If we look for variety, we can always install a table of dimensions and form different from the traditional ones, but in the same way, you need to know the standard table height to be able to make a decision.

The world of tables is very varied in options. We can install one that resembles a bar-style, or something more daring with a table similar to that of a reception. No matter our style, we should consider the table height to be able to acquire the chairs and that these are comfortable to use.

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In the past, all these options were limited and had a standard height. However, new trends have meant that having different heights for furniture is common, which translates into greater personalization of the environments.

If we have little space in our dining room or kitchen, do not worry, since the traditional options of round or square tables can also be transported to modern design. If you are thinking of remodeling, then we give you some options and advice regarding the measurements of the tables and chairs.

Standard table height – The different environments

Depending on the area and the utility they have, the chairs and tables may be of different heights. However, the common thing is to find the complete pair, that is, tables and chairs that complement each other so that people have enough space in their lap.

There are some rules that we can follow to stay within the standard and that it is always good to keep in mind for cases where we are looking for something unique.

Table for a formal/informal kitchen

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The table used for a standard kitchen (or dining room) has a height between 28 and 30 inches that begins to be measured from the floor. If we look for a formal style, the higher the table, the better, so we recommend that you approach 30 inches. Informal tables are usually kept at 29 inches.

Now, if you are looking for something in an antique style, such as an Amish-style dining table, you should be aware that the table will be lower. This is because this was the design back then. Check out some of the designs at the Amish Outlet Store to gain an idea of what the heights will have been like.

Chairs to accompany the table

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There is a golden rule to determine the height of the chair. These should have a gap of 12 inches between the seat and the table to allow comfortable movement of the legs, so they will be approximately 18 inches high. It is also important to leave at least 7 inches free between the table and the arm of the seat.

In the case of the stools, as we are facing a taller standard table height, it tends to be between 24 to 30 inches in height but will depend entirely on the style of the table.

The chair also has a width

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The chairs must meet a minimum width both in the area where we will sit and in its surroundings so that they are not uncomfortable to use. When talking about dining rooms, the chairs tend to average between 16 and 20 inches wide, but to these, we must add a perimeter on the sides of at least 6 inches so that diners do not hit their elbows.

Additionally, you have to leave 36 inches of free space behind the chairs so that other people can walk without problems.

Finally, if we are placing chairs for rectangular tables, chairs that are located at the thin ends should have 12 inches free instead of 6.

Standard heights for kitchen countertops

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These are the furniture where the drawers are located, and on which we will work in the kitchen. These are an important kitchen table heights to consider since we have both the side and the central island countertops.

Usually, these pieces measure 36 inches from the ground. Commonly, the table that separates the kitchen with the dining room is a little lower than the rest of the furniture, especially in older houses.

It’s time to fill the counter table with stools

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These small islands in the kitchen that work as a table are better accompanied with stools than with traditional chairs. The stools have a standard seat height of 24 inches measured from the ground.

As with the dining room chairs, we must leave a considerable separation between the table and between stools so that people can use them without problems (even with the advantage offered by many modern stools to be able to turn on its axis).

A unique touch with a Bar-Style table

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If we talk about the standard table height, we cannot miss the canteen style. The bar counters, if we look for the complete package, measure 42 inches high, which allows the bartender and customers a complete interaction. In our home, we can opt for the reduced version of 36 inches, or even a mixture between both pieces to get a better effect.

The complement? A Bar-Style stool

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Like the exaggerated height of the table, the barstools have large sizes. The average height is similar to that of a dining table, being between 28 and 30 inches. We must consider the necessary width for their installation, which is very similar to the one we discussed previously.

A bar stool is characterized, in general, by its lack of armrests and backing, which makes it easier to access from any direction.

A business environment with the office desk

Although there is a standard for this type of furniture, here we must be very careful about what we need as a user. Not because it is a standard means that it is ergonomic for us.

Most of the office furniture is adapted for people with heights between 173 and 178cm. That’s why the normal thing is to get desks with heights of 28 to 30 inches, and chairs whose seat is between 16 and 21 inches.

Currently, there are technological options that can be adapted to different body textures, such as adjustable desks.

Complementing with the right chair

The office chairs are a little freer in dimensions. The average chair dimensions for these are simply within some limits. In this way, the height will be between 16 and 20 inches, the width between 19 and 21.63 inches, and the depth between 15.75 and 18.5 inches. These measures are obviating the backing.

The modest options are coffee tables

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The coffee tables are mostly a decorative alternative to complete the furniture of the rooms. These are perfect for placing other decorations, or in some cases, to place drinks.

The height of the coffee tables depends on the height of the seats in the room. That is, the sofa will tell us how high we can place a table. In this way, the standard coffee table (located in front of the largest sofa) has a height equal to the seat of the sofa, which is usually between 16 and 18 inches.

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When placing it, you should make sure that no one has to make much effort to be able to pick up a cup from the table while sitting on the sofa, and that there is still enough space to walk.

Additionally, we have the auxiliary tables of the rooms that slightly exceed the height of the coffee tables. These are smaller in width and depth, but allow direct access from the armrest of the sofa. It is common to find them between 22 and 26 inches tall.

No bedroom is complete without the bedside table

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These small tables that save our lives by storing everything we do not need when sleeping must be located at the same height as our mattress to ensure maximum comfort. The standard table height of these is 21 to 28 inches (it is a big variation because, in the end, it depends on the type of mattress that we have).

Other tables to consider

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A buffet table, entry table, among others, must adapt to an average of users, although they are not as used as the rest. At a minimum, an adult person should be able to access the top of it without having to resort to supports of any kind, or without having to bend over.

In this way, it is recommended that they be between 28 and 34 inches high (we included the console table height since it is a pretty miscellaneous table option).

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