Shutters on windows are always on trend and add style to any home as well. They are more than only fashionable additions to your home décor as they have important functions too. You have two main types to choose from; indoor and exterior shutters. Shutters can be adjusted to allow specific amounts of light or sunshine into your home, while Bahama shutters, for example, give additional security, insulate your home and protect windows from elements.

When you have interior shutters for interior windows the advantages are numerous as mentioned for allowing light and keep warmth inside as an additional form of insulation. Shutters can be solid too for a bold, strong appearance and an old-world feel especially when you dark colors with carved designs into the wood. A popular type is Caribbean shutters exterior types with its unique character, styles, and colors that are used to control light and heat in those intense tropical heat.

Types of Shutters

Interior shutters

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As the name indicates are interior shutters used indoors for both practical reasons and adding style to your décor. As soon as they are installed they become part of your window. They are installed either on top or in a window jamb. These types of interior shutters can be any kind of shutter and fit any type of window too.

Exterior Shutters

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Exterior shutters provide awning-like shade aside from protection from storms. Homeowners living in areas where storms are seldom experienced add exterior shutters for decorative purposes. Others add exterior shutters like exterior Bahama shutters which are used in severe weather and protection as a hurricane shutter.

Bahama Shutters

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These shutters are immensely popular across many regions. When you think about remodeling your home, the preferred option would probably be outdoor Bahama shutters. There are a number of reasons why exterior Bahama shutters are the go-to option but their attractive appearance ranks as one of the reasons. Other reasons why homeowners choose these shutters are against hurricane when the strong winds and heavy rain damage windows.

What Are Bahama Shutters?

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These shutters are top hinged and mounted at a 45-degree angle on the exterior of a window. They are very easy to install as a Bahama shutters DIY project is simple. They are easy to close too, when a storm approaches.

When you need complete protection or privacy Bahama shutters can close completely, left partially closed or propped open too. Bahama shutters remain sturdy as they are secured to the wall as opposed to other types of shutters that could come loose when window mounted. Bahama style shutters are inexpensive too when compared to other shutter types which could come loose.

These shutters have been used predominantly in hurricane plagued areas and Caribbean homes in protection from the intense heat and allowing draughts to pass through a home. Today however more and more homes around the world are having Bermuda window shutters installed.

In current times you will find Bermuda shutters on small businesses, homes as well as gazebos and beachside cabanas. At all of these places they add more than just pleasant style, but great functionality. What is more, you can build Bahama shutters if you don’t want to buy them.

Bahama Shutter Materials

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  • Composite – Bahama style hurricane shutters made from composites give you various styles and options to choose from.
  • Wood Bahama shutters are manufactured from high-grade lumber but Bahama hurricane shutters made from wood require more maintenance.
  • The Aluminum Bahama shutter cost is lower than wood and vinyl and looks great too. It is lightweight and a strong exterior shutters type.

Varieties and Versatility of These Shutters

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Exterior shutters are often aluminum constructed while distinctive wood Bahama style shutters add panache to various architectural styles. These shutters’ price varies according to materials and size as they can be tailor-made to fit any window.

If you wonder how to make Bahama shutters, or if you can install it yourself, you will find it is something that comes in DIY applications too. Most aluminum Bahama shutters are 1.4mm thick and baked as well as covered with powder coating in the color of your choice.

Their Appeal

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Beauty and versatility are two of the major appealing factors with these shutters. You will add value to your home when adding Bermuda style shutters or even Caribbean shutters. With the abundance of color options, styles and versatility too, you immediately enhance your home’s appearance while adding protection and safety.

Benefits/pros of Bahama shutters

They have numerous benefits including:


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While privacy is not necessarily your main concern, you have the benefit of exterior Bermuda shutters that block other people’s view into your home. You can set it up to see outside and nobody sees in.

Climate controlling benefits

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You can decide on the amount of air you want to allow inside with the specific angled design of Bermuda shutters. It is especially popular in the warm and tropical climates but grew in popularity around the world. The natural cooling benefits of Bahama window shutters even lower your utility bills.

Storm protection

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Bahamas shutters,  Caribbean shutters, Bermuda shutters, etc., are actually very often referring to Bahama hurricane shutters. That is the main reason and benefit why homeowners used to install Bermuda shutters. It is done to protect homes and windows against hurricanes.

When you check online how to build Bahama shutters or how to measure for Bahama shutters, you will notice it is fitted at the top against the wall and not the window. They are durable and thick to withstand heavy flooding rain and strong winds. You will not need additional rain shutters or boarding up windows prior to a hurricane.

Bermuda shutter style benefits different climates

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You will find more people from different climate around the world adding Bahama style hurricane shutters to their regular homes, businesses and vacation homes too. Irrespective of climate or location the homeowners and business owners always look for discount Bahama shutters. From coastal regions with rainy or hot weather to colder temperatures in the cities more exteriors boast cost effective Bahama window shutters.

Shade control and light regulation

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When you want less sun inside a room and dim the light from outside Bahama shutters are excellent.

Bahama shutters are customizable

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When you shop from Bahama hurricane shutters home depot or other reputable companies that manufacture exterior Bahama shutters you can buy cheap Bahamas shutters according to your choice and size. When you provide a shutter company with your dimensions, material preferences, and styles or choose DIY Bermuda shutters, you will be accommodated. You have a choice in materials too, ranging from wood, vinyl, and aluminum Bermuda shutters.


You have an incredible advantage in the aesthetics that Bermuda shutters add to your home. Your home’s appearance will immediately have a low-cost upgrade simply by adding exterior Bermuda shutters.

Cons of Bahama shutters

Design limit

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While shutters protect your windows and prevent the glass from breaking, you cannot get door protection. Aluminum shutters do not offer major wind protection and you can only open it partially or fully closed.

Too much shade

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As with all pros regarding a product the cons are also present when you consider the shade offered. While some people like the blocking of light and sun, your personal taste might be that the Bermuda shutter blocks too much of the natural light.

Too weak

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While Bermuda shutters are intended to be hurricane protectors, it could potentially not be adequate. Some shutter systems are weaker than others, but when you choose well, you would have adequate protection.

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