Fireplaces have been around the world since the prehistoric times. There are many types and designs of fireplaces that are being built today and having a white brick fireplace is a popular trend among them. They provide a contrast look to the entire place as a calm base holding something fierce.

There are many pieces of evidence of fireplaces existing in the early days mostly in the indoor for keeping cold at bay and for other household purposes like cooking and other domestic uses. Fireplaces have evolved other the years from just a necessity to more of a showpiece and visual treat.

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Which once looked like just a firepit, today it holds a whole different aspect of the interiors of a house. People plan specifically and invest in building amazing fireplace designs. White brick fireplaces bring a very clean and fresh appeal to the home.

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There are many materials which are used for building a fireplace like stones, bricks, metals etc. Brick is one of the popular materials easily available at a budget price. A brick fireplace is durable, and painting brick fireplace as per your choice will add to the décor to the room.

White brick fireplace ideas

A touch of wood in the white

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A beautiful white painted fireplace along with the adjacent walls would go very well with some touch of wooden colors. Few wooden furniture with a hint of soft blue and white upholstery would give the white brick fireplace in the room a charming look.

Colors of the sea

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As ironical as it sounds to make a brick fireplace look calm and fresh, it can look stunning once you blend the fireplace paint with blue or other shades of it. Put a hint of sky blue and it’s a lovely beach theme at home.

The countryside looks

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Throw in some metal and stonework artefacts around the white brick fireplace to give it a rustic charm. Add an 18th-century design chair with a round table holding some woodwork or a bronze statue for décor. This would also bring a tough countryside ambience to go with the white brick fireplace.

A colorful affair

A white painted brick fireplace with white colored walls can have a lot of opportunities to fill in the room with multiple colors. Put some colorful floral hearth at the top of the painted fireplace. Add some bright colored orange, yellow or fluorescent green cushions on that greyish chair near the fireplace.

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Alternately, you can paint some dark color on the walls surrounding the white brick fireplace, like deep blue, purple or dark grey, which would make the painted brick fireplace stand out.

After painting the brick fireplace white, choose the perfect color combination to go with it and get an amazing fun-filled room.

The warm and cozy nook

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Fill the painted brick fireplace with a lot of scented candles on designer holders. Once lit it will fill the air with a mild scent and also give a warm corner to hang out. This not only gives a romantic outlook but also is the perfect cozy corner during winters.

Log and light

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Arrange some logs in the white brick fireplace and drape some fairy lights or twinkle lights on them which would give the fireplace paint a soft glow in the night.

It will also make the plain white painted brick fireplace look festive because of the lights and are just perfect for holiday decorations.

Earthy Floor and rough surrounds

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Pair the brick walls with warm and earthy colored tiles like dark porcelain, Indian soapstone which would enhance the white brick fireplace and make it stand out. Also, the walls could be stone-built which would add on to the overall rustic and earthy appeal of the room.

Add sculptures in the room

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Sculptures go very well in enhancing the look for the room with a fireplace. Paint brick fireplace in white and place some metal or stone sculptures around or on top to go. It will add an elegant and traditional look to the painted brick fireplace.

German Smear

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Paint brick fireplace in white color and smear a light-colored mortar over the fireplace paint to get a classic European style finish. You can choose the density of the color based on how smudgy or white you want to keep it. After painting a brick fireplace, you can add some décor with a dark steel Ceiling lamp in the room or a hearth mirror on top of the painted fireplace.

Random pattern bricks

Before you decide on how to paint a brick fireplace, you can choose to first pick a random pattern of laying the bricks while making the fireplace. Then you can paint them in different shades of white with a little grey.

If you have an existing fireplace, even then you can do the pattern by randomly painting the brick fireplace. It will create a nice décor to the brick fireplace.

Why is having a white brick fireplace so popular?

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White brick fireplaces bring a very soothing appeal to the place and make the place look brighter. The more area covered in white the fresher and cleaner it appears. You also get a lot of scopes to add more colors against a white background.

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Brick has always been a very popular material for building a fireplace. You can easily use woods to burn in the brick fireplace as its durable. It can be easily upgraded with tiles or just get painted for a better finish and look.

Painting a brick fireplace in white brings a very serene appeal to the room. One does not have to worry about the color tone to match as white would set against any light or dark shade background.

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White brick fireplaces are a great way of decorating your house this festive season. We hope the above ideas would give you a fair idea on how to paint a brick fireplace in white and add décor to it. Add a rustic charm or just keep it soothing and calm, either way, white brick fireplace is a delight to have at home!

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