How to cover a closet without doors? This is a recurring question when we own homes where space is a problem. A conventional door can be annoying to open because we lose physical space that we could use, but it is also true that with a traditional option, we have more alternatives for decorating the room.

However, we should not let this limit us, because, although there are not that many, these closet door ideas are perfect if we want to save space.

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There are many people who question the need to decorate something that only serves to hide our belongings in a room or closet, but we should not see it as a simple door, but as an integral part of the home, which helps to create the environment.

If we are going to decorate a room, decorating the closet door is indispensable, since otherwise, it will become a piece that does not fit within our composition. There are several options when it comes to a closet without doors: we can adapt what we already have, or if we have not installed anything yet, we can take the opportunity to create something exceptional.

In the following list, we offer different ideas for decorating a room with an open closet. With these, you can gain a lot of space inside your room and give it a unique touch that is not achieved with a conventional style.

How to cover a closet without doors

Replace the hard finish with a soft one with curtains

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They may seem rustic, but they are prettier than they seem. Curtains not only work for windows and showers, but they can also be excellent door alternatives for closets. In fact, these are among the most popular modern closet doors among owners.

The curtains have many advantages: they are easy to install, they do not take up space when opening or closing them, and they have many styles that we can customize completely to our liking with only the corresponding fabric.

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The curtains are not transparent either (unless we use a translucent cloth), so they will do the job of protecting our things from curious looks perfectly.

One style you can try is to add retentions. In addition, for a more youthful style, you can use ribbons. Finally, the striking colors are not completely discarded from our list if we look for something more daring.

Folding screens are multi-purpose alternatives

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How to cover a closet without doors? Not only can we keep that question. In fact, the world of decoration offers us practical options that we can apply to different fields. An example of this is a folding screen. These are a series of sheets connected by means of hinges that are folded into an accordion to hide spaces of different sizes.

They can be used as bedroom closet doors or as a false wall, so if we decide to stop using them as closet doors, we can always give them another decorative use. In Asia, where their origin dates, they are often used as walls for dressing rooms and other things.

The cascades of beads return from the past

Brooklyn-Heights-Studio-by-Julia-Mack-Design-LLC How to cover a closet without doors (Inexpensive options)Image source: Julia Mack Design, LLC

This was an option that was used a lot, like small closet doors in the past, but that is regaining popularity in the market. For those who do not know them, they are a kind of curtain made up of cords with beads all along. In this way, a kind of barrier is created.

This type of protection is best used as a separation between the closet room and the main area and not as a door as such. If you like the retro style, this cascade of colors will fascinate you, as well as you can find a good amount of designs and patterns with beads of different sizes and materials.

Get privacy with a room divider

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A similar alternative to folding screens is room dividers. These are simpler structures that, as the name suggests, are used to divide spaces where there are no walls or doors. With a little bit of creativity, we can use them as our protection for the wardrobes, since they will give us all the privacy we need, and we can accommodate them for all kinds of occasions.

Sliding-Door-Systems-by-Space-Solutions-by-Organized-Interiors How to cover a closet without doors (Inexpensive options)Image source: Space Solutions by Organized Interiors

Like the folding option, they are widely used to create areas where you can change your clothes in private. In cases of small rooms, these sheets do not take up much space (they are very thin), so we will hardly obstruct the passage.

Additionally, this type of separator is not as common as folding one, so it is an exotic possession in any home.

Elegant style with the use of French doors

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They are not traditional closet doors, but well-organized ones can create a luxurious style. A French door is a pair of plates whose major part is dominated by crystals (frosted or transparent), and they are opened in the traditional way (swing) instead of sliding.

Due to its construction, the best way to organize these doors is in several pairs of small widths, building a whole wall of small doors that will not occupy so much space when opened.

Sliding barn door for when we are willing to invest more

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How to cover a closet without doors? When we ask ourselves this question, the solution of many is to use sliding doors on a rail. These sliding doors, very similar to those found in sheds and barns, allow us to save front space when opening to the sides.

A sliding door offers a unique rustic style, which we can improve even more if it is built with wood.

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A smart alternative to save even more space is for the rail to slide towards the wall, which translates into much more clear space.

Swinging doors for a unique style

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It is not the most common option, but we can always opt for a swinging door that resembles that used in canteens of the old west. Swing doors, lounge or cafeteria, swing easily so that without effort we can open them.

The only drawback is that they could get in the way in some situations, but if it is not our case, it is one of the unique bedroom closet door ideas that we should consider.

Use glass doors for modern designs

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Glass doors do wonders for a walk-in closet. Glass, in general, is a very clean construction material that serves many styles. It is not only transparent since with the appropriate treatments it could be opaque. For example, if it is ground or if several layers are used within a frame.

The frame is another element that we can change when we work with glass doors, being able to use wood or metals.

You don’t want to remodel? Then consider a pocket door

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A pocket door is like a traditional sliding door, except that instead of hiding behind another door or a wall, it slides inside the wall so you can enjoy your walk-in closet.

Its operation is simple and ideal if we still do not install any door system. Through a hidden rail between the outer layers of the wall, a door is installed that does not occupy any additional space when we open it.

This type of door benefits from not taking away space to maneuver or move, so it does not matter if we have little or a lot of space.

And with this, we finish breaking down some options for bedroom closet doors that you can consider.

FAQ on covering a closet without doors

What are some alternatives to closet doors?

Closet doors can be replaced with a variety of items, such as drapes, screens, room dividers, and even ornamental panels or pieces of art. These alternatives can enhance your space’s aesthetic while also ensuring seclusion and helping to conceal the closet’s contents.

Can you use curtains to cover a closet without doors?

Indeed, curtains are an attractive and useful solution for hiding an open closet. They are simple to put in and may be opened and shut to access the contents of the closet as needed.

How do you install curtains on a closet?

A curtain rod or track positioned above the closet doorway is required to hang curtains on a closet.

Simply determine the closet’s width and select a rod or track that will stretch past the sides of the opening. Using brackets, fasten the rod or track to the wall. After that, hang the curtains and modify their length as necessary.

What kind of curtains should you use for a closet?

Your own preferences and the overall design of your room will influence the kind of curtains you select for a closet.

Lightweight sheer curtains, blackout curtains, or even patterned or textured curtains for a more aesthetic touch are some common choices.

How do you choose the right size curtains for a closet?

Measure the closet opening’s width and height to determine the appropriate size curtains, then add a few inches to each measurement to ensure proper coverage.

Moreover, think about the curtains’ length and whether they will hang on a rod or a track.

How do you clean curtains used to cover a closet?

Depending on the type of cloth used to make the curtains, there are different ways to clean them.

While more delicate materials might need expert cleaning, the majority of curtains can be readily cleaned with a vacuum or a gentle wash in cold water.

Are there any disadvantages to using curtains to cover a closet?

It’s possible that curtains won’t offer as much privacy or soundproofing as solid doors when used to conceal a closet.

Moreover, because they can mildew or grow damp over time, curtains may not be appropriate for use in environments with high humidity or moisture.

Can you use other materials to cover a closet without doors?

Certainly, a closet without doors can be covered with a variety of materials, such as room dividers, screens, ornamental panels, or even shelf systems.

These choices might offer a more original and imaginative way to cover a closet while also enhancing your area with storage or decorative components.

How do you install other materials to cover a closet without doors?

The precise material and your tastes will determine how to install any additional materials used to cover a closet without doors.

While some alternatives, such as screens or room dividers, can stand alone without needing to be installed, others, such as shelving units or decorative panels, may need to be fastened to the wall using brackets or other hardware.

What are some creative ideas to cover a closet without doors?

A stylish room divider, shelves, storage units, hanging a tapestry or piece of art, or even making a unique sliding door out of reclaimed wood or frosted glass are some inventive ways to cover a closet without doors.

These alternatives offer a practical way to cover a closet without doors while also giving your area a distinctive and personalized touch.

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