One of the areas of most homeowners that are often neglected when decorating or renovating is the bathroom. When you love antiques and vintage style, ensure that you compliment the interior with vintage bathroom decor too. It is easy to do when you do it well and it is a trend that gets more popular.

Something to keep in mind though is that vintage bathroom ideas shouldn’t be overdone or forced but remain stylish and inviting. Vintage bathroom decor has the ability to add a touch of romance and nostalgia to any bathroom irrespective of size.

It does not matter whether you are installing a new bathroom or updating an existing bathroom, vintage bathroom decor is completely possible with a couple of changes and alterations. Vintage elements blend well with any design style and can add both charm and historical touch.

Vintage interiors throughout the home are trending and a hot décor style if you look at updating or selling your home, look at how you can incorporate vintage bathroom decorations and antique bathrooms designs with our recommendations.

Bathroom remodeling costs

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When you look at remodeling your bathroom, prices will vary depending on style and décor choices. However, bathroom remodeling on average cost around $8, 820 when you do a complete remodel or install a new bathroom. The majority of homeowners use between $6,569 and $9.872. 

Vintage theme

A vintage bathroom does not have to be an old classic, but various themes can be incorporated too. You can add a touch of modern to a vintage like pretty pastels, or use paired neutrals for shabby chic, while a country chic style can be obtained with feminine accessories and clashing floral prints. Regardless of which style you choose each one will have a different result but remain top vintage bathroom decorating ideas.

Bathroom amenities for vintage bathroom décor

Modern homeowners are picking bathroom décor and amenities that dates from centuries ago which include anything from furnishings to claw-foot tubs.

Mirror on the wall

Image source: Kerrie Kelly Design Lab

Any bathroom needs a mirror or two and even more. There is a myriad of vintage styled mirrors which could be distressed wooden frames, thin gold trim or distressed corners. If you have a small bathroom a clever idea to increase the bathroom size, is hoisting mirrors onto a pulley or rope. Hoisted mirrors above a rustic vanity, one large mirror or several smaller ones will look great to enhance the vintage look bathroom.

Vintage bathroom vanity

Image source: Sophie Burke Design

One of the first things you will look at which forms a great focal point in your bathroom is the bathroom vanity. A vintage bathroom vanity is something that attracts attention and there are numerous ways to get a distressed look with a used or antique dresser. In addition, your current vanity can be painted as well and get an aged appearance with sandpaper. 

Bathroom furniture

Image source: Denise Morrison Interiors & House of Morrison

When you have space and the bathroom size allows for it, there is nothing as classic and elegant than vintage bathrooms with furnishings. Aside from an ornate claw-foot tub, opt for a dressing table or round table with a pair of upholstered chairs in one corner or in the center of your bathroom against a large wall. Victorian style furniture will help you to achieve antique bathroom designs. 

Claw-Foot Tub

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If you look at vintage bathroom photos, chances are that right in the center of the picture is a claw-foot tub. While it has been popular in 1950s-bathroom décor, it continues to be popular in modern design. The claw-foot tub is often highly ornamental feet while white is a classic as well. When you combine a claw-foot tun with granite countertops, and handheld showerhead you exude old-world and timeless elegance. 

Choose your entrance

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It is not only your bathroom interior and furnishings that can be vintage but your entryway too. Here you can even choose to replace your door or add a distressed look to the existing door and do not forget that the right doorknobs can enhance vintage bathrooms.

Pedestal Sink

Image source: Lifeseven Photography

A pedestal sink makes part of great vintage bathroom decor ideas even though it has less storage space when compared to a vanity. However, these pedestal style sinks often have generous ledges where you can keep soaps and shower essentials. 

Vintage bathroom light fixtures

Image source: RW Anderson Homes

Light fixtures are one of the main parts of vintage bathroom decor ideas and can make the world’s difference to the image you want to create. You have a myriad of options that range from steel wall sconces to exposed Edison bulbs. Light fixtures should take center stage and you do not have to fear to let light fixtures stand out. 

Use old suitcases for décor

When you look at pictures of vintage bathroom design ideas and even bedroom with vintage styles you will always see old suitcases make part of Victorian design styles. However, these old suitcases can make excellent additions to your bathroom.

Place it on a round table in the corner of your bathroom and use it as an accessory holder or simply hold towels or bathroom and shower soaps in it. It acts as storage while it adds a great finishing touch to a true vintage style bathroom.

Mixed textures

Image source: Jeannie Balsam Interiors

Create interesting bathroom appeal with mixed textures as textiles like curtains fluffy white towels and fuzzy rugs play an important role in creating antique bathrooms designs.

Console Sink

Image source: Olga Adler

If you do not particularly like the idea of a pedestal sink, choose a console sink instead. Console sinks do not have storage either and instead of a single leg, the console is perched on two slim legs. Use a circular vanity mirror above the sink to see how the sink’s sinuous curves and thin legs soften the look of rustic bricks at the back of it. 

Vintage bathroom wall décor

Image source: Architecture WK

There are many options for vintage bathroom décor when you want to get wall décor. One of the first places to start looking at wall décor to suit vintage bathrooms is the secondhand stores and antique shops. Wall prints in black and white and wooden signs are excellent vintage bathroom décor while floral accents and wire shelving would complement it as well. 

Get some hardwood floor

Image source: Olga Adler

When you are remodeling or installing a new bathroom, a great idea that will go amazing with your vintage look bathroom is real hardwood floors. However, if you have small children or worry about excess moisture be careful that your floors do not damage. Hardwood not only adds to the vintage appeal but add warmth while feeling great under your feet too. 

Rich wall colors

Image source: Babb Custom Homes

When your bathroom size allows for it, you can play around with wall colors. A vintage bathroom with two walls in rich turquoise with plentiful windows and mirrors, a vintage claw-foot tub, wooden floors, and plush rug will enhance the vintage décor you are craving. 


You might need to have new pipes installed when you decide to remodel your bathroom to a vintage style. It is highly recommended that you make use of a plumber or professional to look after the piping needs especially when you redo your bathtub and basin. 

Metallic hardware

Image source: Strianese + Pew

You will not need a big budget to create a magnificent vintage look bathroom when you play around with hardware. Ornamental metallic hardware includes the small details that range from brass showerheads, tap fixtures in brass to a toilet flush handle in metallic. It will add the finishing touches to a timeless classic. 

Final thoughts on vintage bathroom decor

Image source: JHR Interiors

There is a myriad of vintage bathroom ideas, as shown above, you only need to make a few minor changes too to achieve antique bathroom decorating ideas like:

  • Vintage style maps, metal letters, subway signs, and botanical prints are great décor ideas.
  • If you have generic bottles like shampoo bottles, shower gel, etc., rather get vintage style glass bottles around the sink.
  • Curtain railings that compliment vintage style decor include rustic wood, wall mounts, and iron bars to hold you lace curtains.
  • If space is not an issue, porcelain pedestal sinks are excellent to add vintage style to your bathroom and finish it off with brass hardware or porcelain handles.
  • For your mirror you should choose an antique shape, a rustic wooden frame or white chipped paint frame.
  • Black and white tiles as a backsplash are excellent for vintage bathroom décor.

Any bathroom size looks great in the trendy and always popular vintage bathroom. You can use everything you love in a bathroom and combine it with vintage bathroom décor. Concentrate on items like distressed items and furniture, gold and bronze accents and wood elements.

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