An idea of a cosy winter evening is perhaps non-existent without a stone fireplace and an easy chair, holding a glass of your favourite scotch and reading one of the classics.

Stone fireplaces have a history which is as old as, probably, fire itself. One of the first uses of fire, besides cooking, was to keep animals away and to keep us warm.

We, humans, have a strange affinity towards using stone as a decorative material for interior designing, be it marbles for flooring or granite for slabs. It is, thus, of little or no surprise then, that stone fireplaces are among the most famous designs for choosing a fireplace.

A beautifully designed stone hearth gives a rustic fireplace and a classy look to a house. It performs a dual role of lending a decorative hand to your interiors as well as keeping you warm on those cold, wintery evenings.

While stone fireplace designs do lend a timeless look to your home, you needn’t use actual stone for building it. Depending on your stone fireplace idea and your budget you can decide from a natural stone inspired fireplace or a stone veneer inspired fireplace.

I am going to discuss some of the choicest stone fireplace ideas on how to decorate them. I hope they help you decide the perfect design for your own stone fireplace.

History and Significance of Fireplace Hearths

Image source: David A. Kaech & Associates, Inc.

Fireplaces have been in existence since the pre-historic period. There are enough pieces of evidence supporting the use of a fireplace by early age caveman, mainly for the purpose of dwelling, protection from the chilly nights, cooking etc. They originated mostly in the ground within caves.

In the modern age, they were later built in house in the building within hearths, a mantlepiece, chimney to let the smoke out and many other accessories came along eventually.

The purpose of fireplace evolved over the period of time as per requirement or of visual décor. During the Industrial Revolution, many developments in house designs gave way for new designs in fireplace hearths as well. By the 1800s many different stone fireplace ideas and designs whether using cast iron or decorative tiles were created depending on the needs and likes of the people.

One of the popular fireplaces is also of the Victorian era which was most popular for its warm and cosy ambience.

By the early 20th century, fireplaces, mantels and chimneys were incorporated and were included in every household. During the Arts & Crafts movement, the fireplaces took a significant role in the craftsman style house and were included in various designs in the house. It was a centrepiece of the craftsman style homes and is still desired in many modern age houses even today.

Why Stone Fireplaces

Image source: Studio M Interiors

There is plenty of material which are used these days from bricks to tiles, but stone fireplaces are one of the oldest amongst all and the most durable, enduring, irresistibly striking features and very easily available and affordable. It gives a natural and unique look to the hearth and gives a tour of the golden old era.

These were most commonly used in forts and castles and therefore has a royal feel to it. Although metal, glass, bricks are also catching up fast, stone fireplaces have a natural texture which makes it blend easily in your dream house. It can be arranged and blended in the hearth with few accessories, the right furniture and colour palette, and can create a classic as well as a contemporary look.

We will discuss some of the stone fireplace ideas in this article and see the different ways we can decorate the hearth to give the décor of the house an extra edge with a rustic fireplace.

A few ideas for your stone fireplace designs

Stacked Stone Veneer Fireplace Design

Image source: North Star Stone

As the name suggests, this fireplace is made from manufactured veneer stone. These veneers which are nothing but strips of coloured marble (dark, charcoal in this case) glued to an interlocking panel.

The stacked stones reach up to the ceiling thus giving the room an air of enormity and spaciousness. The stacked stones are capped off with a wooden mantle which not only lends simplicity and elegance to the design but also complements the textured marble.

Cobblestone Fireplace Frame

Image source: Padella Building Company, Inc.

Use cobblestones to decorate your fireplace frame. It will give the place an old and authentic look and will create a soft contrast against the light décor in the room. Add some in-built seating beside the place and end enjoy the cosy ambience.

Slate Framed Fireplace

Image source: Creative Touch Interiors

One of the fireplace stone ideas would be to add tiles to fireplace matching your walls in the room and the wooden furniture to give a modern outlook with a touch of retro finish.

If you want to create a contrasting look and feel along with the fireplace, the same can be achieved with the cobalt blue tiles for the fireplace frames surrounded by earth-toned stones.

Ceramic stone Fireplace/Japanese Clay Fireplace

Image source: Diligence International

Ceramic stone fireplaces are a great alternative to the metal fireplaces. It enhances aesthetics and can also retain heat longer than the metal fireplaces. It is easy to maintain as it does not rust or smoke because the wood burns down to fine ash and since the charcoal and fuel goes through proper combustion, they don’t smell either.

They can be cleaned only once in two weeks or so. They are a great option for fireplace and can be custom built depending on the décor of the room. Japanese clay fireplace can be on a type of design to build in modern Japanese style stone.

Stacked Flagstone Fireplace

Image source: Realstone Systems

It is one of the popular stone fireplace designs if you want a modern stone fireplace for your hearth. It usually features a massive fireplace surrounded by stacked flagstone which gives a grand appearance and takes the centre stage in the room. It is hard to take your eyes off this magnificent stone fireplace.

Glossy Stone Fireplace Designs

Image source: Scott Christopher Homes

The name itself says it all. The stones used in this fireplace gives a smooth and bright look because of its glossy effect. They look well-furnished and are in regular shape with any colour of your choice. High-gloss black and white would are the popular ones to go with.

Preserved Stone Fireplaces

Image source: Cullum Homes Design / Build / Renovation

This elegant design is the fusion of traditional and contemporary fireplace. It has an ancient appeal to it while finishing gives a modern stone fireplace which prevent any particles or stone slits leak out of it in the long run.

If you have a love for antique and want to give that edge to your living-room then preserved stone fireplaces are a great way to do that.

Sky High Stone Fireplaces

Image source: Gleicher Design – Architecture & Interiors

These fireplaces are very high as the stone fireplace extends to the top of the ceilings. The name is derived from the fact that it was designed in a ski house by Ken Fulk at Montana’s Yellowstone Club.

Scandinavian Stone Fireplace

Image source: Electronics Design Group, Inc.

Scandinavian stone fireplace has a beauty in its simplicity. They come in many different designs and are also easy to distinguish from other stone fireplaces due to their simplistic design.

The popular shapes which they come are cylindrical and conical and therefore are perfect to be accommodated in the corner of your living room. Their unusual design always makes them stand out than the rest of the stone fireplaces.

Granite Stone Fireplace


Granite is a very hard rock which is highly durable, and a granite fireplace would look strikingly great with its polished shine giving a luxurious look. It is available in different colours depending on its mineralogy.

Recycled granite stone fireplace also gives a rough edge which is built with slabs of granite stones cut or split into different shapes to fit in the hearth.

Marble Stone Fireplaces

Image source: Janet Brooks Design

Marble fireplace stones can give a touch of splendour and magnificence to your fireplace and your room. It has a unique classical look and it brings out a class with its polished carvings. If you are looking for something to create a rich look, this is the one to go for.

Marble stones are a form of limestone and it’s a luxury to be worked on for many sculptors. It has to be maintained carefully to prevent staining or chipping. It is available in many colours depending on the nature of the rock but if you want a natural colour, the same can be carved and polished.

Painted Stone Fireplace

Image source: Edwina Drummond Interiors

Painted fireplace stones are a great way to achieve many different varieties of looks. Choose the colour of your mood and paint your stone fireplaces to give an amazing look. The popular one is charcoal texture and rustic glam look. A charcoal grey fireplace in the backdrop of a light side wall in the living area would provide a striking contrast.

Or you can paint it to give an earthen or rustic look to the stone fireplace. Throw in some metallic mirrors or candle holders above the redwood mantel to finish the desired look. Rustic fireplaces always are a charm and can balance the softness in the room among other accessories.

Create a mid-century look with some old furniture and grey painted fireplace. It would give a retro flair to your living room. For a fresher look, white painted hearth works best with some turquoise painted mantel. This splash of refreshing colours will leave your mood absolutely delightful.

River Rock Fireplace

Image source: Porth Architects, Ltd.

Waterworn rocks can be arranged in a skillful way to be placed in the fireplace hearth and create a farmhouse inspired look. Throw in some white and grey furniture to go with it and make a cozy place to sit and relax while also reminiscing the wild with your rock fireplace.

Hope the above stone fireplaces ideas would help you with your dream fireplace.

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