The New Year is all about fresh beginnings for you and your home. Some people resolve to take up healthier habits or re-commit to some life goal.

It’s also cold out there, and there’s no better time to curl up, stay in, and enjoy being warm and homebound. To ensure your home is clean and free of any unwelcome crawlies, read below for some great tips.

Pros Only

Professionals like GreenLeaf Pest Control can eliminate the infestation at the root because they have chemicals you can’t buy at your corner hardware store. If you see mice or cockroaches and buy a few traps, you may ensnare a few unlucky creatures, but there’ll always be still some lurking nearby.

Pro pest control experts make their own chemical blend that’s stronger than anything you can buy. However, the ingredients are also approved by Health Canada, so you know they’re safe for pets and the environment.

You need to feel secure in the knowledge your home is pest-free. You don’t want any nagging fears when you check out underneath your sink! The best companies have polite, friendly technicians who know about every species of pest and how to eradicate their presence.

Not only are pests gross and icky to look at, but they also can spread illnesses and diseases. For health and hygienic reasons, ensure your home is pest-free.

Newspapers Wipe Glass

Your home will feel cleaner when the glass and mirrors don’t show any smudges. Wipe down your windows, mirrors, and any other glass with some Windex and old newspaper. It won’t leave any streaks behind, so you’ll get better results.

You’ll also save money on paper towels using the newspaper you were going to discard anyway.

Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions and Oils

Your home needs to be and feel clean. Save money on cleaning supplies and oils that fill your home with lovely aromas by making your own!

The internet is filled with recipes using ingredients you’re likely to have around the home already, like lemon and vinegar. Have you ever looked at all those plastic containers of cleaning solutions in the grocery store and wondered how people cleaned their homes centuries ago before factories created these solutions on a mass scale.

Micro Filters

New technology makes it easier to keep your home extra clean. Between vacuums that suck up nanoparticles and air filters that purify the air in your home, your living quarters will be significantly cleaner, and it’ll feel palpably cleaner, too.

If cleanliness is next to godliness, your home will feel like heaven when you introduce your favourite oils and ingredients in cleaning products.

Whatever your resolutions may be, you’ll feel better about pursuing them in the New Year when your home base makes you and everyone in it feel welcome and good. A clean environment sets you up for success. Remember the above tips to ensure it’s pest-free and spick and span, and you’ll be off to a great start in 2023.

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