In this article, we will uncover some ideas about apartment living room ideas, it could be small apartment living room ideas or big apartment living room ideas.

How perfect a room will be arranged will depend on your creativity, and creativity cannot be achieved without having ideas of what to do and how to go about it.

So when you see a room perfectly arranged with everything in place including the furniture and other accessories, understand that whoever arranged it must have picked different ideas and put it to use.

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Sometimes we look at our room and wish we could beautify it more even while the room is small or even big. It is possible, here we will show you some of the apartment living room ideas.

You will be able to understand that your small or big living room is no barrier. In a small room, sectional sofas are more advisable because they help manage the small space without needing to remove anything.

Room colour

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How beautiful a room will look depends on the colour used in painting the room. And when it comes to colour, be sure to use bright colours, I’m sure you won’t want your room looking so dull and boring.

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So it’s highly recommended you go for bright colour, and when talking about bright colour, white and cream or butter colour has proven to be the best in painting a room as they make the room look lively and encouraging.


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Furniture arrangement is another awesome area we will need to look at if we are to talk about decorating ideas for small living rooms.

Living in a small living room does not mean the room should look small, how you make use of the space is what really counts.

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Big furniture is not advisable in a small living room because it will make choke up space and sometimes makes the room look odd, depending on the type of furniture.

Also, the horizontal structure of the furniture should be considered because small rooms deserve moderate furniture sizes.

Decoration and budget

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It is important to have apartment living room decoration ideas so you can know the type of decoration that will fit into a small space and big spacious room.

It’s not about how small or big your room is, it’s about your creativity in decorating your apartment that will make it look beautiful. Like using the right colour to paint your room, putting the right furniture in the perfect place.

Image source: Mark English Architects, AIA

Budget is another important thing to consider, when you want apartment living room ideas on a budget, then you will have an idea about how much you could spend and how much you should spend.

In that case, IKEA living room sets are a good starting point.

Some colours can kill the beauty of a room, so make sure you have apartment decorating ideas so that you can tell which colour is perfect and which flower is the best and is suitable for a specific place in the room.

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One of the small apartment living room ideas is understanding that every space in your room counts so you must not make mistake with the arrangement or decoration.

If you have a small room, then you need an idea on decorating small apartments so that the small room can look like a small heaven. With decorating ideas for living room, you are sure to make that small room look like its big.

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Understand that the arrangement of your belongings and the decorations will determine how well or bad your room will look like, so why focusing on why the room is so small or too large to take care of, why not make the most of that space and use to turn that little or big room to fortress.

Other accessories in the living room

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Other areas like your choice of shelve, dining arrangement and sofa arrangement etc. remember a small living room is no barrier to how lovely your room can look. It depends on your choice, idea and creativity.

Big living room

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A big living room does not really have a problem of managing of space, but the choice of colour is very important. Our recommended colour for a small living room can go with big living room also.

In a big living room, you don’t need to look at how big, small or curve the sofa but it’s not bad if you decide to make it stylish and a sofa that will add more beauty to your living room.

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For a big and luxury living room, decorating ideas for a living can easily be fulfilled because there is enough space to contain your preferred furniture, but understand that not all furniture is suitable for the living room, while some are better at the dining, another one might be looking amazing if placed on the wall of the kitchen.

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And also, it is not all kinds of the sofa that is suitable for the living room, some will look more beautiful when carried to the veranda and used as a relaxation chair or sofa.


Image source: Ann Lowengart Interiors

The living room is one of the easiest places to decorate in a house, but the approach and desire are what matters. If you don’t have the desire, you will not be able to make it happen no matter how much think of it.

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Ending thoughts on decorating a small apartment living room

Having ideas or an understanding of how to decorate your room either big or small is very important.

Some rooms can be big but lack of proper arrangement and inadequate knowledge about decorations makes it look small while a room might be small but will look big with enough space due to proper knowledge and ideas gathered from different places and then put the ideas into good use.

This article is written to give you an idea of how to have an awesome room without stress or cracking your brain. So don’t waste any more time or postpone it, arrange it now.

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