If you are remodeling or updating your bathroom, you may be looking for bathroom décor ideas.  Initially, updating your bathroom décor may feel overwhelming.

However, it need not be this way.  There are many different elements to bathroom decoration, from installing a shower panel system to creating great storage ideas.

Whatever changes you intend to make to your bathroom, we’re here to guide you.  Our bathroom décor ideas will inspire you to get started with your dream space.


Cambridge-Gentleman-by-Heidi-Pribell-Interiors Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your home
Image source: Heidi Pribell Interiors

One of the simplest bathroom décor ideas is paint.  When you paint your bathroom, you can completely change its appearance.  You no longer have to choose gloss paint when painting your bathroom.  Simply ask your paint shop to make an additive to your matte paint to prevent it from peeling or getting mildew.

Don’t forget to spruce up your bathroom cabinets at the same time.  Use an eggshell or semi gloss paint to create a fresh look.

Lighting Fixture Replacement

By replacing your light fixtures you will be able to update your look.  Outdated light fixtures can be updated from your local DIY store, but if you plan to install electrics, it is best to consult a professional.

When updating your lighting, have a look at the latest designs.  Trends include pendants as well as light bars.  You could also look for retro or vintage style lighting which will add a timeless appeal.  LED bulbs make great bathroom ideas because they will cut down your energy consumption.  They will also enable you to keep your bathroom looking clean and fresh.

Bathroom Works of Art

By-J-Design-Group-Bathrooms-Miami-Interior-Design-by-J-Design-Group-Interior-Designers-Miami-Modern Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: J Design Group – Interior Designers Miami – Modern

Who said works of art are only for your living room?  Update your bathroom walls by adding attractive art.  Treated canvas or laminated prints make great bathroom wall ideas.  They are both water resistant and very affordable.  You could ask a printer to create a canvas mounting of your favourite photos.  Artistic images make simple but very effective décor ideas and will add a personal and very unique look to your home.

Redecorate existing tile

If you feel as though your current bathroom is boring, you can always update your tiles by adding adhesive tiles.  These tiles make great bathroom ideas because they are quick and easy to shape.  They install easily and look realistic.  When it’s time for a change you can easily remove them without damaging your original tiles.

Update your bathroom hardware

Greenbrae-CA-by-Urrutia-Design Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Urrutia Design

Hardware updates make quick and simple bathroom décor ideas.  Old or chipped drawer handles, towel rails, soap dishes and toilet roll holders can be easily replaced, giving a clean and updated appearance to your bathroom.

To replace your hardware, all you will need to do is unscrew or pull off your old handles or rails and replace them with new ones.  For best results, look for replacements with similar screw spacing.  This way you won’t have to fill old holes and create new ones.

From the Ground Up

Flooring is an important part of bathroom decoration.  You’ll find a range of affordable choices which are easy to install.  The resilient vinyl floor planks come in attractive wood patterns and have great texture.  Warm and comfortable, you can install them by cutting them into shape, peeling off the backing paper and stick them down.  You’ll have a great wood or stone looking floor in no time at all.  Best of all, it will be water resistant.

If you are looking to add a cozy touch to your bathroom décor, a woven vinyl floor rug makes a great choice.  These rugs are durable, can be created according to your sizing needs and are soft and comfortable. Rubber backing means they will be safe to use on slippery bathroom floors.

Maximize Storage

Small-Space-Bathroom-by-Toronto-Interior-Design-Group-Yanic-Simard Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

Storage space is crucial when it comes to keeping your bathroom clutter free.  If you want to create a homely look, bathroom shelf ideas would make a great choice.  For a minimalist appearance you could always add pull out drawers to your existing bathroom cabinets.  You’ll be able to find all of your bathroom accessories quickly and easily.  Best of all, there are many standard sized drawers at your local hardware.

Here are some alternate storage ideas:

  • Floating shelves
  • Hanging baskets
  • Wall mounted baskets
  • A pedestal or cabinet to hold all of your bathroom needs

Upgrade Your Textiles

By now you have a nice bathroom and you’ve explored a range of different bathroom décor ideas.  Replacing your textiles will spruce up your bathroom, adding a final touch.  It’s time to replace old towels and add new and luxurious bath sheets, hand towels and face cloths to your bathroom.  Choose a colour which will add accents of colour.  Here are some great items to add to your new bathroom:

  • Towels
  • Bathmats
  • Shower curtains

When you choose your new textiles, match them up to create harmony.  The colours selected in your bathmats and towels can be repeated in your shower curtain.  If your curtain has a pattern, you can include the colours in your towels and floor mats.  This will unite your space.


master-bath-by-Carleen-Young-Interior-Design Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Carleen Young – Interior Design

Now that you have updated your bathroom, it’s time to create a personal touch.  It is the small finishing touches which will make your space unique.

Here are some items to include:

  • A plant – choose your plant according to the light available in your bathroom. Orchids make great choices as they love humidity.  However, they do need a lot of natural light.  In a dark bathroom you could always use silk plants.
  • A waste basket, soap dish and soap pump.
  • Scented candles or room diffusers to add a fragrant touch.

There you have it, some bathroom décor ideas to update your space.  Now let’s look at some creative touches you could add for a unique appeal.

Suspended Mirrors

Hoist mirrors onto a rope or pulley to increase the size of your bathroom. Large mirrors make a great bathroom wall decoration and a great accompaniment to a rustic vanity.  You can always hoist mirrors into place.

Create a colorful trim

Would you like to create a custom look for your bathroom shades?  Use glue to add a colorful trim.  Get creative with Brass pulls and pyramid knobs.  These great bathroom décor ideas will impress you every time you reach for your toothbrush.

Hidden depths

Windsor-Forest-Remodel-by-Home-4-Life-Building-and-Remodeling Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Home 4 Life Building & Remodeling

You’ve painted your shelves, but buy adding new depth behind shelves; you’ll add a new depth.  Show off your attractive perfume bottle with this great bath wall décor idea.

Add nautical notes

If you have a waterfront home, you’ll love adding a nautical touch.  Colorful towels keep your theme going while metal accessories add a quirky interest.

Keep it monochrome

Monochrome palettes will give a simple and minimalist theme to your bathroom décor ideas.  Pure white color schemes are peaceful and simple and will make your bathroom feel bright and airy.

Use great lighting

Belmont-Victorian-by-Cummings-Architects Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Cummings Architects

Do you want to brighten your room as part of your bathroom décor? If so, you could always install wall sconces in front of your mirror.  This will reflect light all over your bathroom, making it seem large and airy.

Add patterns

If you are decorating bathrooms which are smaller in size, you could always add bright patterned wallpaper.  Bold wallpaper will overwhelm a small space but makes a great choice for a smaller room.

Stay cohesive

Keep your bathroom décor ideas cohesive by echoing the style of your home.  Include colors or design elements which you have used throughout your home to unite your space.

Keep it traditional

Traditional materials have a timeless style which makes them a valuable addition to your home.  Add timeless appeal to your bathroom décor by using chrome, marble and soft whites.

Smart Storage

Calming-Park-Avenue-Bath-by-Studio-511 Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Studio 511

If you have a small bathroom, extra storage creates a neat space.  In a small apartment, a glass ledge makes a discrete shelf for fresh flowers.  Wooden cubbies also make great ideas for bathroom décor because you can use them to store all of your essential items.

Display your linens

A wooden ladder makes great restroom décor because it enables you to display your beautiful towels or linens.

Shiplap walls

Create a cozy space in your bathroom by embracing shiplap.  Whitewashing makes a space feel light and airy; while adding mirrors makes a room feel larger.

Bring nature insideMy-Houzz-Eclectic-Bohemian-Style-in-a-1976-Fixer-Upper-by-Alexandra-Crafton Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Alexandra Crafton

Adding greenery to your bathroom will add a beautiful touch.  Plants make cheap bathroom ideas, but will provide you with a relaxing retreat.  If you’re worried about keeping your plants alive, search for moisture loving plants.  Boston ferns make a great choice, as do orchids or dracaena.

Add a bold floor to your bathroom

Small bathrooms will benefit from an Old-World-style cement floor.  When you have a small bathroom, you can create an attractive floor without going to considerable investment. If you choose a cement floor you can always protect it from water damage by adding a protective sealer.

Add a touch of glamour

Double sinks, one for him, one for her, can be given a touch of glamour by adding two tall mirrors. What a great bathroom décor idea.

Efficient Storage

Are you looking at bathroom wall decoration ideas for an awkward corner?  Add shelving and then display your most beautiful linens, perfume bottle collection or even scented candles.

Add an upholstered bench

Upholstered benches must be some of the most appealing bathroom décor ideas to choose from.  If you have the space, you’ll add comfort to your master bathroom.

Add colourful tiles

Uniquely-Bold-in-Ocean-Beach-CA-by-Jackson-Design-Remodeling Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Jackson Design & Remodeling

If you have a neutral or white space and want to use colour, you can always use floor colours while decorating bathrooms.  Bright flooring will add sparkle to a neutral room.

Baskets and hampers

If you are looking for charming ideas for bathrooms, decorative baskets are just the thing.  You can use them to add an earthy or rustic touch while creating the perfect storage spaces for towels or bathroom essentials.  Combine with ceramic stools for a down to earth touch.

Use mirrors in your bath décor ideas

There is nothing more glamorous than floor to ceiling mirrors.  Use them to brighten up your bathroom.  You’ll also make your room appear double the size.  Mirrors make a great addition to bathroom décor.

Open shelving

Basement-Revamp-by-Reliance-Design-Build-Remodel Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Reliance Design, Build, Remodel

By adding an open cubby, you’ll create space for all your bathroom accessories.  Cubbies take up hardly any space and they create attractive storage.  Display your beautiful bath products but keep make up, perfume and nail polish away from light or humid conditions.  A cubby is especially helpful when you don’t have a vanity or a medicine cabinet.

Create shutters for your windows

If you love letting the light in but want to keep your privacy, shutters make great bathroom decorating ideas. You can use your shutters as window treatments and skip the blinds or curtains you would otherwise need.

Add a bath side table

You’ve heard of bedside tables, but what could be more attractive than a bath side table?  Wooden stools make great bathroom décor ideas for holding flowers, candles or other relaxing items.

What to do when you are renting

Stone-Canyon-10-by-KS-Classic-Homes Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: KS Classic Homes

If you are a renter, you may fall in love with a range of different bathroom décor ideas.  From expensive faucets to beautiful stone tiles, you may have fallen in love with the idea of a luxury bathroom.  As a result, you might hate the small bathroom in your rental.

However, you can make attractive changes which will be inexpensive and easy to implement.  You won’t need to renovate to create an attractive bathroom.

Install a temporary vanity

Decorating bathrooms often means installing a great vanity.  If you wish you had a great vanity, swap out your old one to meet your taste.  You can always take it with you when your lease expires.  Remember to ask for permission before you make any changes.

Add a natural touch

Plants add serenity to a bathroom.  Great plant pots and containers will also add style to a boring bathroom.  By adding pretty houseplants and attractive containers, you will brighten your space.  Remember to choose plants which suit your lighting and moisture conditions.

Paint an outdated bathroom

Chelsea-Town-House-by-Armstrong-Keyworth Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Armstrong Keyworth

Paint is one of the most effective bathroom décor ideas.  You can spruce up your space and add a fresh touch.  By adding a touch of colour you can turn a boring bathroom into a bright and attractive space.  Adding a mirror will enhance this effect.

Create a DIY feature wall

Do you have a large bare wall in your bathroom?  If so, you may be looking for bathroom décor ideas to create an attractive space.  Create a feature wall by adding adhesive floor tile.  Choose a product which can withstand humidity or water.  You’ll be able to add colour, texture or pattern to your wall.  By finding a stone or wooden print, you will be able to create a raw touch.

Create a temporary fix for unattractive bathroom floors

Walnut-Creek-Modern-Farmhouse-Larkey-Park-by-The-Home-Co Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: The Home Co.

If you have an unattractive bathroom floor, you might believe you are stuck with it.  However, decorating bathrooms with a vinyl floor cloth will add a temporary but attractive solution.

You can also use rubber floor tiles to cover up your floor.  You can choose from a range of different colours and textures.  You can secure them in place with carpet tape and remove them without damaging the floor.

Home polish

If you have a white bathroom, adding black accessories or fixtures will create a striking contrast.  As long as you match up any holes, changing a faucet or hardware is easily reversible.

How to revive a vintage bathroom

If you are looking for bathroom décor ideas on a budget, don’t worry.  Reviving a vintage bathroom will cost as little as $200.  The black and white tile which is often a part of a vintage bathroom has an enduring appeal.  However, changing wallpaper, sconces, cabinet handles and shower curtains can create an attractive, bright and much updated space.  Inexpensive bathroom décor ideas can completely transform your space.

Add Personality

Glamorous-White-Glass-Tile-Master-Bath-by-Hawthorne-Tile Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Hawthorne Tile

When you incorporate new bathroom décor ideas, you’ll also be adding personality to your bathroom. Add memories of holiday trips or personal touches to create a relaxing space filled with joy.  Quirky touches such as wire baskets add originality to a space.

Going pink

If you’re renting or looking for cheap bathroom ideas, and you can’t change all of your bathroom fittings, play up the colours already in your bathroom.  This pink bathroom has a marble style mirror and painted vanity which work well with the pink tile.  If you would like to tone down the girly appeal, blues and greens add contrast to pink and are very distracting.

Change your bathmats

One of the easiest bathroom décor ideas is to change your bathmat.  If you hate traditional bathmats, change them for vibrant rugs.  You’ll add brightness to a dull or boring space.

Create extra storage under a wall mounted sink

Ozone-Extension-Renovation-by-Liz-Prater-Design-Home Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Liz Prater Design Home

Decorated bathrooms need great storage in order to appear clean and uncluttered.  If your bathroom has a wall mounted sink without a pedestal, you could add a sink skirt.  This will hide any exposed pipes.  It will also provide you with some storage space for your bathroom essentials.

Woven baskets make great storage

If you have wall mounted sinks but no storage space, you would always use large woven baskets for your bathroom essentials.  This modern master bath shows how to decorate bathroom spaces using baskets.

Extend your shelving

If you love decorated bathrooms with extra large medicine cabinets, have a look at how this New York apartment uses a great cabinet to store towels as well as hide pipes and laundry baskets.

Add a trough sink

If you have been searching for decorated bathrooms where kids share a space, have a look at this kids bathroom.  A trough sink and separate stools accommodate 3 children.  What a great idea bath décor ideas when you have children.

Know where to save your space

Manly-Penthouse-by-CM-Studio Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: C+M Studio

If you are looking for ideas for bathrooms with big tubs, have a look at how these built-in shelves save space so that you can store all your bath essentials without hassle.

Try an Oval Sink

When you have an oval-shaped sink your bathroom home décor will appear to be softer and more organic.  You’ll have more counter space, which will give you more space to store your essentials.

Use Your Windows

If you are looking for decorative ideas when you have a mirror but no wall space, consider hanging it in your window area.  This will give you privacy as well as a feeling of light and space.

Get Towel Bars

Dallas-Vanderbilt-Guest-Bath-by-Kitchen-Design-Concepts Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Kitchen Design Concepts

Towel bars are a great choice for decorated bathrooms because they save you space.  They have a sleek appearance and are great when added to a washstand.

Try a Small Table

Do you want to include magazines, flowers and candles in your decorative ideas?  Use a small table to create space for items you truly love.  An open base will keep your bathroom feeling light and uncluttered.

Pair Busy Floors with Simple Walls

Are you looking for bathroom decorating ideas for small spaces?  We love how elaborate flooring can add interest to a small space.  However, to retain a clean and uncluttered feeling, keep the rest of your tiny space simple.

Consider a Long Sink

Small-Bathroom-remodel-by-Walls-too-Windows-Interior-Design Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Walls too Windows, Interior Design

Instead of using a double sink in your restroom decorating, using a long design will save you space.  You can keep your contain your sink and countertop in one piece, and two people will still be able to get ready at the same time.

Don’t Forget Towel Racks

If you are looking for great bathroom decorating ideas to create a comfortable and practical space, then towel racks above a tub are great.  You’ll save wall space and you’ll also be able to reach your towel the second you are ready to get out of the tub.

Choose a Big Mirror

Mirrors make great small bathroom wall décor.  When you place a giant mirror on the wall of a small bathroom, space will immediately feel larger.

Stash Bottles in Niches

If you have attractive bathroom items that you love, niches make fun bathroom ideas. Alcoves can keep all your bathroom treasures within easy reach.

Continue Floor Tile

New-West-Classic-by-Clay-Construction-Inc Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Clay Construction Inc.

Run tile throughout your bathroom to unify your space.  Continuation makes cool bathroom décor because it makes your bathroom feel larger.

Curved Corners

Organic bathroom ideas such as a soft and rounded vanity will create space.  It will also protect you from bumping into sharp corners on busy mornings.

Pick Fixtures with Storage

Mirrors with drawers or shelves make great bathroom décor ideas if you want to create a unique look. Check out these mirrors for inspiration.

Don’t Block the Shower

If you want to keep your bathroom clean and fresh looking, glass doors make great bathroom décor ideas.  This is particularly true in small spaces.

Never Block Windows

a-house-in-a-garden-by-Brennan-Company-Architects Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Brennan + Company Architects

By letting in as much natural light as you can, you’ll create bathroom décor which is clean and fresh.  Never block your windows.  If your shower curtain would block windows, choose glass doors instead.

Add a Ledge

Ledges make great bathroom décor ideas when you don’t have a vanity.  A ledge above the sink makes a great storage space while remaining light and clutter free.  A big piece of furniture may take up too much space in a small bathroom.

Add an interesting accent colour

If you’re looking for cool bathroom décor ideas you could always with your hardware to add a cool accent colour.  Adding brass handles, knobs and faucets will add a striking touch to an otherwise minimal bathroom.

Get rid of your built in vanity

Turtle-Bay-Loft-by-KIMOY-Studios Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: KIMOY Studios

Clean and fresh bathroom décor ideas sometimes demand that you get rid of the bulk.  Swap your vanity for a vintage table.  Open shelving will keep your space feeling light and airy and you’ll also add a creative touch to your home.

Add great mirrors

If you have a small bathroom, mirrors make decorating your bathroom much easier.  Your room will appear large and light once you add mirror.  If you don’t have space for a large mirror, even a small mirror will make a big difference to your bathroom décor.

Go With a Sliding Door

Swinging doors can take up a lot of space in small bathrooms.  Sliding doors make great bath room ideas because they’ll remain parallel to the wall, making your small bathroom feel larger.

Stenciling is Cheaper than Wallpaper

If you want great wall décor for bathrooms but you don’t have the budget for wallpaper, then stenciling may make a great choice for you.  You will keep the pattern while saving on cost.

Rethink Your Bathroom Door

Cantilever-House-by-Birdseye-Design Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Birdseye Design

If your swing door is taking up too much space, but you don’t want to use a pocket door, you can always transform your swing door into a sliding barn door.  Barn doors make cool bathroom décor and you can create them using DIY kits from your local store.

Mix and Match Design

 You can tweak up your bathroom designs with a couple of small changes.  Repainting your bathroom, changing your shades or adding accent colours through towels and textiles can create a fresh appearance, even when you have old fittings or fixtures.  Contrast old and new for a fresh approach to your bathroom décor.

Add Drama to a Bathroom Using Art

Small bathroom wall décor can be bold and eye catching when you hang up a great work of art.  Paint your wall a bold shade for added effect.

Pick the Perfect Shelves for Your Space

Shelves add such a lot to small bathrooms because they help to increase storage space without adding bulk.  Think shelving make bathroom décor ideas because they will feel light and airy.  You can also increase the size of your medicine cabinet for extra storage.

Transform Your Bathroom with Art and Grout Paint

Interesting grout paint can add a great pattern to an outdated bathroom.  Add brightness to your bathroom by painting brown grout white.  This cheap bathroom decorating technique will instantly update your bathroom.

Give an Old Bathroom the Gold Treatment

Tuscany-Style-Bedroom-Suite-Bath-by-Wesley-Design-Inc Bathroom décor ideas you should try in your homeImage source: Wesley Design Inc.

If you are looking for great bathroom décor on a budget, and you love the luxury of a marble bathroom but don’t yet have one, you can add gold accents for a glitzy touch.  Glamorous shower rails and golden faucets can all be replaced on moving day.  Have a look at this great apartment on Sweeten.

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