on wood pallets that will serve as support and… that is all! We will have a table that mixes a refined and rustic style. You can always decorate the wood if you feel that the finish is very basic.

An original vineyard

Image source: Homeworks Etc Designs

This is two pallet furniture ideas in one. With a little patience and the right amount of pallets, we can create an entire professional vineyard. If we are not fans of plants, we can also use this support to store objects underneath, such as children’s toys.

The construction process is relatively easy. We will only cut four wood pallets and assemble them like a puzzle. In addition, as it will be exposed to the weather, we will have to apply a special treatment so that it can withstand the inclemencies of the sun and rain.

Create an ideal centerpiece for the four seasons

Small pallets can be used to make smaller ornaments, like a centerpiece that functions as a basket. Natural wood will decorate our living room excellently, and we can fill it with fruits and vegetables from the station to change the look without much effort or expense. Use pumpkins for fall or flowers for spring.

An industrial attraction among a shy decor

Image source: castagnetti 1928

Modern arts have taught us that daring mixes work wonders when you want to create unique contrasts. The same goes for furniture. A piece that is totally different from the rest will gain its place as the center of attention.

In the case of pallet furniture, it gives off an industrial vibe. Its finish and texture are not very careful, which allows it to be that daring piece that we are looking for in our Scandinavian decoration. We can use it as a shelf or table depending on our need, and the result will be the same.

Do you like bikes? Then this trick is for you

A classic wooden bike stand will always include that visual appeal that modern metal and plastic solutions do not have. This pallet wood decor is easy to implement, and if we have several bikes, the amount of material that gives us a single pallet will allow us to create several supports.

Our plants need a place to grow

Image source: Aloe Designs

Returning a little to the vineyard’s topic, among the most popular pallets furniture ideas is that of making pots for our plants. The wood of the pallets is ideal for creating pots with perforations to drain the water. If we fill the holes with flowers, they will grow to create a beautiful cascade of spring colors.

In addition, we can create designs of all kinds: for example, if we use the pallet as it comes from the factory, the bushes will grow around it, as if it were a vine.

More vertical ideas for your garden

If we do not want to dismantle the wood pallet to make a pot, we can always choose to use it as a support for a vertical garden. Simply, we will have to fit some glass and ceramic vessels in the wood where our plants will grow. The pallet is an ideal wall that does not require much preparation, beyond some treatment to preserve the wood.

A shed is another way to take advantage of wood pallets

Image source: Inspired Closets Anchorage

Very similar to the previous idea, only in this case we will use wood pallets to hang tools and utensils. If we do not have a place in the garden where to store the hose or the rake, this fleeting idea will save you big construction costs.

Romantic or nostalgic, the swings attract us all

Image source: RedAgape Blog

As simple as hanging a wood pallet from the ceiling or a branch and covering it with a blanket. This swing can be easily installed on a tree, and its additional decoration will serve to evoke that feeling of nostalgia for when we used children’s swings, or as a special place for more romantic occasions.

Protect your kitchen from splashing with a wood pallet

With proper treatment and constant maintenance, we can use some wood panels to protect our delicate kitchen from grease spatter and other agents. Add a carved or painted message and you will have a great decorative piece.

We have not forgotten our photos

Image source: Sarah Greenman

With the use of a long piece of wood from a pallet, we can create an incredible photo holder. Add some twigs and attach them with a string to the photos you want. Additionally, you can install a basic lighting system in the main table. Just drill a few holes and place bulbs as you wish.

Take advantage to create a complete set of wood pallet furniture

Image source: Centre Sky Architecture Ltd

The environment is getting warmer and little by little, the humidity is increasing. At this time of year, it is best to spend the nights outdoors. Most likely, your whole family thinks the same, so we should prepare multiple pieces of furniture so that everyone can enjoy the outdoors. Make a set that includes tables and chairs to create an ideal family environment.

Other pallet furniture ideas worth mentioning

Image source: RVGP Photo+Graphics

We will not extend more so as not to bore you. It has already become clear that we can do great things with the use of pallets. However, to finish, we leave you a small additional list with other interesting ideas that you could try.

  • A bar made of wood pallets
  • Shelves and drawers for books and ornaments
  • Other styles of coffee tables
  • Chests for storing objects and toys
  • Rudimentary stairs and their sets
  • Shelves for wine by means of wooden battens.

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