When it comes to bathroom design pick the contemporary style. In a contemporary bathroom, there are a few features that remain constant. A neutral colour scheme is one of them. That said, black is a colour that can be found in practically every contemporary bathroom design, whether it is on the walls, flooring, fixtures, or accessories.

As people search for new ways to upgrade their bathrooms, they’re opting for the non-traditional matte black finish due to its low gloss and contemporary appearance. The matte finish’s elegant and modern style makes the bathroom seems cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.

Want to bring a modern feel to your bathroom? Use the following creative ideas to decorate with matte black!

Matte Black Bathroom Sinks

If you want to give your vanity area some flair, think about getting a bathroom basin with a matte black surface. There is a variety of matte black bathroom sinks available, making it easy to find the ideal one for your bathroom.

A black vessel sink is one of the most appealing designs you can choose. With black vessel sinks, the entire sink is in view. And if you choose one with a matte finish, it will provide a wonderful centrepiece in your bathroom. These sinks also pair nicely with most faucets, so if you have the space, go for it.

Another great option to consider is a wall-mounted black sink. In addition to looking modern, wall-mounted sinks are also perfect for compact rooms because they don’t need a vanity. Whether you’re trying to save room or simply want to achieve a minimalist design, choosing this design is a wise move.

When it comes to styling your bathroom with a matte black sink, there are a few ways you can go. A matte black sink can be the finishing touch to an already daring urban space or it can add an unexpected burst of black to your decor. The contrast in your design will determine everything.

That said, to get a look that doesn’t overpower the space, remember to use light colours to balance out the deep blacks around the sink and throughout the room as well. For example, a great idea is to choose lighter colours for the counter and/or walls to match your black sink.

While black and white complement each other well (and are the simplest to contrast), don’t hesitate to incorporate additional colours. Black also goes well with wood cabinets, organic greens, and even interesting tiles.

When adding some colour to the room to soften the contrast between black and white, keep the colour scheme muted to prevent the room from feeling overly garish.

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Black Matte Tapware

If you follow faucet trends, you’ve probably seen that matte black is currently in style everywhere. But why is it so beloved? Well, for one, it’s different from the faucet designs we’ve come across so far. After so many years of gleaming chrome, brass, and stainless steel, a slight matte back touch is welcome.

Despite its seemingly simple appearance, black matte tapware has a lot of style power. It can add some drama to the space and make a statement. Also, matte black faucets go well with neutral colour schemes, which are very popular in contemporary homes.

Even if you prefer more vibrant hues such as millennial pink, turquoise and sea foam, black tapware will still look great paired with these colours.

Matte Black Accessories

A smart approach to maintaining your bathroom uniform and aesthetically beautiful is to match your matte black fixtures with some matte black accessories.

Matte black can make otherwise mundane bathroom accessories like soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and toilet brush holders look more upscale. Particularly if you have a grey or white colour scheme, a set of all-black accessories can be a great way to add the finishing touch to your bathroom. Nonetheless, due to their minimalist hue, they can be a great addition to any decor.

Matte Black Tiles

Black tiles are a great way to add texture and when used the right way, they can look super classy. Pair them with gold fixtures to achieve a space that looks modern, fresh and distinctive. For a statement design, use white grout with back tiles. This combination will add depth and character to your bathroom.

When used with matte black accents, geometric tile also looks wonderful, especially if you choose a unique pattern. When looking for a geometric pattern, you’ll find endless alternatives available in marble, porcelain, stone, mosaic, vinyl or ceramic. Adding a black geometric floor will create a strong style statement.

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Matte Black Feature Wall

If you don’t particularly like the idea of having black fixtures, there are many other ways that you can use to incorporate this colour into your design, like for example, with a black wall. You can make any bathroom stand out by including a feature wall in it. Give a wall of your choice a coat of black matte paint, and your space will look brand-new! It’s simple, inexpensive, and can be easily undone if you change your mind.

Darker colours are known for making a space appear smaller, so mind your bathroom’s size to avoid making it appear smaller. A great tip that you can use is adding a large bathroom mirror to reflect light throughout the space. A beautiful mirror will give the appearance of more space and make it feel brighter.

Matte Black Bathtub

Not everyone enjoys having their bathroom decorated entirely in black. If the idea of having black walls and dark floors doesn’t please you, why not add a black tub to liven things up? A black bathtub can prove to be a show-stopping addition that will never let you down.

Modern bathrooms frequently feature freestanding bathtubs to liven up the space. In addition to merging seamlessly with a variety of themes and styles, a black freestanding bathtub conveys beauty, elegance, and mystery. You have a wide selection of styles, designs, finishings, and variations to choose from, and you can be sure you won’t be let down.

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