Having a dog inside your household isn’t just a new companion that can make you feel happy and occupied but also someone who can guard your home whether you’re inside or away. With proper training, you can allow your dog to protect your housekeeping and yourselves safe from intruders, allowing your home to be truly safe and secure.

While you can train any breed to be a guard dog, going for the best breed for home security will provide you with exemptional results. To achieve this, below are some basics of guard dog training you might want to follow:

  1. Train Dog To Bark

A guard dog should alert you when an intruder tries to get inside your property. To know about the presence of an uninvited guest, you should teach your dog to bark in specific scenarios when they’re sensing something or someone is at the door or windows. This hints that someone might be lurking outside, giving you the push to know your next steps, such as preparing for self-defense and calling the cops.

However, some dogs might bark a few times a day for various reason—like boredom, anxiety, or excitement. Unless your dog has a medical condition, their barking needs to be regulated. You can teach them tricks to prevent them from barking or use a BarxBuddy device which would help to keep your dog from barking out of their will. As you train your dog to bark at certain things, you can be sure that there’s a nearby threat and not just something your dog’s hobby.

  1. Let Your Dog Know Its Territory

A guard dog will effectively guard your home if they identify it as their territory. This way, they know exactly what to defend and how they could alert their humans about the intruders or burglars attempting to break into your place. Additionally, you can feel at ease and secure knowing that your dog will be out there protecting and guarding your home against strangers.

Ideally, it would help if you roamed your dog around your entire property inside and out. Having a pet-friendly home is a plus as they can feel comfortable even while you’re away. Furthermore, they should know every inch of your home and would be able to navigate it even without your presence. You can begin by taking them for a walk in the morning and have a full rotation of your property. Moreover, they should also see you around your home to know that it’s the place they need to guard and protect.

  1. Start With Basic Obedience

AdobeStock_282473421 The Basics Of Guard Dog Training For Home Security

One of the first things you should do when training your dog is to teach them basic obedience. This way, you can command them to do the things you wish for them to perform and allow for a harmonious living. This is especially beneficial if you have guests around or when you take them out for a walk. This could help free them from being a guard dog and just being your companion.

When teaching your basic dog obedience, you should begin with common commands, such as sit, stay, wait, and lie down. As they master these commands, you can easily train them on how they should behave if you have guests around or they’re misinterpreting a person as an intruder.

  1. Practice With Different Scenarios

The best way you can ensure that your guard dog will perform well to protect your house is by practicing different scenarios that could happen inside your household. This would give your dog an idea about what to do and how they should act if it happens.

You can ask a relative or a friend that your dog doesn’t know and let them act as an intruder. As they step inside your property, you should command your dog to bark and inform you as much as possible. They should also bark at any sudden noise, such as intense movement of the locks and door handles, including breaking of glass.

  1. Consider Distractions

Sometimes, when an intruder knows that you have a guard dog, they might try to lure your dog by providing them with treats while you’re away. This might allow your dog to let them pass through your home, even while you’re asleep. To prevent this from happening, you should train your dog from distractions.

Ideally, you should train your dog only to be loyal to certain people inside your household. They shouldn’t try to build relationships with other people unless you’re present. This way, you can be at ease knowing that your dog won’t be entertaining any intruders but try to keep them away from your home.


Guard dog training for home security isn’t an easy job as you need to keep practicing so they will learn their lessons. While you get yourself busy teaching them basic commands, you should ensure that they know their territory, and they shouldn’t allow anyone inside your home. With a fully-trained guard dog, you can feel safer and more secure inside your home, making it the perfect place for your family.

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