Are you a tile or building material distributor looking to increase your revenue? Are you tired of attending trade shows and exhibitions or maintaining a physical showroom only to see little return on investment? Look only as much as specialized exhibition solutions tailored explicitly for tile showroom displays! In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s crucial to put these individualized strategies to use to turn potential retail shows into actual purchases. Let’s delve into the benefits and scenarios for incorporating specialized exhibition solutions in your business plan, specifically for tile showroom displays.

What are specialized exhibition solutions?

Specialized exhibition solutions are essential to any tile and building material distributor’s sales strategy. They help create a more efficient and effective exhibit space while boosting sales revenue. Using tailored exhibition solutions has many advantages, including those listed below.

  1. Increased Sales Revenue: Specialized exhibition solutions help to increase sales revenue by providing a more efficient and effective exhibit space. This allows distributors to showcase more products and services while providing customers with a more streamlined purchasing experience.
  2. Improved Exhibit Space: Specialized exhibition solutions help to improve the overall exhibit space by creating a more efficient layout. This makes the most of the available area and aids visitors in navigating the displays.
  3. Enhanced Customer Experience: Specialized exhibition solutions help to enhance the customer experience by providing a more convenient and enjoyable purchasing experience. This includes faster check-out times, comfortable seating, and ample product information.
  4. Greater Productivity: Specialized exhibition solutions help to boost productivity by allowing distributors to utilize their time and resources better. This includes automated product ordering, real-time inventory updates, and streamlined customer service processes.

Why are they essential for tile and building material distributors?

brd2 Boosting Revenue: The Role of Specialized Exhibition Solutions in Tile Showroom Displays

Exhibitions provide an excellent platform for tile and building material distributors to showcase their products and meet potential customers. They offer a perfect opportunity to build brand awareness and generate leads. Trade shows also help distributors to stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends, network with other professionals, and learn about new products and innovations.

How do specialized exhibition solutions help boost revenue?

Tile and building material distributors have faced declining revenue challenges in recent years. To address this issue, many distributors have turned to specialized exhibition solutions. Technical exhibition solutions can boost revenue by providing a platform for distributors to showcase their products and services to a broader audience.

Distributors can reach new potential customers and generate sales by exhibiting at trade shows and other events. In addition, specialized exhibition solutions can help distributors build relationships with existing customers and develop new business opportunities.

Case study: One company’s experience with specialized exhibition solutions

At INSCA, for example, they specialize in creating brand experiences that captivate customers and increase sales. Their team of architects, interior designers, decorators, engineers, carpenters, painters, and assemblers work together to create exhibition solutions that showcase their clients’ collections to the world as they deserve.

They have the knowledge and resources to provide exhibition solutions for all formats and manufacturers. They have 45 years of experience and a 25000 m2 manufacturing plant and logistics center.

INSCA also offers innovative exhibition solutions to help distributors stand out from the crowd and drive sales. For example, their exhibitor with underfloor heating allows customers to feel the underfloor heating heat through ceramics, which can encourage the cross-selling of heating systems, even efficient methods such as underfloor heating connected to a heat pump.

They also offer a digital system called I.RIS that allows customers to see the final environments on the screen from the physical sample, making it easier to envision the result.


The role of specialized exhibition solutions in boosting tile and building material distributors’ revenue has been explored. From creating attractive displays to engaging customers, the right strategies and techniques can help businesses increase their sales volumes, maximize profits, and boost customer satisfaction. A customized approach that meets each customer’s unique needs is critical for success when selling tiles or building materials.

As businesses understand this concept better, they will be able to gain an even greater competitive edge over their competitors by offering more specialized exhibition solutions tailored to particular cases.

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