When we talk about kitchen the basic definition is the same: the place where you cook from sandwiches to the most complicated dishes, and often you also eat the meals that you prepare.

You don’t need to be a master chef for having an amazing kitchen design especially when this is white. White kitchen cabinets help you even when the space is very small because the color makes it seem bigger and if you are not an experimenter of culinary arts you don’t have to worry because of the grease spots and other disasters that could happen only in the kitchen.

White kitchen chairs are perfect for a white kitchen table if you want to have all in the same color and create a kitchen completely white.

Here are some kitchen design ideas that can help you with creating and designing a beautiful modern or antique white kitchen.

It’s not rare for the kitchen to be considered as the most important room in the house: after all, it is the place where you prepare everything, from sandwiches to complicated desserts for important guests. It’s also not rare for the kitchen to be the place where you eat, and you drink your coffee.

Have you ever thought about the importance of your kitchen design? Did you think of a solution which could make it trendy and stylish? If you ask us, the key to a timeless kitchen is to use white elements.

White kitchens look amazing even without lots of effort and time. White has a visually enlarging effect on small kitchens; and fits perfectly with any style/decoration without creating too much clutter.

White is also a timeless choice which can add airiness and light to kitchens with small windows. Besides, it leaves a lot of space for impressive colors and personal elements, which would break the monotony and make the place look cooler.

White is both modern and traditional

The biggest advantage of white is that it looks equally good in traditional and modern environments. Its different shades (from ultra creamy to shiny cumulous) can fulfill both the needs of classic kitchens with wooden cabinets, and the expectations of minimal cookeries with lacquer finish. This is exactly why kitchen designers adore white!

Compulsory application on countertops

One thing is for sure: countertops ought to be white! Still, you can opt for whatever material/nuance you like, as long as its features satisfy your requirements. We recommend granite or concrete, since they require postponed sealing; they are highly resistant to stains; and their maintenance is fairly simple.

Quartz is also durable and corrosion-resistant, which makes it a smart sanitary solution. In terms of appearances, people happen to favor white marble. Marble is a classic solution which looks absolutely amazing, but be aware of the fact that you have to take specific care of it; and to remove spills as fast as you can.

Besides, marble is an expensive material, and you should really calculate whether it’s worth to invest in something that will not last for long.

A popular choice nowadays is painted glass, famous as a classy and hygienic material. Still, it is a very sensitive one; and it costs a small fortune at the same time.

White cabinets

White cabinets are, in fact, the ageless secret of the kitchen design industry. Their biggest advantage is their modern, yet classy look; and the fact that they can seamlessly hide piles of cutlery and dishes. That’s exactly why they never go out of style!

White cabinets are central on the design scene, as one of the most wanted kitchen elements worldwide. Creative designers are more than inspired by this ever-growing demand; and they offer amazing designs, shapes, and styles of white kitchen sets.

What they never forget to consider is your ability to combine this purchase with any element or color; and they sincerely promise that every combination will look outstanding.

White sinks

White sinks were, in fact, a bathroom mainstay. Their excellent quality and classy looks transferred them to the kitchen; and turned them into housewives’ favorite design elements. Still, white sinks are not the most resistant option, and they require special treatment.

For the clumsy among us, who like throwing pots and dishes around, fireclay or coated-cast iron is simply a ‘must’. Both materials are scratch/stain-resistant; durable; and generally easy to clean. If you’re still not sure whether a white sink is good for you, remember that you can always return to the safe side, and use the classic stainless steel.

White kitchen islands

The usual fear of designers is that adding a white kitchen island in a kitchen which already has white countertops, would make it monotonous and unattractive. But why would it be so? Islands made of different materials, or such that are slightly ‘whiter’, could add spaciousness and elegance.

They can even contain a small and entertaining detail, which would distinguish them from the cabinets. Then, you can always position the island a bit further from the other elements; and think of an interesting purpose for it (breakfast bar, for instance).

White chairs

What could be a better solution for a white table than a set of cute white chairs? They will look even lovelier with curiously patterned cushions, or vivid covers.

Use texture to add depth

Texture can be especially beneficial in completely white environments, as it attracts attention, and it enriches the whiteness with depth. The best places to apply it are bench tops, walls, cabinet doors, or drawers.

Texture can also be implemented with tiles-you can combine different shades and edges; or intrigue viewers with darker pieces here and there. You can also create an optical difference if you use more than one finish (lacquer, matte, gloss, etc).

The perfect combination of metal and white

One of the trendiest design concepts is to pair white tones with their darker counterparts. It is not rare for white to stand against black or brown; or to melt inside warm interiors based on golden tones, brass, chrome, or cooper nuances. Why not thinking of a similar combination, and making your kitchen more inviting? Some of the loveliest kitchens are based on a mix of white softness and steel reflectance; or rely on brass lighting in order to look spacious and elegant.

Including metal elements in the kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive: sometimes, all that it takes is to attach polished chrome handles; or to stick a row of silver tiles. Large mirrors with wrought frames are also an excellent accessory.

Wooden décor

As beautiful as they are, white kitchens happen to look cold and strict. This is exactly why they could use a bit of wooden décor, which is invincible when it comes to warmth and friendliness.

Still, it doesn’t have to mean you should use an entirely wooden setting: hardwood floors, trim-styled doors or windows; or carved cabinets will break the coldness in no time! Besides, wood is a smart and durable choice that never goes out of style.

Colorful details

Apply many colorful details; and place them in highly visible locations. A red rose on your white table; or a collection of colorful recipe books on the shelves will look simply adorable; and they will add brightness and playfulness to your space. Besides, small details are easy to remove; and you can change them whenever you want.

Cottage-like kitchens

Did it cross your mind that a white kitchen is a powerful asset for rustic or cottage design schemes? All it takes is to ‘spice’ the whiteness with yellow walls, or a weak blue hutch (other colors, however, are not recommendable). Interesting patchwork, or a set of captivating tiles are also cut for the purpose.

But white? What about white?

White is still indispensable for the walls, ceilings, boards, or larger elements. Together with yellow or blue, it can create an atmosphere which is relaxing, but inspiring at the same time. A great idea for lousy chefs, don’t you think so?

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