The colors are all around us, and their impact on our lives is enormous and too often underestimated.

They affect our moods subconsciously, and because of that when arranging the living space, you should take into account what type of feelings you want to generate by using them.

The purple color symbolizes power, nobility, luxury, ambition, wealth and extravagance. Purple is also associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery and magic.

In the sacred colors the purple is liturgical (ritual) color. In many traditions is a symbol of intelligence and knowledge. Purple works mystical, mysterious, fascinating and creates passion. The purple color is for artistic types of strong spirit.

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The purple color is associated with meditation and honesty. It is the color of royalty, and according to Feng Shui it creates the perfect atmosphere for quiet introspection.

If you want to use purple in the home, choose the brighter shades such as lavender or light purple, but limit the use of this color.

Use the purple and violet shades in the bedroom, or living room for relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

The purple color in the living room

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Th furniture with purple color is very modern, with sleek shapes and materials it can reflect light and modern atmosphere.

Light purple color is sensitive even to the smallest changes in the light. It was always associated with the upper classes of society, so it is an ideal color for the guests to have a sense of welcome and special treatment.

There are many shades of this color, that can satisfy everyone’s taste and style, starting from violet, plum, lavender, orchid, wine, lilac, iris and many more.

It’s hard to classify purple as either a warm or cool color. Depending on the shade, it can go either way.

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If you want to create a living room that is highly modern and luxury, we suggest you to combine some of the purple shades with metal decorative elements.

You can use any type of metal, including the attractive silver, nickel and gold color. Aluminum will perfectly fit as part of the holder of chairs, bed frames or table lamps.

The combination of purple and silver shades will create a highly luxurious and sophisticated atmosphere in the living room. Incorporate silver color for the chairs, rungs and chandeliers and will make no mistake.

Image source: Amy Noel Design

If you want to achieve even more modern design, we suggest the sofa to be with a rounded shape. This combination will definitely create a very unique living room design.

The sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in each living room and how are you going to decorate your sofa and the space around it is really important.

If you want to bring a cheerful yet modern look into your living room, you can certainly do it by using purple sofa. Incorporating the right decorative elements around it will make it look not so “out of place”.

Image source: Ceramiche Keope

If you don’t want a very catchy design, the best idea is to choose only one color that you will combine with the purple. A good suggestion is the white color.

You can use it for the pillows, for the curtains, for the rugs…it is your choice.

But don’t stick with only one shade. Try to use different shades of purple in the design, so that every accessory will stand out individually.

Mainly the purple is considered as a female color, but with the right combination of other shades and colors, it can create an extremely manly atmosphere.

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It is a flexible color and can be used in many different designs. It can add a touch of dramatization in more eccentric living room designs, and a touch of freshness when combines white light and gentle colors.

By only changing the color of the furniture and adding color different from the entire color scheme, will definitely make the difference you are aiming for.

The final step is to use the appropriate lightning, that will act as a “cherry to the cream”. Choose lightning that matches the colors that you previously choose for your living room design.

Purple Living Rooms Ideas

Image source: Liz Levin Interiors

If we persuaded you to use some shade of this color in the living room, then take a look at some of our ideas. We are sure that you are going to find the perfect one, that will satisfy your needs and preferences.

Cozy Purple Living Room

Image source: Morgante Wilson Architects

The purple couch will radiate cozy and welcoming ambience in your purple room decor. You can add some accessories in different purple shades that will match with the sofa.

An idea is to use light purple color for the walls, creating a bright and fresh space.

Placing the accent on the walls

Image source: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

If you don’t want the sofa to be in the center of attention, then we suggest to choose some eccentric color for the walls. All the attention will be pointed to them.

Elegant ambient

Image source: Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

If you are in love with the purple color, you can use many shades of the same in the living room, and still create an elegant ambient. Use one shade for the sofa, other for the rug, third for the walls, but be careful to not create a mess.

Play with the materials

Image source: David Howell Design

The purple sofas can be very easily combined with tone of materials. It matches perfectly with wooden floors, and creates very royally ambient if used with metal color decorations.

Usage of golden tones

Image source: John K. Anderson Design

To achieve a noble look, combine the purple furniture with golden accessories. You can use golden color for the ceilings or pillows. The usage of glassy chandelier or lamps will contribute even more to the aristocratic look.

Vibrant design

Image source: Design-OD

The combination of purple colors in the living room elements will create a pulsating atmosphere, full of energy and enthusiasm. Don’t be afraid to play with the shades and tones!

Vintage living room

Image source: Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC

The velvet purple sofa, combined with wooden chairs and contemporary fireplace will make a very cute and cozy place from your living room.

Radiant Model Living Room

Image source: Z Gallerie

You can certainly make the room more alive with purple living room furniture. The grey walls accented with strips of purple balance the entire look.

Combining purple with other colors

Image source: Elad Gonen

Purple colors combined with pink or yellow can create gorgeous interior design. You can complement the purple sofa with yellow pillows and some small pink accessories.


Image source: NIKKA DESIGN

The mysterious purple color is a true paradise for the eyes. Several seasons it was used as a main color for the makeup and clothing, and now it is sweeping the shift to the interior design.

Mysticism that radiates from it makes a great choice if you decide to experiment with gothic style.

It is a color which merges the stability of blue and the energy of red. Its shades can range from the darkest color of eggplant until tender and bright color of lavender.

Violet acts mystical, mysterious and is associated with intuition and dignity.

Lighter versions like lavender lean toward a feminine and delicate side whereas the darker deep purples can take on an aggressive tone.

The purple color stimulates your innovation and creativity. So, if you use it when decorating the house, you will definitely create a royal and sophisticated design.

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