Small bathroom shelf ideas are an excellent option when you need to make the best use of your space.  In a small bathroom, organization can sometimes feel like an enormous task.  This is particularly true if you would like to keep your bathroom looking uncluttered and serene.

The good news, however, is those small bathrooms can be quaint, unique, and clutter-free spaces.  By using creative shelves or unique bathroom wall cabinets, you will be able to create a creative bathroom space that you can enjoy for years to come.

If you are unsure how to organize a small bathroom, turn your attention to the walls.  We’re here to help you explore small bathroom shelf ideas to optimize your bathroom space.

Recessed shelving

Image source: Flippin’ Rustic

If you have a very small bathroom, recessed shelves are often a great idea.  These creative shelves are built into your bathroom space, making your room appear larger.  Recessed shelving with glass shelves will appear light and airy and are a great way to explore all you need.

Light industrial shelving unit

By adding shelves for small bathrooms, your space can often come alive.  Shelving can add a unique or creative touch.  A light industrial shelving unit has a steel or metallic finish along the sides and will add interest to a grey, white and white bathroom.  This distinctive shelving unit will help you to create a unique bathroom full of personality.

Minimal bathroom with shelving nook

Image source: Studio 511

If you have a minimal bathroom and you have an unused space, you may be looking for a small bathroom organizer.  You could look for a cabinet or you could install shelves painted in the same colour as your bathroom walls.  This will suit the minimalist style and feel of your bathroom.  Accessorise your shelves with pretty baskets to keep your space clutter free.

Over the toilet shelving

When it comes to small bathroom shelving ideas, the space above your toilet is the perfect space for a storage ladder.  This will give you space to store your toilet paper or bath towels.

This toilet ladder makes a stylish statement and can be painted any colour you would like.  By adjusting the width of your shelves you can add interest.  You’ll have all the storage space you need with an interesting and original effect.

Playful basket ideas

Image source: BCV ARCHITECTS

Small bathroom baskets make excellent shelving ideas.  By suspending interesting coloured baskets from a curtain rod, you’ll have a creative and playful way of organizing your bathroom space.

Space above the door

In a bathroom, the space above the door is frequently unused.  By adding a small shelf above your bathroom door you’ll provide a creative way to organize your bathroom products.

Place them on a ladder

Image source: Run for the Hills

In a small bathroom, small shelf ideas do not need to be boring.  By placing your towels or linens onto a ladder shelf, you can add interest, texture and colour.  A basket based ladder shelf adds charm to any small space.

Behind the door

Image source: Mountain Sky Closets

If you want to organize your small bathroom without adding a shelving unit, install three towel rails behind your bathroom door.  This little-used storage space will make a great area to store your towels.

Let them speak

If you prefer small shelves for bathroom displays rather than cabinets or drawers, put your bathroom items on display.  Your bath products will speak for themselves.

Basket case

Image source: BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc.

Create small bathroom drawers for your favourite products by placing your favourite items baskets.  By placing your baskets sideways and filling them with your bathroom needs you’ll create an interesting feature.  Use similar styled baskets in different shapes, or baskets in different shapes and colours for a unique effect.

Family photo frames

By extending bathroom shelving between old family photo frames you’ll create a unique shelving unit with drop boxes to store special items.  This will help you to organize your bathroom knick knacks.

Basket shelves

Image source: Stephanie Nix Interiors

Still wondering how to organize small bathrooms?  Place a shelf above your toilet and attach baskets via rope or wire.  This will help you to store items such as toilet roll, towels and sanitizers.  You can also store soaps, scrubs and shampoos for easy reach.

Go rustic

Image source: Wanda Ely Architect Inc.

Bathroom shelves for small spaces can add character to a room.  A rustic barn shelf will give instant character to your bathroom.  Store all of your bathroom necessities or accessories to great a warm and charming look.

Use piping

Piping makes a great support for tiny bathroom shelves.  Combined with rustic timber you’ll create a unique and striking impact which will help you organize your bathroom needs.

Metal baskets make great containers

Image source: Mustard Seed Interiors

Steel gives a clean look to a bathroom.  When you use wire mesh or metallic baskets organizing a small bathroom will become significantly easier. These containers can be attached to a towel rail to hold all your bathroom products.

Go country chic

Looking for the best bathroom shelves for a country chic style?  Pegs or dowels supporting painted and distressed wooden shelves make great country bathroom shelving.  These shelves could be either lime washed or painted in chalky colours to fit with the country mood.

Farmhouse style hanging shelves

Image source: Robeson Design

Hanging shelves attached to a ceiling or back wall via a hook and eye system will give you creative ways to organise your bathroom necessities.  You can co-ordinate your shelf colour with the colour of your bathroom accessories to add an interesting touch.

Fabric baskets offer a touch of style

Image source: The Tiny Tack House

A great way to create mini bathroom shelves is to use a mixture of fabric baskets.  These baskets can be acquired at home depot stores or discount stores.  Hung from a towel rail above the toilet they make great spaces to store soaps, spare toilet rolls, shampoos and towels.

Separate your storage system

Image source: Robin Wilson Interior Design

Small bathroom organization ideas can often be compartmentalised.  Towel rails, soap dishes, a tray which fits over the bath and a storage rack in the shower help you to break up your storage space.  Each item will take up very little space or attention which will keep your bathroom uncluttered in appearance.

Rustic doors

Attach shelving to a rustic door in order to create a great bathroom organization system.  You can add your bathroom necessities as well as accessories such as piles of towels, photo frames or candles.  Certainly beats a tiny bathroom cabinet for practicality and visual effect.

Over the toilet ladder shelving

Image source: Zinc Art + Interiors

Over the toilet shelving makes some of the best bathroom shelves as it does not take up a great deal of space but offers up great storage.  You can add baskets or containers and adjust the size of the rungs to fit your bathroom necessities.

Individual family storage baskets

Image source: Alison Hammond Photography

Family baskets make great bathroom shelving ideas for small spaces.  Each member of the family can have an easily accessible numbered basket to store vital necessities.  Keep storage shelves safe so that they can resist the normal pressure children would place upon them.  Baskets can be easily removed to replace products which have been used up.

Using a shadow box as an organizer

If you’d like to create a decorative look to your bathroom, shadow box storage systems make great bath shelving ideas.  Openings allow you to place your bathroom products, accessories or candles in an attractive space.

Up cycledover-toilet bathroom storage cabinets

Bathroom cabinet organization ideas make great storage spaces.  This rustic cabinet with glass windowpane doors will keep your bathroom supplies such as medicines from moisture, breakages and moisture.

Wooden bathroom shelves to go above the toilet

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Adding rich wooden shelves for small bathrooms over your toilet area will enable you to add attractive storage to your bathroom.  Your shelves will be able to hold all of your bathroom accessories as well as any accessories you have chosen.  The space between your first shelf and your toilet tank can be used to store extra toilet rolls.

Chic over the toilet storage shelves

Small shelf ideas for small bathrooms often involve placing a shelving unit over the toilet area.  Using bracketed shelving provides a chic option for over the toilet shelving.  By positioning your shelf unit at lower levels you’ll gain easy access to all the bathroom essentials you will need.  The height above your shelving units can be used to display pictures.  Using vertical height in a small bathroom will help your room to appear larger.

DIY storage shelves

DIY offers you the opportunity save money while you install your small bathroom shelves.  By adding boxed shelving to your toilet area, you’ll be able to create a visually effective area which will meet all of your bathroom storage needs.

Over the toilet storage cabinet

Image source: Amelia Hallsworth Photography

When choosing small bathroom storage spaces, many people explore bathroom wall cabinet ideas.  Closed cabinets such as medicine cabinets often create a traditional and very finished off look to a bathroom space.  Privacy is increased because personal items such as medicines are kept behind closed doors.  Items can also be stored without risking breakage or water damage.

Wooden storage shelves

Wooden shelvesmake great small shelf ideas because they add warmth and atmosphere to your bathroom.  When these shelves are installed higher up in the bathroom, you will be able to see and appreciate the accessories displayed upon them.  You can keep any items you wouldn’t like private by using collections of baskets or ceramic pots and bowls for discretion.  The space between shelving and toilet lid can be used to hold baskets or other bathroom necessities.

Repurposed wood crate bathroom shelves

Image source: Annie McElwain Photography

Organise small bathroom necessities using repurposed creates.  These attractive wooden boxes can be used to store towels, necessities, bath salts, shampoos and soaps.  You can also use upturned crates to hold vases, photos and other decorative items.

Shadow box bathroom organizers

Paint your small bathroom shelving to match other bathroom accessories.  Your shelving can be used to hold accessories, towels or bathroom necessities.  Attractive cabinetry will make your bathroom feel fuller and create an attractive area.  Wire bathroom accessories will add to the look.

Wooden pallets

Image source: Stuart Osman

Wooden crates which have been up cycled into attractive bathroom shelving ideas make great storage spaces.  You can add jars of bath salts or other bathroom accessories and the slats enable you to hang paintings, drawings, cards and notes.

Ladder shelving

In a tall area which is built behind the toilet, a ladder shelving unit makes a great storage choice.  A ladder storage unit has ample space for towels as well as other bathroom necessities.  This attractive feature will add interest to an otherwise unremarkable area of your bathroom.

Dark wooden shelves

Image source: Cranberry Hill Kitchens

Installing dark wooden shelves to store bathroom knick knacks or accessories add warmth and texture to a bathroom area.  When combined with attractive accessories, the area will stand out as an attractive feature in your bathroom.

Hanging shelves

If you want to organize small bathroom spaces in a costal or other casual style, hanging shelves with ropes inserted between them will give a casual yet striking appearance.  You can then add towels, containers and other bathroom accessories.

Wooden crates as storage shelves

Wooden crates are a great way of organizing small bathroom necessities.  They add a casual feel to a bathroom and can be displayed in horizontal or vertical patterns to add interest to a room.  You can use these crates to display a range of different bathroom treasures.

Over the toilet towel rack

Image source: Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

Towel racks make great ways to organise small bathrooms.  They come in a range of different styles but generally offer attractive features which enhance your bathroom.  You can use your towel racks to store a number of towels, and they will give you easy access to large towels when you get out of your shower or tub.

Flowerpots as bathroom organizers

Galvanised metal pails can be both colourful and fun and are a great way of adding storage to a bathroom.  Many are able to hold more than a shelf can.  The playful atmosphere created by these pails would particularly suit children’s bathrooms.  This type of storage system can easily be created as a home DIY project with pails available at most local hardware stores.

A hanging basket above the toilet

Image source: Esther Hershcovich

A large, old time laundry basket offers up a great space for small bathroom storage.  This can be easily mounted onto a bracket.  The bottom of the basket can be covered with a photograph or attractive image.  The basket could also be decorated with festive accessories such as twigs, ribbons or pine cones.  Similar decorations could be added to the tank above the toilet.

A bathroom shelf and towel rail

A single bathroom shelf with hooks for towels makes a great small bath shelf.  This is particularly true in very small bathrooms, where there is not a great deal of space.  Your shelf can easily be placed in an area which is easily accessed from the sink, bath or shower.

A wood shadow box bathroom organizer

Image source: Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Shadow boxes make great shelving ideas for small bathrooms or powder rooms.  One side of a box can store towels while the other can display toilet rolls.  Shadow box shelving makes an attractive feature in a small bathroom or powder room when installed above the toilet space.  They make great bathroom wall shelving ideas.

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