With a new year comes new beginnings and for many that means giving their homes a fresh look. While you could remodel your home, hire a designer, or have a contractor come in to take your Preston, Texas home into the next year, you can also start with a DIY approach. Considering trends from 2023 and timeless tips from designers, you can give your home’s exterior a fresh look even in just one weekend, and as a bonus these tips can also help you sell your Prexton, Texas home fast.

Streamline and prune

Before you get started with revamping your home’s exterior, you’ll want to have a clean slate to work with. Cutting grass, trimming trees, and filling bare areas with mulch or rocks can give your yard a streamlined look. After “decluttering” your yard, it’s time to add a few potted plants, or plant perennials that can last all year long.

Warm it up

Unless you’ve recently painted the outside of your home, chances are a fresh coat of paint is a must to give your home a new look. You don’t have to paint your entire home, and even painting your front door can make a difference. Some colors that are on trend for 2023 are warm neutrals such as beige and tan, or you can go a bit bold with brick, or orange or pink hues for your front door.

Get back to nature

Another trend for 2023 is bringing in more natural elements such as stone, wood, and bamboo to the inside and outside of your home. These materials can be ideal for a fence, pavers, or pots for plants and flowers. Even found objects, such as stones and driftwood, can be added to your yard for a DIY look that is on trend.

Use light and space wisely

Adding light can change the energy of the outside of a home. Updating your home’s lighting by your front door and adding solar lights can create a cozy atmosphere at night. Removing heavy drapes is an update that real estate agents also recommend when selling your home, because it benefits both the inside and outside look of your home and brings in more light.

Add accents

Real estate agents talk about curb appeal as getting a home ready to present to sale, but even if you aren’t selling your home, you can apply curb appeal concepts to give your home a new look. While keeping a neutral look for the paint job on your house, you can use accents to make it shine. A colorful front door is one option, along with updated house numbers, and even a new mailbox. Accents can update your home without the investment of a major paint job.

Whether you are selling your home with a realtor, selling your home on your own, or just want to give your home an update, following these design tips can make the task easier.

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