It is common that, when thinking about decoration, walls are not our priority. The furniture in our rooms always takes credit for our interior decoration, but the truth is that without a good background to place them, their charm will be affected.

Investing in expensive furniture will be useless if you have old or dull walls. How can your furniture stand out if this is the case? Do you think your friends and family will appreciate your space if your walls are too boring?

To prevent this from happening, we bring you a series of wall painting ideas that will help you to renew your style.

Color has effects on our mood that we sometimes do not perceive. A pastel wall paint generates peace and tranquility, while if we look for something stronger for our emotions; vibrant colors can do the trick. When choosing colors for your walls, always study color psychology first. As mentioned, different colors have different effects on a person’s mood, and using the wrong color for the wrong room can create a negative ambiance.

For example, since the bedroom is used for sleeping, it’s best if you use soft palettes, such as blue and green, as these are very relaxing to the eyes and can help induce sleep. Painting your bedroom with a loud color, such as red, is a big no-no as this color only creates stress and very striking to the eyes.

The number of techniques we have, when it comes to wall painting, are practically unlimited, we can even play with the use of stamped paper. Whatever option we choose, the decorative painting is the best way to change our environment without losing space.

If you don’t have the time to do all of the tips listed below, consider hiring contractors for interior painting in Colorado Springs or from your local area to guarantee the best results. With your idea and their equipment and experience, hiring them will surely give you peace of mind, knowing that your walls will look new.

However, before you start, a list of things you should know:

  1. Preparation of the room is important. It must be ready to receive our new painting or stamping. Make sure to protect the furniture inside the room prior to painting. Depending on the size and number of pieces of furniture, you can cover them with cloth or newspaper before painting the room. This will ensure that your furniture will not be stained with paint.
  2. Always check the color of the paint. When choosing, do not solely depend on the color indicated on the label, but always ask for a sample. Spend some time inspecting the color under natural light so you will have a better idea of how the color will look once you put it on your walls.
  3. Painting a room should bring a touch of color to your life, not make it more monotonous. Look for ways to make the experience fun and not solely seem like a chore. Get creative with your efforts by looking for inspirations online and then tweaking these designs to make them your own. Let your personality and uniqueness stand out when painting your room!
  4. The finishes are extremely important and can change the result drastically.
  5. Remember that you can always change the paint if you do not like the result.
  6. A primer coat will help us save time and gallons when painting.
  7. The brush is much better than the roller.
  8. Keep the implements clean and available.
  9. Plan the expenses you will have; try to use only the necessary.

Revised the list, we can proceed to some of the most popular wall painting ideas that will serve as the basis for your project.

10 paint techniques that will not disappoint you at home

Stencils are ideal for the newbie

Image source: THE FRENCH BRUSH Decorative Painting Studio

If you have in mind some painting ideas worthy of Picasso, but you are not as skilled as he was, the use of stencils is a modern solution for our artistic needs. These allow us to dispense with a professional hand by simply having to select the one we want and apply it to the wall.

Stencils have multiple options in terms of designs. We can create abstract patterns or drawings that otherwise we would only achieve with vinyl decals. Additionally, stencils are among the most economical wall painting ideas.

Get a stunning shine with metallic colors

Image source: Jon Allen Fine Metal Art

Colors like gold, silver, and bronze are just some of the options that exist when we talk about metallic colors. These tones are almost never seen on a wall, but these create the best paint effects.

Generally, painting at least one wall with a metallic color allows the room to gain interest. You can also choose to be more subtle and paint small patterns so as not to saturate the view.

You can even paint a whole room with a metallic color to give an elegant touch to it, worthy of a millionaire.

The metallic colors have among their advantages that they do not need so much cleaning to conserve their shine, guaranteeing an immaculate wall at all times.

Back to basics with the use of stripes

Image source: ColourWorks Painting Design

Among all the wall painting ideas, we have the use of stripes as the most basics. These never fail when we seek to give a little life to our wall.

Depending on the type of line we use, we will achieve different effects in our painting. Not only will the thickness matter, but also the direction and frequency as we use it.

If we seek to create contrasts, the thick stripes will mix better with the background, while a thinner stripe will allow us to be more detailed and highlight only what we want.

Horizontal, vertical, diagonal, mesh, zigzag, different colors. The use of stripes is practically unlimited.

The best management of gradients through Ombre Wall

Image source: RAHokanson Photography

Maybe you did not know, but between the walls painting, the most successful ideas of the moment are the Ombre Wall. This is the name given to the gradient effect in the paint applied on a wall.

The Ombre Wallis simple to make and allow us to create interesting environments by mixing colors or simply with the gradient of the tones. This technique will allow you to create more natural and emotional environments.

Encourages any room with polka dots

Image source: Squarefoot Interior Design

A pattern of small uniform circles along the entire wall. Simple to make, but extremely effective to give life to a room. The polka dots save time and paint and are easy to draw.

Ideal for children’s rooms, polka dots are practically an artistic movement, which has excellently aged, still being a valid option in the decorative painting.

The color wash offers bright walls

Image source: Rikki Snyder

Do you have several wall texture ideas in your mind, but you do not know which one to apply? We recommend that you try the color wash. This ideal technique for beginners will allow us to create a texture with a glossy finish on any wall without the need for a metallic color.

Basically, we will paint a wall with satin paint of any color, and once dry, we will proceed to apply a layer of enamel. For a better effect, it is advisable to apply the enamel layer with a brush.

Previously, the use of enamel was not recommended because its base in oil was harmful to the environment, but nowadays almost all are water-based, so the technique has gained popularity.

The classic harlequin style is always a sophisticated option

Image source: Royal Design Studio Stencils

The harlequin pattern (that consists of a series of diamonds stacked in contrasting hues) is a wall paint daring design, that well applied will create sophisticated and contemporary environments.

Its use today is mostly related to kitchens or bedrooms, and usually is not used on all walls, but in some that we seek to highlight.

The contrast is extremely important in this pattern. If we seek a quiet environment, it is best to opt for subtle changes between the tones.

Do not you like diamonds? Try the chess pattern

Image source: Tulsa Design Therapy

If we want a similar style to the previous one, but we do not want to be so exaggerated with the use of the diamonds, we can always use squares to create a classic checkerboard pattern.

In the same way as the previous pattern, this depends entirely on the correct choice of colors to contrast, creating stronger or softer emotions depending on it.

Create texture easily with Sponging

Image source: LK Design

The wall paint patterns are very nice, but sometimes they do not have that unbridled style that we are looking for. If we want a much more random texture, then the roller will be our best friend.

The sponging is a technique that, by using a roller or even a traditional sponge, allow us to create irregular patterns with paint. Simply overflow our instrument and apply lightly on the wall to create spots.

This dynamic texture allows really amazing finishing with virtually no effort. In The Family Handyman, we can get some samples with very curious results by using multiple colors.

How about changing the sponge for a rag?

Image source: Creative Palette Interiors

This may sound somewhat rudimentary, but one of the boldest wall painting ideas is that of simply rolling a rag and using it as if it were a roller, passing it from top to bottom with good amounts of paint.

The subtlety of this style makes it ideal for bathrooms or small rooms, as it allows us to gain some space at a visual level.

With this, we finalize the list. These are just some cool painting ideas that you can apply in your home, but you should not feel limited.

The design of interiors will depend enormously on the canvas that are our walls. The mood we want to create for a specific room will also depend on the color that surrounds us.

Create vibrant environments with strong colors, or look for peace and tranquility with pastel colors. Also, consider the tools you will use since the finishing we achieve will be dependent on these tools.

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