For most teenagers out there, their bedroom isn’t just the place they go to when they need to sleep. Bedrooms and their designs are part of every teen’s self-expression, and this is only as true for rooms for teen girls. If you’re stumped when it comes to decorating your daughter’s bedroom, here are some teenage girl bedroom ideas that are sure to charm her.

When decorating teen girl bedrooms, you need to understand what she wants from her room – mostly, she’ll want to be comfortable, handy, a place where she can do her work, and designed in a way that she can show it to her friends without feeling embarrassed.

Rooms with purpose

Image source: Margaret Carter Interiors

A teenage girl’s bedroom is more than just a place to rest in. As young girls grow older, they want a room with many uses – it should be a place for them to hang out with their friends, but also someplace they can find the peace and quiet to study and prepare for school.

To make the best room possible for your teen, you can collaborate with them. Ask them what they think of the sleeping, studying, and ‘social’ areas of the room. Space could be a problem, but you can always use some creativity to make up for space. Here are some ideas you can use.

Image source: Viola Interior Design, LLC

  1. Vertical studying space: Instead of creating a huge desk that’ll take up a lot of space, create a desk that’s just the right size, and use the space and above the desk and below it for storage – you’re basically combining a storage space and a table.
  2. Bench: If you can add a bench at the foot of the bed, you can create a small lounging space that’s perfect when there are a lot of people over.
  3. Lounging corner: You can even create a small lounging hole on one side of the room by placing a rug and some of your favorite throw pillows.
  4. No headboard: By avoiding a headboard, you can give the illusion of space or even clear up the wall for other decorations or cabinets.
  5. Sofa tables: Can’t create a separate area for lounging and studying? Combine both concepts using a sofa table.

Bold and patterned walls

Image source: Adore Your Home with Heather Craig

As adults, we are usually looking for muted and toned colors to give a gentle and serene look to our rooms. Teenagers, however, want vibrancy and boldness, and teenage girl bedrooms are no different to this rule. After all, the wall is the part of the room that showcases most of the personality of that room, and so it’s a big part of your teenage girl’s self-expression.

Here are some wall-based teenage girl bedroom ideas that your kid will love:

  1. Solid, bold, and bright colors.
  2. Custom wall treatments of her favorite things.
  3. Wall decals she can replace as her interests change
  4. Custom painted walls/Graffiti style paintings
  5. Statement pieces using neon or marquis signs.

Be bold and creative

Image source: Triple Heart Design LLC

When you have decorated a room for teen girls, serene, calming, and neutral are hardly the words that come to mind. Instead, you are probably looking for something a little more creative and bold. Basically, you need something fun to appeal to the average teen.

Here are some creative ideas that’ll make the room stand out:

  • Hanging swings to bring some of her boho personality to the bedroom design.
  • Hanging beds to give the illusion of floating.
  • Round or custom-shaped beds to break the norm and make a statement.
  • Chalkboard walls to express themselves fully, using chalkboard paint.

Focus on storage

Image source: Hubley Design Interiors, LLC

As messy as your teenage girls’ bedroom is going to get eventually, you may need to incorporate storage into the room. Storage can be your only hope that there will be some degree of organization in the place. You’re probably looking for things like dressers, shelves, built-in storage, or even statement cabinet walls or something like that.

Teenage girl bedroom ideas you need to try out

Image source: Droz Design

Go Boho

With the addition of simple boho elements in the room, you can really give it a fresh and uplifting vibe. Something as simple as a patterned rug or ottomans can make a huge difference in the overall look of the room.

Multifaceted and colorful

For the teen that’s not afraid of bold colors or strong palettes, you can use a bright wallpaper, bedding, or wall decorations to appeal to her aesthetic.

Pink/grey combinations

when it comes to girls bedrooms, this is a classic color combination. You can complement the color scheme using decorative stickers, and framed posters.

Image source: Aidan Fogarty Renovations

Turquoise/white color palette

Teenagers it, and since this is a classic color palette, you’ll find it in many teen girl bedrooms. Using a patterned wallpaper can really elevate this look.

Pottery inspired themes

This one of the more exciting room theme ideas for a teenage girl. Using wooden elements like DIY wall arrows, you and your teen daughter can bond and create a fantastic theme all at once.

Loft bedrooms

Struggling with a smaller space? Loft ideas will be your best friend – not only do these looking cool, but they also help you mix together the bed and a functional working space together for your teen.

Polka, polka everywhere

Although this is a design choice adults would run away from, polka dots on the walls or bedding would really appeal to almost any teenager.

Image source: Emily A. Clark

Pink teenage rooms

Most popularly, pink represents femininity. Although this may not be the case for every teenage girl out there, a lot of adolescent girls do love the color pink. You can combine this shade with a black to really bring it out.

Floating cabinets and shelves

with most teenagers, the need for functional storage spaces isn’t just important, it is a dire need. With clothes often strewn across the floor, you may be at a loss, especially when there isn’t enough space for you to add in another cabinet.

Image source: Karry Home Solutions

To counter this, you can use floating shelves. Not only will these cover the storage problem, but if designed well, they can add to the aesthetic of the room. For example, you could install one shaped like a branch or a book to complement your teenage girl’s ‘reading’ themed bedroom.

Statement letters

Everyone knows that teenagers always have a lot to say. Because they always have so much on their mind, and because they enjoy being outspoken about their opinions, they will surely love statement letters on their walls.

The juxtaposition of brass letters against the wall can be just what your teenage girls’ bedroom needs to be elevated to the right level. You can hang something on the wall, or over the dresser. If using brassy metal, clash it with natural elements to create a contrast.

Organization with aesthetic

If your teen is anything like the norm, she’ll have a collection of outfit accessories that will need to be kept in dozens of boxes. Instead of letting her through it all in one drawer where they can get damaged, either organize them or display them.

Color palettes and combinations

Image source: Lucy Call

Color palettes are not always about the same kind of colors, sometimes you can contrast tones and textures to create a look on another level. By combining a gray rug with a hardwood floor, and contrasting with gray walls, you can create a toned look. From here, you can create the space and build it onwards using a similar color scheme.

Southwestern vibes

With the addition of elements like leather ottomans, rattan rugs, and themed and patterned shirts, you can give the room southwestern vibes.

Bright floral optimism

There’s no doubt about it, florals are almost always associated with teenage girl bedrooms. This gives a beautiful, girly, and whimsical look to the room, but nothing beyond the seriousness of what a teenager’s room should look like.

Image source: Post 31 Interiors

With things like the gentle printed wallpapers, and similarly floral bedding and furniture, you can use a garden theme, but still, keep the room light and girly.

Make it deep and dark

Not every teenager in the world is the eternal optimist. For the more broody teenage girl, you can paint accordingly. Darker shades of grey layered with grey and the occasional white create a general dark look.

If you worry about the room becoming too dark, you can pop it out with one bright color. For decoration, you can use printed frames, prints, and accents throughout the room to accentuate its color schemes.

Homework/studying nooks

As much as your teenager might hate homework, they probably want a comfortable place where they can work in their bedrooms. And if there’s anything that’ll motivate them to study, it’s a workspace that they love entirely.

With a functional workspace, a modern teenager will also need some space to put their laptop or computer as they work online. You might also want to create some space for your teenager’s favorite trinkets. You can also boost creativity and your daughter’s thinking skills by providing a calm environment, decorated with motivational posters and ‘thinking’ colors.

Monochrome color schemes

Image source: Indie & Co.

When thinking of teenage girl bedroom ideas, you should know that not every teenager out there is the same. While some girls might be looking for pops of color everywhere, others may be looking for a more monochrome outlook.

Using matching furniture and utilizing pattern and textures to the maximum, you can really elevate this very basic color scheme into a chic and stylish bedroom your kid will love.

Wall memory decorations

One way for your teenager to tie in all of her memories with you and her friends can be this beautiful wall decoration. All she needs to do is to attach ribbons with her favorite images: she can replace them any time, and they are incredibly nostalgic.

Cottage style bedrooms

Pastel doesn’t always mean boring. By combining the rustic cottage style with pastels, you can come up with a theme that is girly and floral. Mix in some gingham and a beautiful desk, and you’ve got a dream teenage girl bedroom right there.

Bohemian dream

Image source: Artful Interiors LLC

By combining the bold pattern of the bed’s headboard, along with the patterns on the pillows and the rest of the bedding, you can create a perfect vintage look.

Use your closets:

Closets can do more than just hold your clothes. If you don’t have enough room, but an extra closet, you can turn it into your own personal study space.

Using a statement piece:

By using vibrant and bright colors, you can really bring up a neutral space. Painting the bed frame can be an excellent way to do this.

Bold colors

As much as your kids will love the bright color, you might want to be careful when it comes to your use of these colors. Too much of them can become stressful and overwhelming. A good practice to reduce any chances of overwhelming and distracting colors is to create one bold color and accent it with something that complements it perfectly.

Double the work with half the furniture

When it comes to teenage girl bedrooms, there is never enough space for all the things that need to be added. In smaller bedrooms, this can be a huge problem, but you can counter it with furniture that can do twice the work. For example, a TV set can be hung on the wall rather than placed on a stand.

Image source: AJS Designs

You can replace a wardrobe with a large closet, or you can make storage space under the bed to keep all the out-of-season clothes. You can even use day beds, but it’s probably best not to expect your teen to tidy up and fold it in every single day.

Storage everywhere

Aside from the necessary furniture that you’ll keep in your kid’s rooms, your next point of interest should be storage. The best thing to do is look for places that have space above or underneath the – tables, cabinets, beds, etc.

Choose the right bed

Obviously, the space in your room determines the kind of bed that you can select. One way that you can save space and make the room look bigger is not getting a headboard, or if you are getting one, set one up by hanging it by the wall.

Adult color palettes

Image source: Millbrook Circle Interior Design

If your daughter wants a more mature color palette, you can move towards a chocolate or brown wall paint, and integrate it with a younger color, such as pink.

Add shelves where possible

When it comes to decorating teenage girls bedrooms, shelves are your best friend. No matter what the teenage girl bedroom ideas you are considering, the right kind of shelves, you can showcase books, all of your favorite art, and trinkets.

In-house getaway

Image source: Chris Snook

Usually, every kid out there is looking for ways to sneak away and make their own space. A great idea is to partner that with a teenage girls room is to get a teepee tent to add inside the room.

Fun accessories

Sleeping isn’t the only thing that you do in your bedroom from now on. Using props like hanging chairs and a teepee tent hideout can really elevate the bedroom.

Light and airy is the way to go

Image source: Angus Cowan Constructions Pty. Ltd

When it comes to teenage girl bedroom ideas, a good idea is to start out with a completely clean base. This means when your teen changes their aesthetic style as they grow older, they have a square base to start with.

You can go for pastel palettes and a grungier and generally edgy look. Of course, pink is a color often associated with girls, but this doesn’t apply to every teenage girl out there.

Floral aesthetics

One way that you can bring color and hue to a clean and white room, is using florals. With just plastic flowers and wood at home, you can actually DIY it with your child at home. You can make your own words using different shapes, and truly customize it to your own sense of style, bringing in a drastic change to any room.

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