Any bathroom should look great because it’s the place where you spend a lot of private moments. There is a lot of walk-in shower ideas that can be applied in order to get a chic vibe and give your bathroom a more modern look. We selected five designs that you can start with or just to get some inspiration so you can find what you are looking for.

A walk-in shower can create the illusion of more space and also give the bathroom a simple minimalist look. People that want a quick shower and have an active lifestyle for sure are going to be interested in the next topics that are going to be discussed.

But before you replace that old tub checks all the details of such a project, it might help you make better decisions for your walk-in shower ideas.

Standard Shower Sizes

Image source: Vesta Builders, Inc.

When you want to design a new bathroom one of the first things that you need to consider is the entire room size and what shower sizes can be applied to it. Usually, walk-in shower designs need to be customized for each bathroom and they are a bit complicated to build. Curbless styles, for example, can be sloped in order to ensure that the water will empty down the drain.

Image source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

For doing this type of constructions you might need a specialist. Walk-in showers are really great for small bathrooms because they make you feel quite claustrophobic. The most common width for this type of idea is 36, 32 and 60. Lengths can vary so as you can see a standard shower size can be 32″ x 32″.

What Are the Advantages of a Walk-in Shower?

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Not only the stylish design makes a walk-in shower look good but also because it is versatile and easy to use. There are some great benefits to using one. No matter your walk-in shower ideas for sure they are going to be safe and easy to use compared to tubs for example especially in the case of kids or older people that have medical issues.

You also don’t lose time with the cleaning of it because it is very easy to clean. This is due to the fact that a walk in the shower doesn’t have so many parts where dirt can accumulate so you really reduce the mold that can grow.

Image source: Sweetlake Interior Design LLC

It doesn’t need also a full shower stall, so it is a great way to enlarge your bathroom because the shower seems to merge with the rest of the space very well. It can work even in a smaller bathroom, just make sure you do the measurements right.

Another cool thing about walk-in shower ideas is that you can add different spray nozzles that can direct water to all the sides of your body. For sure it is a great option to have!

What Are the Walk-in Shower Drawbacks?

Image source: Dona Rosene Interiors

Probably one of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that you will not have privacy in it. Because you don’t have a door and you just get a big glass you might not really have the kind of privacy that you want for your space.

Many people that have them say that sometimes the walk-in can be very cold because there is no kind of enclosure to it that makes it capture the steam of the warm water. So, if you are not a fan of cold you might not like this particularity that it has.

Image source: Juxtaposed Interiors

What can you expect when there is no door? Well for sure water might go out the shower area across the entire bathroom. So, consider this when you are sketching your walk-in shower ideas that for sure you are going to need a good draining system.

The final one can be the fact that you need to replace the old bathtub of your home and this might lower the value of it for reselling purposes.

Some Good Walk-In Shower Ideas

You can choose from a lot of walk-in shower ideas in the market today. All have their unique style and can be customized depending on your preferences.

Glass-enclosed shower

Image source: MANI & Co

If you want to create a simple transition in your bathroom between the shower and the rest of the room for sure transparent glass is the perfect material that you should go ahead with. In this example, the shower is encased in the floor-to-ceiling glass panels. It looks cool and for sure you will have relaxing moments in it.

Open Walk-In Shower

Image source: Modern Home Solutions

Some other cool walk-in shower ideas that we found is this one. If you go for it, you will make the room look more spacious and it can be a great fit for a small bathroom.

Shower and steam room in one space

Image source: Rasmussen Construction

This one is a bit more complex and requires more space and resources, but it will take you closer to have your own spa. A shower and a steam generator if the combined right can create your own steam room. It’s a simple way to do it and probably you will need an expert to help you out with this.

What is cool is that if done right you can use your new space as a normal shower but also as a steam room. So why not enjoy your relaxing moments in the comfort of your own house?

Small shower unit

Image source: Creative Design Construction, Inc.

You can take advantage of this walk-in shower because it is simple to install, and you can do it yourself. Check it out and see if it is the right one for you.

Modern trend – round shower

Image source: Garret Cord Werner

Probably one of the most important aspects to take into consideration when you are deciding on your walk-in shower ideas are the small details that give a new design to the entire bathroom. Round showers, for example, bring a more glamorous look, even more, when they are encased in glass. However, around shower doesn’t go well with small bathrooms.

Tips For Your New Walk-In Shower

If you want to get a walk-in shower for your place, then you should consider getting these tips from cool design experts.

Go With a Corner Placement

Image source: Centennial Kitchen & Bath

Walk-in showers can be less intrusive if you go for the corner of your bathroom when installing them. This also gives a more spacious look and feel for space.

Leave Some Open Space

Image source: Mary DeWalt Design Group

Plan to have at least six feet of space close to the entrance of the shower because there is going to be some water around that zone for sure.

Go With a Non-Slippery Flooring

Image source: ID by Gwen

Choosing a different flooring for your walk-in shower ideas is a great way to make sure you don’t slip there. Choose a non-slippery floor for the entire space to make sure that you will not fall in your own bathroom.

Build a Half Wall

Image source: Schroeder

Having this kind of wall will help you keep the scattering of the water lower. However, this is tricky if you are in a hurry so be careful with it.

Rainfall Showerhead

Image source: Hansgrohe USA

Choose a rainfall showerhead because by using it you keep the water from bouncing off the shower walls. It is going to help you direct the water directly on your body.

Pick Different, Albeit Matching Materials for the Washroom and Shower Space

You have all the freedom in the world to choose all kinds of materials for your walk-in shower ideas. Just go for something that is a complement to each other in order to keep a nice design to your house.

The Bottom Line

How Much Will It Cost?

The most expensive option can go between $800 and $2500 depending on the size and quality. If you install the shower pan and the doors by yourself for sure you are going to save some money, but this also depends on the layout of your bathroom. Having an installation expert can be between $750 to $2500 so take this in the account before starting your walk-in shower ideas.

Are They Worth It?

In conclusion, you have seen that there are different walk-in shower ideas to choose from and all of them offer efficiency, cool-looking design, and functionality. Personalize your idea and in no time, you will be having one of the best showering experiences until now.

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