Plants have such a soothing effect on our minds and using them for decoration is a great way to keep yourself relaxed. They also need constant care for their proper growth. Because of closed spaces, and apartment-style living, not every one of us can have a garden area to grow plants.

But there are many varieties of plant stands available these days which are a great option to bring the garden to your home. If you are a nature lover and have some passion for gardening and planting, then buy some indoor plant stands or outdoor plant stands and decorate it using some of the ideas we are about to discuss in this segment.

Decorating Plant Stands

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There are many ways of interior decoration, some of them can be achieved with houseplants. People who love some touch a nature green usually decorate with plant stands in the house.

There are many ways to do so including indoor and outdoor plant stands depending on the availability of space you have. We have few plant stand ideas shared further, keep reading to find out.

Indoor Plant Stands

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Window side ladder plant stand is a great way of surrounding yourself with plants. You can easily place it near your window porch of any room and enjoy the greenery. These will usually have smaller plants and would hang on each step of the ladder in a plant pot.

This can be created as DIY or you also easily get it in the Ikea plant stands collection.

It is a great way of adding indoor plant stands for multiple plants. Each of the plant pot can have a different variety of plant which would also give it a very pleasing to look at.

Pole Plant Stand

Pole plant stand can be used as either plant stands indoor or outdoor plant stands. It comes in different heights which could be fitted anywhere.

Cherry Wood Plant Stand

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This is a very common wood pot used for plant stands indoor and has good durability for humidity or termites. You can buy them from Ikea plant stands to store and would make beautiful decor at home.

Basket Plant Stand

Image source: Benni Amadi Interiors

Another easy DIY option for plant stand is the basket stand which can be created with any used old baskets at home. Depending on the size of the basket you can choose smaller or bigger size plants.

It will surely enhance the look of your house whether placed in balcony or near window pane.

Hanging Plant Stand

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This is a very simple DIY idea for a plant pot. All you need is a rope and a plant pot. Pot could be wooden, ceramic or mud-pot. Simply make a knot to place the pot in the rope and hang it from the roof or railing of the balcony or near windows.

You can also paint the pot in your choice of colour or painting which would enhance the beauty of the flowering plant. This is also a very cheap plant stands idea without much expense and just a little effort.

Wire Plant Stand

Image source: My Architect

These can sit in a corner of the house without taking much space and will add a splash of nice interior. Any old wires can be converted to make the stand, or you can simply get it from plant stands Ikea online or from the store.

Metal Plant Stand

Image source: Bask Interiors

Just add height with metal stool or metal carriage for the plant to make a stand or pot and you can have a plant stand giving a countryside feel to it. This an easy way DIY you can make using old stools or metal containers.

Bench Plant Stand

Image source: Rikki Snyder

You can add fit a wooden bench near window pane or the balcony wall and keep small wooden or clay pot plants on it. This indoor plant stand is extremely easy and to do. All you would need is a wooden plank, nuts, and bolts, clay or wooden small size pots from Ikea plant stands section.

You can paint the wooden plank in some bright colours to create a striking contrast against the neutral coloured wall and keep the plants. This is a nice way to build cheap plant stands. Depending on the length of the bench, you can add pots to it. It will make a great indoor plant stands for multiple plants.

Plant Stands Outdoor

Vertical Plant Stand

Image source: Kate Hansen Photography

You can create a vertical plant stand at your backyard or outside your home veranda. Just place vertical wood board placed against the wall and you can create small racks to place the plant stands. You can choose to use the same pattern or designed plant stands to create a symmetrical beauty or keep them different plants.

Pallet Garden

Image source: Living Gardens Landscape Design

Use a pallet board to make a mini vertical garden and hang it on the outdoor fence or outside wall of your house. This will make for outdoor plant stands for multiple plants. You can add different types of plants in the plant stands hanged on them which would create an asymmetric look on it and give a unique appearance.

Ladder Plant Stand

Image source: Deanne

Make a mid-century ladder plant stand by using an old ladder and use the steps to keep cheap plant stands on them. You can also create one yourself from wood if you don’t own an old ladder or just buy one from Ikea. This plant stands outdoor gives a very beautiful stack of garden on the ladder.

Concrete Plant Stand

Image source: Oh beauty Interiors

One of the cheap plant stands can be made using concrete. Get some concrete mix and put it in a container, add three wooden sticks to it to make a support for the concrete. Let it dry and pull it out and you have a very nice concrete plant stand ready to place outside the door.

You can choose any kind of plant to keep, although a rough cactus would give it a rustic look. You can paint the concrete a neutral colour or just keep it natural.

Tiered Plant Stand

Image source: Eden Condensed

These plant stands outdoor can be created using three different size stools placed adjoining each other or can be joined by copper wires to create a nice golden-brown touch. You can always play around adding different natural or painted colours to the stand.

This would look like a tiered stand each with a unique plant stand or if you like symmetry, just keep the same plant stands.

So, these were some of the cool DIY and buy from store plant stand ideas which you can use to decorate your house. You can always experiment and play around with different materials for making the above plant stands. Apart from wood and metal, concrete, copper plates & wires, two-toned laces to cover the plant stands and many other old house-hold materials can be used to create the stands.

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