Having the right baseboard style for your room can be a challenge. They are the part that goes along the lowest part of an interior wall. Although they are not a big detail of your room they still can change the entire look and feel of your house so knowing your options is important when choosing from different baseboard styles.

Modern baseboard, for example, good great with minimalist rooms and they can provide a visual transition point in each junction of walls and flooring. Many types of molding can decorate homes today and it is quite difficult to distinguish them because you need to choose the remodeling project.

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There is also good news, you will never be confused anymore by between, batten and baseboard so check out different styles that you can have.

Baseboard Styles

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If you haven’t gone through a major remodel, chances are quite big that you haven’t given much thought to baseboards until now. An often overlooked design detail that sometimes is missed is the baseboard style that you go with for your rooms. They are different and you can find narrow types or some that are 7 inch wide baseboards that are seen more in older houses.

Baseboard ideas can be used to dress up a room and give the line at the bottom of the walls a certain vibe and feeling. They are great to hide any kind of gaps that might be between the bottom of the walls and the flooring.


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This molding is a more elegant design that can be added to your room. It is perfect to decorate the transitions between walls and ceiling. Crown moldings are also known as cornice molding and they can work with pretty much any type of room.

The drywall junction between the wall and ceiling does not need to be finished as the crown is starting to be covered up. This is really valuable for homeowners that are not confident about the design they have right now and want to make a change.

Flexible Vinyl Trim Molding

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These baseboard styles can for sure put a lot more focus on the interior part of your house. The molding that you see in these baseboard styles can be an option if you want to get a ceiling that intersects with the stairs for the upper floor. The one used in this house is vintage and elegant and for sure will offer the same effect in yours.


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This is also known as coving and it is a concave-shaped trim that goes where walls and ceilings meet together. It also works for stairs so it can be used in different situations. A cove can be a perfect match for wet environments like your bathroom for example and where the shower is located. Having concave edges means that the water is kept from being collected in the grout.

Three-Inch Rounded Or Stepped Wall

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There are a lot of baseboard styles that can work with your house but let’s look at these trims that are very popular today and that are used by people that want something for their wall design in their house. The general size of it is around 5/8 inch to 7/8 inch in width and 3 to 3 in lengths.

Probably, this is the cheapest one that you can get and it is very simple. It works great when you want to make your home look modern and they can be the missing addition to get a cool result.

Chair Rail

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This is a horizontal piece of trim that is usually 3 feet above the floor that originally was made in the idea of protecting walls from chairs. However, today it is more used as a decorative element and it really looks great.

Chair railing is a functional molding that will help you protect your walls from different types of damage. Of course, it will also serve a purely decorative function and this means it will be delineating into two different types of wall.

Picture Rail

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Instead of putting a picture on the wall you can display art by putting it on a picture rail that is more or less some kind of molding that goes horizontally around the room.

This type of molding can help you to keep any damage away from your walls and it creates an additional layer of decoration. On top of that, it is an easy way to make sure that all the art is hung in a uniform way.

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It is not that common like the other floor trim ideas but for sure it’s going to do a great job when it comes to hanging pictures.

Sculpted Taller Baseboard Molding

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This baseboard molding is another alternative that offers the best visual effect. It can be a great option for the visuals of a house and the style can definitely give a different look to the way your house looks together with its details. With all the greatness this baseboard style is probably quite expensive.

Although you can find different similar baseboard styles you still need to choose the best one that fits your needs. This might depend on the shape, color, and elevation. This particular one goes well for huge houses that have large spaces and a high ceiling.

Sculpted Mid-Height Wall Trim

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You can use this heavier style by going for this option. The trim goes from 4 or 5 inches in height and 6 to 8 inches in thickness. The style of this trim looks quite great. You can find it at different prices and it depends on the height and its sculpting.

These baseboard styles are a great option for dining rooms and they look pretty chic and elegant because of the shape and design that has been used.

Baseboard Colonial Styles

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One of the classic baseboard styles that is still used is the simple, tall with dark-wood one. They go very well in Victorian homes and what they do is that they bring a warmth and comfort effect to any room that they are used in. This classic baseboard is quite cool and has a nice symmetry to it.

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These baseboard molding ideas came from North America because there are a lot of zones where you will find this Colonial background. However, the New England colonial design is also popular so you might consider it a viable option for your home. Just make sure that you check all the details that they have before you make your final decision for your room.


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Wainscoting is paneling that goes between modern baseboards and picture rails. They are installed over the wall and to do this you don’t need a lot of time. You can also use them for other purposes like decorating.

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Some homeowners don’t use the trim and just paint that specific area that would have wainscoting another color compared with the remaining wall.

Farmhouse Baseboard Styles

You can play around with farmhouse baseboard styles in your own house. They are nice and simple and they offer indeed a farmhouse feeling when they are installed. Adding some wood elements will do even a better job because it will make the floor feel warmer and lighter.

Popular Baseboard Molding Material

One of the most used materials to create modern baseboard is wood, no matter if it is composite, soft or hard and we also see some that are made out of plastic. You for sure can find the right size and style that you need for your house, all you have to do is research till you get there.

Choosing the right one, however, is another discussion because you need to understand how to use the materials before you buy them. If you go for the wood type baseboard ideas you can also paint them at a certain point or even from the start depending on the room that you want to use it.

The plastic ones are easier to install because they can be fixed fast and you don’t have to worry about breaking them. The advantage of using wood is that it is more solid and durable compared with plastic and if you want a natural color for sure you will not get something better than that.

For sure wood is more expensive than plastic but when you are trying to get your house to look good sometimes you just need to do an effort. It is also great to get a rustic feel if you leave them unpainted.

Ending thoughts on baseboard styles

When you choose the baseboard styles that you want to go for remembering that you need to think really well at your final decision. Choose the one that fits the room energy and design and doesn’t be in a rush. Sometimes you might need a couple of hours to get the job done but when it is going to be finished for sure it is going to look impressive.

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