With regards to home interiors, staircases sometimes wind up noticeably neglected when it comes to wall art. However, if decorated well, staircases can add a specific appeal to your interiors

For bungalows, rowhouses, duplex apartments, and penthouses, the staircase shapes an indispensable part of the home structure and is frequently situated in the family room or in another essential area of your home. Wall décor ideas surrounding your staircases are therefore well worth exploring.

Decorative stairways can add impact to your interior.

Check out the following wall decoration ideas to make your staircases look as fascinating as the other areas of your home.

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The Wall of Fame

Front room walls are not by any stretch of the imagination perfect for setting up a lot of photos starting from family and personal portraits, abstract wall pieces or watches.

Yet the walls of your staircase may resemble an exhibition where you can show all your most loved pictures and create your own wall of fame! Keep your wall art décor united by a singular theme or color choice and you’ll come up with an excellent gallery.

Image source: Baran Studio Architecture

As the stairways regularly lead upstairs to our private zone of the house, hanging these individual pictures here will help you to keep them from being excessively visible. You’ll keep your wall decoration private while keeping it accessible to the family.

A collection of photographs or artworks make great home decorations. You can hang various similar frames for decorating staircase walls at a different level of the walls following the staircase direction.

Make sure to consider the size of the art piece or frame that you want to hang on the staircase walls because if you hang pictures that are too small, they will disappear on the wall and will look ridiculous.

Image source: P2 Design

When it comes to wall decorations, follow a theme in order to create a or follow through that connects the images. This could be related to memories, hobbies, recipes etc. Clean and simple shapes, frames or designs will also create a theme you can use when creating a wall décor collection.

Image source: DOWN to Earth Architects

Decorative Elements

You can make a piece of art from the wall itself if you are not a big fan of placing wall hangings onto your staircase walls. You can put a chair rail next to the stairs.

In this way, you can paint the lower half of the wall in one shade and the upper part in another. Vibrant paint colors make great wall decorating ideas. You can also install sconce light in several places following the stair directions for a more stylish look.

Image source: Georgetown Development

Stair shelves

Are you an enthusiastic collector of treasures and tiny trinkets? If the answer is yes, you’ve just found the perfect place for them. Place them on the stair shelves for both you and your visitors to enjoy. These will make unique wall art choices.

If you fancy reading you can easily transform the empty wall area near your house stairs into a huge bookshelf where you can put any of your chosen books. Contingent on the place you own, you may add shelves for holding the items you desire to show. Books make effective house decorations which show the personality of the owner.

Image source: Stephenson Design Collective

Exterior Wall Cupboards

For those of you who have clumsy stairways and for those of you that haven’t clumsy stairways at all just simply have a quite useful bordering wall place, a built-in cupboard is an excellent use of the space. This will enable you to create an uncluttered room with an effective storage system. Built in cupboards make excellent stair ideas.

Since some stairways can be extremely dangerous to safely, including a beautiful rail inside the stairway itself. This can be a beautiful and practical alternative, helping the complete space behind the stairways. A rail can take the place of decorative wall art, adding texture to a wall behind open stairs.

Image source: Chris Snook

Staircase wall painting ideas

A dreary and dull staircase wall turns out to be vivacious again with a sprinkle of shading. In the event that your staircase wall does not proceed to the wall on the living spaces, you may paint it an alternate shade of hue or a reciprocal shading to match with alternate walls in your house. You can use contrasting shades but also you can experiment with some darker shades. Color creates cool wall décor that can add accent to your home.

Image source: Jill Wolff Interior Design

One stairway wall may pop out when you use intense hues that may coordinate a portion of the artwork or accessories in your home. You can likewise include some paint techniques such as ragging, stamping or sponging to make your wall look more stylish due to the additional textures and patterns. This decorative wall will quickly become a feature.

Image source: Pamela Harvey Interior Design

You can also include stencils on the edges near to the staircase limits. In this way, you will add additional enriching touches to the borders of your staircase walls and will likewise add some patterns and shading to the wall. Stencils make great stair wall decorations.

Additionally, you can use vertical or horizontal stripes that will give your staircase wall a longer, wider or taller look. This will look perfect in smaller staircase walls and creates cute wall décor when used in pastel shades.

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Mirror on the wall

Mirrors can contribute so much to home décor. This is because they make a space to look brighter.  They are a good idea for decorating your staircase walls as this wall often does not have a window.

You can either choose a minimal and simple design or go for more decorative and ornate mirror. In both cases, this is a perfect way to add some reflected light and depth to your staircase walls.

Decorate your stairs with wallpaper

Using wallpaper as one of your staircase ideas will immediately grab attention because it gives geometric and visual contrast to tall staircase walls. Make sure to consider all the accessories and furniture you have in your house when you choose the wallpaper design so that it adds to your home décor.

Image source: KuDa Photography

Using wallpaper is the easiest way of decorating your staircase walls if your walls need an additional pop of color. Wallpapers are one of the best ways to decorate your walls because they will give your room some definite, understated flair and will look very stylish. Decorating walls has never been easier.

Broad Staircase Cupboards

If you are dealing with large stair width it will be a great idea to use the space to add some cupboards all the way up the stairs. When you are decorating them, you can either put them at eye level or at foot level depending on your taste. Shelves as staircase decorations will turn the stairway in an almost enchanting perspective-changing nook.

Image source: Crisp Architects

Hang some objects

If you want to achieve more stylish look hanging some personal objects on the stairway walls will be a great idea. For instance, you can combine a twisted, high grapevine to the stairway wall instead of a chair rail.

Also, you can hang some old instruments on the stairway wall on every four or five steps. Whether you take inspiration from your personal hobbies or you go for some decorative art you will not make a mistake in your room wall decor.

Image source: Jill Wolff Interior Design

Fill up the space

You can use an ottoman or a bench to fill up the empty space and achieve a comfortable seating place. As we all know, steep stairways don’t leave us much space for furnishing, so you can also use a console table if you want to fill up the empty space. Just make sure not to block the area. An attractive piece of furniture will always be a hit when it comes to staircases.

Ending thoughts on stairway walls decorating ideas

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One thing that we ought to remember is that, in spite of the fact that the stairway wall can have an alternate shape or measurement, it is only a wall. Disregard the staircase; it is a wall regardless of how you put it. Hanging paintings, family photos or any other work of art ought to be like hanging them on a living room wall.

Image source: Jennifer Pacca Interiors

Your staircase wall can either be a forgotten part of your home or it can become a cozy and charming passage. It is your decision!

So don’t just reject to decorate your stairway walls because you think that it is impossible. Use your imagination and unleash some new perspectives. Interior stairways stand out when accompanied by attractive room wall décor.

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