Caring for your home is a priority. If you treat it well, it will return the favor. However, there are many cleaning tasks that homeowners put off doing— for various reasons. When was the last time you dusted every inch of your home? The same can be said for many of the exterior cleaning chores we put off every month or haven’t addressed in a year or longer. Washing the roof is often one of those tasks we put off doing or don’t think about. That is, until the roof looks disheveled after years of exposure to the elements.

Let us let you in a little secret. Roof cleaning is one of the best exterior cleaning services you can have done for your home. But why? You may be asking yourself, is it time to contact a professional for Roof Cleaning Near Me, or what exactly are the advantages of doing so? This article breaks down the best reasons to choose annual roof washing.

The Cost of a Roof

Have you priced a roof lately? If so, then you probably know that it is thousands of dollars. Though many homeowners rely on the insurance company to replace a roof in the event of storm damage, that isn’t always how it plays out. Maintaining a quality roof will extend its life which will save you from spending thousands of dollars before you have to. One estimate puts replacing shingle roofs between $8,000 and $9,000. If you’re not ready to replace your roof just yet, read on and discover just how important roof cleaning can be.

Preventing Roof Issues

Did you know that many of the reasons roofs develop problems is because of dirt, leaves, sticks, mold, and other items building up on the surface? Just as allowing gutters to be clogged with leaves, having sticks and other things on your roof can cause damage to the shingles, which can lead to a leaky roof. A leaky roof can cause untold damage inside your home, including moisture problems and mold. Think of what could happen if a stick gets stuck on one of the shingles and a violent wind occurs. This could take the shingle right off.

Removal of Harmful Mold and Mildew

As mentioned above, mold and mildew can develop over time. Depending on what area you live in, mold can be especially a problem. In areas where moisture, frequent storms, and high humidity are an issue, you’ll find mold is a greater problem. But it’s outside your home, right? What harm could that have at all? True, it is outside your home, so polluting your indoor air quality isn’t the highest of concerns. But mold and mildew can break down, and asphalt shingle faster than if these contaminants won’t present. Removing mold and mildew can often eliminate musty odors from your home as well. If mildew is present next to your chimney or vent, it isn’t uncommon for the smell of mold or mildew to find its way inside your home. So while it doesn’t directly contribute to indoor air quality issues, it can definitely become noticeable over time.

Increase Value of Your Home

Everyone who owns a home wants to increase the value of that home. That is because a home is one of your greatest assets. It is also one of the greatest assets that can appreciate in value if taken care of. Maintaining the exterior of your home is important for curb appeal. Curb appeal is what sells a home buyer on a property or begs them to take a closer look at the house. A roof that has a buildup of leaves, sticks, marks, and mildew does not present the best. In fact, it shows that the property wasn’t as cared for as it could be. By eliminating tough stains on your roof, you can make it look new again. This is an incredible advantage for any home seller.

Can Tie House Washing With Roof Cleaning

Have you considered house washing as a service for your home? If so, roof cleaning may already be included in this service. We recommend asking your pressure washing company if that is the case. In many situations, pressure washing companies include roof cleaning to give your home a total makeover. If that is the case, you might not have to have a separate service anyway.

It’s Not That Expensive

Looking at the bottom line, roof cleaning isn’t all that expensive. The last advantage to discuss is the cost. There are many things you can spend money on to improve your home. But none are as effective as exterior cleaning to preserve quality materials like your roof. When you match the cost of roof cleaning to that of replacing the roof it’s easy to see that one is incredibly less expensive. The average cost of roof cleaning will vary. But on average, homeowners pay between $300 to $700. Again, this will depend on a few factors, including the size of your roof.

Hiring a Professional-Why or Why Not?

If you are a penny pincher, chances are you consider roof cleaning a DIY.  But you may want to slow down the idea of rolling up your sleeves and getting a ladder. Cleaning out the gutters might sound simple, but when it comes time to apply water, things can get slippery. Roof cleaning is often a hazard for homeowners. We do not recommend a DIY service.

A professional power washing company will also use a technology called soft washing on your roof if they do not run far away from that company. Soft washing is the industry standard for roof cleaning and is the safest choice overall. With soft washing technology, a detergent is used to break down stains like mold. It is much more effective than a blast of high-pressure water. What homeowners find is that the mold and mildew are slow to return after soft washing, especially when compared to a pressure washing service. When you factor in the safety issue of your roof, it’s a no-brainer to choose a professional with the capabilities to perform soft washing solutions.

And there you have it. Five amazing advantages of choosing roof washing annually for your home. We highly recommend hiring a professional for this service, as the equipment, detergent, and safety hazards can cost you more than you realize. You’ll also receive the best results from a professional.

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