Purple seems to be a lucky color and people think it is usually used for girls rooms, but this is a wrong perception as the choices are more diverse. Take a look at these breathtaking pictures that will change your mind about purple room design and will teach you that the color purple should not be hidden just in bedrooms; it’s a good choice even for kitchens, living rooms or bathrooms.

These great ideas for purple rooms combine many attributes in a single place: chic, modern, exquisite, elegant, sophistication, cozier, versatility, all in one thanks to a vibrant color combined with black, white, silver, orange and green.

A common kitchen without any special equipment becomes fantastic just with shiny purple furniture or tiles, and that is how you start to love cooking: the purple room flavor is that little colorful secret.

Among these, you will find pictures that will solve your dilemma of using curtains for purple walls or not and if so, what color.

With courage, you can paint purple wall colors for a strong impression. This color expresses your strong and determined character. The purple accent walls or purple furniture can become the masterpiece in completing the personality of your room and change forever its aspect, creating the intimacy you need for a special ambiance. Hopefully, this article helps you in finding the best purple room decorating ideas for your space and create your own creative purple designs.

Purple and its shades (violet, lavender, lilac, etc) are not among the most favorite colors of our time, but they certainly stand high on the list of popular design choices. A lavender bedroom looks exquisite and creates an exquisite stylish room. Designers purple color for rooms as smart and trendy solutions, especially because of their ability to create a unique and modern ambiance.

Since earliest times, purple was associated with royalty. It was the favorite nuance of aristocrats, who obtained it by combining blue and red. At the time, purple color was very expensive, since it appeared very rarely in nature. Still, people used to do the impossible to get purple paint colors, because it conveyed their powerful and contemplative messages associated with it.

As such, purple and the shades of purple paint can invoke many strong emotions. It is an intriguing mix of passionate red and reliable blue, which can certainly affect our mood. However, its strong temper can be easily manipulated through shade adjustment and combination with other colors. Therefore, it is always important to know what goes with purple for a perfect choice of colors.

Whatever you do, have in mind that purple can easily dominate any color or tone.

The color of aristocracy

If your aim is to use purple to resemble elegance, you should combine it with white. Purple and white are perfect for your most important rooms, while a combination of warmer shades (wine red or gentle pink, for instance) is recommendable for smaller spaces.

A light purple room will also look rich and overwhelming, combined with brown details or maroon furniture. Still, for those of you intimidated by its power, we recommend in addition to the room paint design small and attractive details, rather than large furniture or an entire wall.

A two-tone scheme

One thing is for sure: purple functions better with a single color than more of them. Therefore, you should choose a serene two-tone scheme, rather than a colorful and confusing chaos. However, drops of purple here and there will look absolutely cute within a black-and-white environment. In addition, carpet and wall combinations are always creating a special balance.

Purple fabrics

Why would you apply purple only on the walls or the furniture? Purple shades, especially dark purple painting can easily become the focal point of your design even when introduced through fabrics and small details.

Sometimes, it is better to skip a completely purple room; and to add a fluffy lilac cushion instead. The contrast between the cushion and a neutrally painted wall is much more powerful than a completely purple environment. Rugs, lilac bedroom curtains, drapes, and covers are also a great idea.

Calm purple

If we had to recommend specific purple room colors for every design, we would definitely opt for a muted and calm one. Calm purple works equally good with passive silver tones, as it does with striking black. That’s why you could do whatever you want with it.

Effective purple

Whatever we’ve said so far, about purple decorations ideas, definitely this color has serious limitations for being neutral. It is simply because purple is not neutral in character. That’s why you should use it for details and smaller surfaces, such that are supposed to stand out and to attract attention.

Still, have in mind that purple will look so mighty that you’ll have a fairly difficult task to drive attention towards any other detail, especially when it comes to wall rooms.

Apply it with care

Don’t use purple before you’re absolutely sure you are ‘purple-tolerant’. You can check this easily: put a simple violet vase, or few lavender candles to decorate your place and to add some pleasant fragrance. Your purple room decor is ready.

You can also use bigger elements to the purple wall decor, such as swinging chairs or cute cabinets. It will not mean you’ve committed yourself to a purple interior.

A purple kitchen

What about mauve walls in the kitchen? Purple can turn the kitchen into your favorite corner (even if you’re not the biggest fan of cooking). All you’d need is a shiny element, or a set of wonderful orchid tiles to complete your purple room design. As you can see, there is more you can do with this color than a purple bedroom…

Purple in the office

Being aware of purple’s emotional and motivational power, we would ask you: why not using purple tones in your office? Still, be careful when putting sharp colors alongside the purple walls, since you could make it too bold and distractive. The same when it comes to purple living rooms ideas.

Girls’ rooms

While purple is rarely used for boys’ rooms, it is an absolute hit among girl of all ages. The purple accent wall is the right tool for enhancing female creativity, which transforms rooms from fairytale castles into teenage havens.

Purple rooms for your guests

Why wouldn’t your guests enjoy a bit of that gorgeous purple magic or lavender walls? Purple is an excellent choice for guest rooms, as it suits all tastes, interests, and moods. Your guests will appreciate the comfort and elegance, especially if you combine purple furniture with white or cream walls.

Purple bathrooms

The benefit of using purple in the bathroom is that there are no limitations in the number of shades you’re going to apply. You can either combine them; or use them separately in different parts of the place.

In the case of the bathroom, it is easy to match the rest of the space and you don’t have to ask you over and over again about what color goes with purple walls.

You are also allowed to mix them with strong colors (blue, green) since you don’t spend large amounts of time there; and you’ll not be emotionally affected by this interesting, yet strong combination.

Purple nurseries

We certainly support the conception that white is an ideal nursery choice-it is calm and gentle, suitable for both genders and all styles. However, the brave among you may consider making your baby’s kingdom a bit more colorful and another example of how you can go with purple interiors.

Then, we’re not going to deny it-purple is not a common nursery choice (especially bolder tones). It means there is a big chance that a purple detail here and there (toys, chairs, window frames, etc) or find a special purple wall design that will make the room unique.

A purple exterior

But lavender room decorations are not only aimed for the interior. Purple is a smart choice for the exterior of your house. Combined with black, it can take observers back to the Victorian age; while purple shutters, window/door boxes, and decorative accessories could make the house recognizable and impressive.

Once again, pale and muted tones are the best ones, since sharp purple absorbs light and fades much quicker than other colors. Another outstanding combination is soft mulberry and white.

Let’s check a few cases in which purple acts as a powerful mood incentive:

  • Combining a raspberry nuance with black will make a room look rich and intriguing. This goes very well as a purple bedroom idea.
  • Strong and deep purple shades, such as grey purple, function perfectly with fine crystal or silver.
  • Purple accessories can break the neutral monotony, and they brighten the space even when there is not enough light.
  • Lavender tones inspire happiness, especially when the light purple paint is paired with chartreuse or sapphire blue.
  • Warm violet tones add coziness to kitchens and dining rooms.

Purple lifts the spirit

Purple tones are a real delight for the eyes; and medicine for the soul. Purple, especially when combined with other colors, such as in the case of a purple and grey room stimulates creativity, and it inspires a positive mood. That’s why it is never overlooked by artists, spiritualists, or simply creative people who like looking outside the box.

Purple personalizes the home, and it helps to express temper and attitude. It is exactly feelings and moods that influence people’s decisions on whether to use subtle or stronger tones (mostly depending on what they want to show to the world).

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