We all know that the quality of our sleep is going to influence the rest of our day. An important factor that determines this is the fabric we sleep on. Sometimes they can irritate us, they can make us sweat and feel uncomfortable all night. The truth is that not all bed sheets are created to be the same.

There are many types of bed sheets that you can go for today. When you want to create your ideal sleeping environment for sure you need to take a close look at your options. This is why it is important that you first know what options are available for you.

It is going to surprise you when you find out the multitude of options you can go for. So, we prepared some tips to help you out when you want to take a decision.

What kind of types of bedsheets to consider?

When you buy your own bed sheet you need to consider a lot of things. You are probably asking yourself if they are strong if they feel comfortable and so on. However, the first thing to look at is if they are soft, this is a good indicator in terms of quality.

As there are many types of sheets available then it is a good idea to discover what features matter to you. So have a look at this:

  • Materials – no matter if we talk about silk, wool or linen they are all organic so they are usually done without any kind of pesticides. IT is good that you go for organic sheets that don’t have any kind of synthetic materials
  • Budget – this is for sure an important aspect because we all want the most comfortable types of bed sheets. However, not everybody is going to have the same budget for it. There are many soft and durable quality bed sheets that you can go for. Just make sure you start with a solid one in mind while you begin the search for the best bed sheets.
  • Manufacturing will allow brands to make high thread counts but this doesn’t mean the quality gets increased. Go for 300 to 500 when you want a sweet spot in terms of softness and strength

The best bed sheets have to be comfortable and they can also be allergy-resistant. They are also easy to wash and most of the time budget-friendly. When you choose the material to think about the needs of your family.

Families that have a lot of beds need to wash them faster. People that have sensitive skin will sleep better on hypoallergenic fabric that is soft to the touch. Just put the needs you have and personal preferences first. We made a list of different types of bed sheets that you can choose. Have a look and see if you can find yours.

Types of bed sheets for your bed

What types of bed sheets should I use? How can I know I am making the right choice? If all of this is going through your mind you need to go through these material types and determine what is going to work for you. The list has some of the common sheet types that you usually find on the market and their benefits.

This is going to help you be more informed when you are doing your shopping.

Cotton Sheets

Image source: Becky Cameron

One of the best types of bed sheets is the cotton ones. They feel cool, smooth and lightweight. Usually, they are made from different cotton plants. A popular one according to Mediterranean Linens is Egyptian Cotton, which they state has long fibres to create very fine yarns, making them incredibly soft, strong, lightweight and longer-lasting.


Not all cotton has been created equal. This is why you need to understand there are different categories of how cotton is rated.

Sateen and Satin Sheets

Image source: Tache Home Fashion

Satin sheets are great when you want to feel luxurious. They are made from different fabrics like wool, cotton, polyester, silk or even a blend. Sateen sheets are good if you want them to feel super silky or soft.

 Image source: Thread Experiment

Today they are made out of nylon or polyester and not silk. So be aware of this when searching for different types of bed sheets.

Silk Sheets

Image source: Overstock

Some of our favorites types of bed sheets are the silk ones. They are considered to be a luxury option. A lot of people think they are the best and when you touch them you start to understand. As they are a natural hypoallergenic they are a good option for anybody that suffers from allergies. This means they are going to make your bed a better place to sleep.

Image source: Elle Silk

On top of that, they are also cool so you can use them for a romantic bedroom that brings a sexy vibe. The only downside it has is the cost because it is quite a high one. So, if you want one of the best experiences you can go to considering this one as a real option for you.

Jersey Knit Sheets

Image source: skyiris

Jersey sheets are usually made using cotton or a blend that is knit. They are good if you want to have a soft and warm bed sheet material in your resting space.

Flannel sheets

Image source: Brylane Home

These types of bed sheets are better for cold winter nights because they warm you up faster. The soft fabric is really nice and feels comfortable once you get on it. Compared with other bedding materials, flannel has its measurements taken in ounces per square yard.

Image source: Pointehaven

They are usually made out of woven cotton, wool or just synthetic fibers. Most of the time the fibers are great also for extra softness when needed.

Linen Sheets

Image source: Superior Custom Linen

As they are made out of the flax plant you should expect these types of bedsheets to be popular. And they really are. One of the reasons is that they are anti-allergic and help people with skin disease. Your children are also going to be safe when they are sleeping in them.

Image source: Rough Linen

They are easy to wash and don’t take much time when you try them out. The only problem that people usually have with these types of sheets is they stay wrinkled.

Bamboo Sheets

Image source: Trademe

Because bamboo fibers can be transformed into fabric usually it is stiff and rough. Most of the time, when you are going to find sheets labeled as “bamboo” they are made out of rayon. What this means is that the bamboo suffered a chemical process.

Image source: My Organic Sleep

Very harmful chemicals are used in order to get this kind of sheet finished. So, it is not a really environmentally friendly process. The end result fabric is the silky and soft cotton that you go might see at a cheap price.

Polyester sheets

Image source: Mellanni

This is a polyester fiber sheet that is made from the same material used in plastic bottles. Even though the material is not inexpensive when you use it you will feel it a bit scratchy. In general, you are going to find polyester mixed with any kind of threads to get a better product.

Ending thoughts on types of bed sheets

In conclusion, the market has many types of bed sheets that you can try. It’s always better to go for something that responds to your needs. So, make sure that you checked the ones that we mention so you can take better decisions for you and your family.

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