Driving up to any home or business, windows are one of the first things you’ll notice. There is something about the way the light hits the glass that just catches the eye. However, that gaze can quickly turn to a long, sad face when windows are streaky and generally look unkempt. Windows are an essential part of any home and can even highlight architectural features. But they can also distract.

Sometimes it’s not too difficult to clean windows, especially those inside our homes. But there are times when the chore of window cleaning can be far too great for a property owner. If you’re struggling to keep windows looking shiny and streak-free, you aren’t alone. Trust us; it isn’t as big a deal as you might think hiring a window cleaning company, either. But you might have questions. This article focuses on what you need to know when requesting a window cleaning from the local pros. This includes what to do to prepare for their arrival, the cost factors, and how to hire the best contractor.

Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Window Cleaning

The number one question property owners have regarding Window Cleaning in Minneapolis, MN is cost. Isn’t it always? Cost is the determining factor for many when shopping for services. We get it; saving money is definitely important. But it’s important to remember that the price of services isn’t everything. There might be a hidden downside to choosing a contractor that has the cheapest services, like no insurance. Keep that in mind.

When requesting a quote for window washing, there are many factors the company will likely need to know before throwing out a number.  The cost of window cleaning will vary based on the following factors.

# of Windows

How many windows does your home or business have? The more windows you have, the more time it will take. The window cleaning company will take this into account when providing a quote. They may also charge you based on the number of windows you have. For example, if a window washer charges $15 a window. It would be simple to find the cost of services.

Based on Home Size

Generally speaking, if a home is larger it will cost more for window cleaning overall. Home Guide provides insight into residential window cleaning prices. They state that Residential window cleaning prices range from $185 to $570 to clean the interior and exterior windows of an entire home (or small office), depending on the square footage and the number of windows.” Commercial properties, because they are often larger, will naturally cost more.

# of Stories

Not only can it mean more windows for a home or business, but a second story adds an element of danger. If you’ve been avoiding window cleaning because of heights, you’ll recognize why the more stories you have, the more a company will charge. The same will go for multi-story windows. Multi-story windows have a larger surface area. The greater surface area takes longer to clean and more product.

Window Type and Cost Per Window

You might see a contractor break down their cost into easy-to-understand math, like cost per window. They might have a flat rate no matter what size window it is or have a general grouping of small, regular, and large windows and a price for each. On average, the cost per window is $10- $15. The window type could play a role in how much they charge too. Smaller windows tend to take longer as traditional tools don’t work quite as well. This will require a technician to clean by hand.

You would be surprised at the different types of windows found in residential and commercial properties. These include bay windows, awning windows, skylights, double-hung, picture, and single-hung. The company could charge more or less based on the window type, so when calling for a quote, keep that in mind.

Inside and Outside Cleaning

Be sure to verify with your window cleaner as to whether or not they clean inside, outside, or both parts of the window. You might be surprised to learn that some window cleaning companies do one or the other. Commercial window washers tend to clean just the outside and rely on another cleaning service like janitorial to clean the inside. For homes, it is more practical for the cleaners to tackle both. This will affect the bottom line. What is the added cost of washing the inside of the window? Typically, contractors charge per window an additional fee. The average cost is $1.60 to $3.20 for each interior window.

What About a Minimum?

Many professional window cleaning companies will charge a minimum for service visits. This makes sure that it is worth the time to travel to the customer and spend the time cleaning. For instance, if a customer lived 10 miles away and only needed two windows cleaned, it would be silly for a cleaning company to spend the gas money for only two windows at a base cost of $10 a window. Instead, they would likely have a minimum amount they charge for services.

Hiring For Professional Cleaning Services

Let’s say you don’t have the time to spend cleaning each and every window of your home or find it impossible to wash the outside of the building. What options are there to keep your property looking fantastic? The answer is hiring a pro! We recommend that you do your due diligence when having a contractor work on your home or business, just as you would for HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or remodeling. Our first recommendation is to look at online reviews. Then check for being insured and licensed. It is an absolute must to hire a contractor with insurance and the right licenses.

Preparing For Services

Luckily, there isn’t much to do when it comes to preparing for window cleaning services. We do recommend that you pick up around areas that will be cleaned to make it easier on the contractor. Something to consider is other components the company can clean that you can request. Window washers can also clean window sills and tracks, shutters, blinds, and more. Each will have its own cost, but if interested, remember to ask your technician.

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