When people think of summer, they immediately relate it to the pool or the beach. And while enjoying the water is pleasant enough, the experience can be much better using a couple of toys. There is no aquatic gathering that does not include a water woggle or pool noodle since these long rubber toys are an attraction among kids and adults. However, you should know that their flexibility and design make them useful for other tasks. Learn what other uses they have with these pool noodle hacks.

Who would have thought that a foam strip could be so useful? Many people have discovered ways to make these implements useful beyond a water party. However, looking for all these ideas on the internet can be overwhelming since they are many.

So you can go straight to their implementation, here is a list of some of the best crafts you can do with a pair of foam noodles.

Pool noodle hacks to try yourself

Avoid the carpal tunnel

Coincidentally, these foam rubber pads are ideal for resting your wrist. Unlike a mousepad, which can be expensive, a water noodle is inexpensive and can be cut multiple times to have multiple spare wrist rests.

To best fit your hand height, it is recommended that the diameter be cut in half, or you will end up with the hand in an awkward position.

A real space war

Are you a Star Wars fanatic? Then you must adore the concept of lightsabers. Of course, in real life, it is not recommended to hit people with real brooms or sabers, but a pair of foam noodles are a safe alternative for space combat.

If you want to throw a Star Wars-themed children’s party, you can create a fun dynamic in which kids design their lightsabers with cheap pool noodles, markers, and duct tape.

Set your bathtub

Setting a bathroom is a matter of imagination. Some throw roses into the water to make it more romantic, and adding candles on the sides can never be missing. However, it is even more innovative if the candles are placed floating in the water.

Well, you won’t be using wax candles, but electronic ones lit by LED lights and powered by batteries. To create a secure holder for them, you will have to cut a hole with the candle’s diameter in the noodle pool. So that placing them on the water is possible, you will also have to cover the bottom with wax wrap, which will prevent water from touching the batteries.

Protection for your fingers

This is one of those pool noodles hacks that you did not know you needed, but that you will be grateful to know. Sometimes when closing the doors, perhaps by mistake, you can pinch your fingers. If this happens to you more often than you would like to admit, you can protect the door edges with a swim noodle. A 6-inch-long piece cut through the center is enough to cover the part where you grab the door.

Protects young children

It is difficult to prevent young children from biting into anything that catches their attention, such as the metal bar on the seats in shopping carts. Needless to say, this is unhygienic, and the material is very hard for their gums. However, you can cut a tab to a swimming noodle to cover this metal bar.

Revolutionize the way you learn

Math classes can be more fun with tons of foam pieces. There are many ways to use them as a visual guide to teach numbers and basic operations. You can even teach fractions with them. You only need scissors to cut a foam noodle.

Protect your car

Narrow garages do not allow car doors to be opened quietly. An excessive movement and you will hit the edge against the wall. You can stop worrying about this with some large pool noodles. Cut them out in the middle and stick them where the doors knock.

To not use the hose

Pool noodle hacks can also be used in cleaning and maintaining your home. If you don’t want to resort to filling a bucket with water for mopping, you can put a pool noodle on a tap and use it as a hose. Make sure the foam is compact enough so that the water doesn’t leak.

Avoid hitting the walls

This is another recommendation from the long list of 101 uses for pool noodles to avoid scratching walls and doors. Sometimes a door cannot be prevented from hitting a wall, but it can be protected to avoid damage. Similarly, by placing some pool noodles in the indentations, you can create a homemade cushion.

Keep your boots ready for action

You can make a pair of boot shapers to keep the shape of your boots upright using a pool noodle you don’t need. This is strong enough to keep the footwear firm.

Prevents water from freezing when camping

If you don’t want to run out of water in the middle of camping, then you can’t ignore the low temperatures. It can freeze pipes and tanks in minutes. The foam rubber of swimming pool noodles can be used as an insulating material, and since it already has a cylindrical shape, you only have to cut an opening in one side to install it.

Don’t leave the pool for drinks


You do not have to leave the pool to find a drink if the plastic container is inside the pool. To make this possible, assemble a kind of raft or float that can support the container’s weight. Ideal for summer parties.

Protect your hands from heavy objects

No matter how strong you are, grabbing a heavy object by a handle will always leave marks on your hands. This is because most handles are not built with comfortable materials. Nevertheless, you can make it softer by rolling it up with a pool noodle.

Identify each person’s glasses

There’s nothing worse than grabbing the wrong glass at a party, but this can be solved with identification on each one. Here are multiple pool noodle hacks you can apply: you can cut strips and draw shapes with a marker to identify each base, or you can even go further and cut out striking shapes with the foam. The important thing is that the pieces fit on the glasses.

Don’t fall out of bed

When a young child begins to use a bed, it is common for the child to move around a lot while sleeping, and on occasions, it may even fall off the edge. You can create a pair of homemade railings with Styrofoam noodles. It is recommended to sew the pieces to the mattress.

Additional safety for the trampoline

This is another of the pool noodle hacks that you should implement to protect children in their fun moments. Trampolines use springs on the sides to stretch a tarp, but children can step on them when they jump, causing serious injuries. You can make spring linings with cheap pool noodles to make the trampoline safer.

Use it as a support for plants

Instead of using wooden sticks, you can plant some water noodles to keep your plants steady as they grow.

Avoid losing your fishing rod

It can happen that during the excitement of fishing, you throw the fishing rod with so much force that it gets out of your hands. If you don’t want it to sink, you just need to put in a homemade float made from a piece of a pool noodle. This cheap trick will save you from having to buy a new and expensive fishing rod.

So the shelf organizers don’t move

If your cutlery organizer is loose in a drawer, you can fill the empty spaces with scraps of a foam noodle. This will prevent the organizer from moving when you open the drawer.

Stop scratching the floor when moving furniture

Furniture legs are delicate elements. They are not strong enough to be immune to hits, but they can scratch the floor if they are dragged. You can prevent both from happening by covering them with small pieces of water noodles. This is also perfect for avoiding heavy bumps with your little toe when walking.

Make beautiful wreaths

With this craft, you won’t even have to cut the material, just fold and paste. Add a couple of extra accessories and you could even create wreaths for each of the seasons to decorate your front door.

Safe transport for bottles

A bottle liner is one of the pool noodle hacks that you can’t stop trying. If you are planning to have a picnic and want to bring a luxurious wine, or simply do not have a place to safely transport a bottle, make packaging with a pool noodle.

Eliminate all sharp edges

The corners of tables, chairs, walls, and other items are dangerous when children are nearby. After all, infants run around the house while playing, and a stumble can cause them to end up colliding with a sharp corner. To avoid an accident, cover every potential hazard with swimming pool noodles.

Keep cables tidy

If you have a lot of messy cables on the floor, you can put them in a noodle pool you don’t use to store them in one place.

A wrinkle-proof hanger

Some hanger designs cause pants to wrinkle. The pool noodles’ foam will serve as a sticky surface that will prevent the pants from moving out of place, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Safe transport of furniture

We finish this list of pool noodle hacks with a perfect idea for those who want to transport a large piece of furniture on their vehicle’s roof. To avoid scratching the car, put on some large pool noodles that work as a stand.

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