As every space in a modern home can be put to some use, nothing is being wasted.

Sloped ceilings are being used more and more in modern homes and penthouses and residents have to live in such homes on daily basis.

The biggest problem arising with sloped roofs isn’t the lifestyle, it’s the knowledge how to decorate a room with such walls, or lack of thereof.

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As they are unconventional and can be difficult to work with, many people do not know how to decorate such a home. Most slanted ceiling decorating ideas though, come from the way you would treat the ceiling and the special contours it gives the room for your benefit.

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They’re neither walls nor ceilings. Due to their slanted nature, they’re not vertical so hanging slanted ceiling photos is almost impossible, and due to a lack of horizontal presence as well, you shouldn’t treat them as ceilings, as they can look very interesting and visually appealing if done correctly. For that reason we’re presenting you with some slanted ceiling home design ideas.

Capturing the Imagination

Slanted ceilings can range from amazing elevated ceilings more than 3 meters from the ground, to humble attic room ceilings. Whatever the ceiling, slanted ceiling decorating ideas are many, and finding one to fit yours starts with accepting the atmosphere it already creates and emphasizing it. Instead of trying to change it, the general concept is to use what you already have and give it your personal touch. Slanted ceilings are a great idea for a centerpiece of the entire room.

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Instead of messing with the slanted ceiling itself, a simple addition of some art to the wall where the ceilings meets it, or some distinctive color can make the slated ceiling really stand out and give it a unique look.

Let light in

Slanted ceilings can sometimes give off a feeling of claustrophobia and general cramped space, especially when they lack natural outside light. Choosing pale shades that reflect the outside light can make the entire attic feel more open and inviting, as well as feeling bigger than it actually is.

White is the obvious choice, but other neutral shades such as ivory or beige work just as well, while giving the room more presence. Sky blue and mint are a good idea too, and are extremely eye-catching. Although tradition dictates that ceilings need to be white no matter what color the walls are, painting everything the same color gives the room a more cohesive sensation.

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Perfect for glass additions

Because of their sloped nature, slanted ceilings have great natural ventilation, so with the addition of skylights and windows you will greatly benefit. Modern skylights can be bought in any shape or size, and combining them with just the right amount of focused lighting and ambient ensures the room feels airy and bright. Not to mention that they look great after sunset, as the stars can be clearly seen from the inside of your own home.

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How to fit everything else in

Use darker floor as it gives a greater depth perception, making the room seem bigger. Also, if using hardwood or laminate flooring, arrange them diagonally to any of the walls. Our eyes follow diagonal lines more and that’s what gives us the illusion that the room is bigger than it actually is.

Arrange any furniture parallel with the flooring boards to accentuate the diagonal lines on the floor. The lower the furniture is the better. If more pieces of furniture are situated in the room, space them out as much as you can so that the room doesn’t lose its depth.

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When it comes to wood

A lot of times older attics and rooms with a slanted ceiling are found with exposed wood planks and panels. Although an authentic exposed ceiling is great for showing off the history of the house, it is an addition that can be added to modern attics to recreate the same effect.

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Pattern all around

Not every ceiling is the same, and not every room requires the same type of decoration. Although slanted ceilings are more difficult to work on, if decorated properly they can give the room a lot of charm. An addition of a patter to the slanted portion of the ceiling and the walls has an incredible effect.

This look is popular in most attics that are being used as children bedrooms or playrooms. Racing stripes on the wall below the slanted ceiling or some polka dots can draw all of the attention to the actual slope of the ceiling. Even simple designs such as some flowers can emphasize the room’s unusual shape.

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The practical side

If possible try not to clutter the room with too much unnecessary furniture, which can only reduce the space available for storage. The fact that the walls are sloped means an addition of a fake wall one foot away from the wall and the sloped ceiling can serve as great storage. The cabinet doors can be the distinguishing feature in the room with a dash of color in an otherwise bland room, plus behind them you’ll have some good space for all your stuff.

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For small rooms that are relatively low, using low decor as well only seems logical. For bigger spaces with slanted roofs and ceiling double the normal height, using decor a bit taller is a good choice. Oversized decorations such as pendants and floor lights are picking up in trend and have become a great idea for homes.

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Use it effectively

As slanted ceilings can sometimes make the room smaller than it is, you need to make the most of your available space. Just using low profile furniture is not enough. Maximize your space by placing chairs and desks, places where you usually sit down and don’t need much headroom, in the lowest part of the room.

If it is a bedroom, place the headboard beneath the most slanted section of the ceiling, as you won’t be need hardly any space there. The center of the room can be used as the spot for a table and some chairs, as it’s easily the most comfortable.

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