The kitchen is a blank canvas when it comes to decoration. Almost everything is valid within them to create unique and comfortable environments. Beyond requiring certain fundamental appliances, the rest of the kitchen can be customized. Placing center islands, large chrome exhaust fans, finely carved or metal-enclosed cabinets, and many other things can create an ideal environment. Today we will tell you about a trend that many modern kitchens are adopting: the waterfall countertop.

As its name suggests, waterfall countertops mimic the appearance of a river that flows into a large waterfall. To simulate this continuity, the top of the table is folded on the side until it touches the floor. Some designs even use the waterfall as support.

Because its primary utility remains that of a table, it must be sturdy. That is why its construction is in the vast majority of cases in stone. If your kitchen already has countertops with granite, marble, or the like, then the installation of this type of countertop is recommended.

The main attraction of this countertop over a traditional style is the sense of continuity it offers. Modern designs seek to create interrelated spaces, which makes the occupants of the houses feel more comfortable with their surroundings. After all, this style tries to imitate nature and its organic design.

Price to install a waterfall countertop

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Acquiring a large piece of stone and assembling it is not economical, which is why most countertops tend to use the traditional style. Luckily, there are cheaper alternatives, you just have to know how to select the materials.

The most common options, such as granite, quartz, and marble, can be priced between $135 and $220 per square foot, including both material purchase and installation. Although this may not seem like much because the countertop is not that large, the problem is that assembling it is expensive due to the necessary equipment.

To build the countertop, it is necessary to fit two pieces of stone, and for this to be possible, the corners must be cut at 45-degree angles. The only way to cut the stone with this precision is by using a computer numerical control laser cutter. Although the process seems easy, it can cost up to $2,000 depending on who does it.

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Of course, it is possible to reduce this price if the material for the waterfall countertop island is not stone. A cheaper alternative is wood, and some types have exceptional finishes. For a counter that is 0.90 x 1.52 meters, prices could vary between $150 and $300 depending on the wood. Also, since it is a basic material, you could even save on installation costs if you have the tools to do it yourself.

A substitute for stone is cement. Creating a waterfall countertop island with concrete is like building a wall: you assemble a wooden formwork with the desired shape, and then pour the concrete into it. Using the same dimensions as the previous example, the price to build this countertop should not exceed $250.

What is the best material?

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There is no single correct answer to determine what material you should use in your countertop. They all work, so in the end, it is a choice that takes into account the kitchen’s design and the cost.

As we mentioned before, most kitchens have stone as the material to cover the shelves, so it is recommended to keep it in the waterfall countertop so as not to distort the kitchen’s appearance. The most popular are quartz, granite, and marble.

Thanks to the new popularity that these kitchen islands have gained, wood, concrete, and steel have also managed to stand out in the market, especially when it comes to economic options.

Coating stones

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  • Marble: the most expensive option in the list, and also one of the most beautiful thanks to its patterns. Its formation comes from limestone, which is heated and subjected to high pressures, which gives it a shiny and slightly porous finish. Marble can change slightly in designs and colors thanks to the combination of other minerals, such as graphite, quartz, or clay, so not all presentations are the same.

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  • Granite: Those looking for a more rustic appearance will find a fascinating design in granite. This stone also has varied designs depending on the combination of minerals, but mica, feldspar, and quartz are required for its basic formation. Everything compressed creates a pattern full of small spots.


  • Quartz: one of the most abundant materials in the world is also one of the most resistant stones to build kitchens. The quartz pattern is much more delicate, hardly showing stains that contrast with its natural tone, and it is not as bright as other options, but thanks to the neutral color it has, it can be combined with any kitchen.

Equally eye-catching alternatives

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  • Concrete: thanks to how easy it is to mold, concrete is becoming a very attractive option for those users who want to add variety to the countertop’s design. A simple and smooth design can achieve a minimalist appearance, but with more complex moldings, other styles can be imitated. Furthermore, it can be mixed with many additives to make it more resistant if necessary.

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  • Wood: you can achieve a traditional appearance with the use of wood to make your kitchen furniture. Since a large number of accessories are made from it, you will have no trouble combining it. Woodworking is much easier than other materials, so even a novice can try to build a waterfall countertop with it. Of course, to achieve a professional finish it is required experience.

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  • Stainless steel: the most modern kitchens will benefit from a stainless steel counter. This has a futuristic appearance and can be worked in a single piece, which when heated can be easily folded.

The appeal of waterfall edge countertop

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There are many reasons why you should consider installing a waterfall countertop. Visually, these create an interesting point in the kitchen due to the uniqueness of their shapes. Unlike traditional countertop, people are not accustomed to seeing a single piece that works as a table and support at the same time.

Storage space, outlets, and other facilities are always a problem in kitchens. These many times break with the environment’s scheme, causing a negative impact at the visual level. These aesthetic details can be hidden with the side panels. Similarly, since the stand is just as strong as the rest of the table, there is no chance of it being scratched or broken.

The kitchen, from the architectural point of view, has a direction that must be followed at all times, creating an orderly route in which people can carry out all the corresponding activities. The free spaces break this continuity, but with a waterfall countertop, it becomes less noticeable.

Colors for all tastes

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When it comes to colors, there are several guides you can follow to create an ideal kitchen. You can choose to combine the countertop with the rest of the kitchen, creating a harmonious design, or you can break all the rules and use a contrasting color to make this table more daring. Here are some traditional ideas.

  • Perfect white: white in kitchens never fails. This color is clean, which will make the environment feel immaculate. Many stones combine perfectly with white. Best of all, most building materials for a countertop are smooth enough to be easily cleaned in case of stains, keeping the white color.
  • Sharpness with white and green: combined with a natural color like green, the previous option can become something more daring. Marble is the perfect companion in this duo.
  • Something calm with blue and white: blue is a cold and relaxing color, which makes kitchens feel more sophisticated and cozy. This combination is also perfect for metallic details.

Image source: Phil Kean Design Group

  • The elegance of the opposites: black and white are different, but there is no more harmonious mix. A few touches of white will serve to create highlights in this design. For example, the countertop can be a light color, while the rest of the construction comes into view because it is darker.
  • Just add the necessary details: you can design a kitchen that only introduces a couple of details in the form of satins so that the atmosphere is not so monotonous. The quartz is perfect for this job.
  • Maximum elegance: gold is a luxurious color, which will make your living room shine like white. This is the ideal color for those who want to highlight.

Image source: Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

  • Conceals stains: with a black countertop, you will never have to worry about stains again. this color matches many accessories and can work for both mid-millennium gothic looks and modern styles.
  • Black with contrasts: in this case, the main color is black and it is contrasted with lighter tones so as not to create such a dark environment. The waterfall countertops found in bars tend to take advantage of this combination.

The best place to install a waterfall counter edge

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Although this detail can be placed anywhere in the kitchen, it will always stand out much more if it is installed on the central island. This is because, unlike a side countertop, the island has four available sides on which the waterfall counter can be built.

However, you should not feel limited by this. In general, this construction detail will always look good.

As this design is currently in vogue, the number of options on the market are immense, and you may be able to find them under other more sophisticated names. For example, some designers call them work surface wrapped islands.

Enter the global trend with a waterfall countertop

An organic and continuous design, or something industrialized, modern, and with many corners. No matter the final design, the waterfall countertops will adapt perfectly to any environment.

If you want to renovate your kitchen, but don’t know how to get started, all you need to do is add a new side to your countertop or island. You will see how immediately your home becomes more sophisticated.

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