If you’re keen to update your primary bedroom soon, want to set up a guest bedroom for family or friends to come and stay, or revamp your child’s bedroom, it can be tough knowing where to start. There are many decisions to make when decorating a sleeping zone and many products to choose from.

That’s why it’s helpful to look at some of the top bedroom design trends of the moment. You might like to take some inspiration from the following 2023 bedroom trends having an impact.

Luxury by Way of Extra Details

This year, bedrooms are getting luxurious upgrades by way of lots of details that give sleeping quarters more of a high-end, luxury hotel feel. You can follow suit and turn your primary suite into a place for peace, quiet, and relaxation by adding touches that similarly feel five-star.

For example, it pays to ensure you have a quality, comfortable mattress to lie on that supports your sleeping style (e.g., side, back, stomach), and add a thick mattress topper for extra plushness. In addition, you’ll want to sleep in hotel-quality thick cotton, bamboo, or satin-like sheets that are breathable and made from natural or sustainable fibers.

Other ways that bedrooms are getting an upgrade thanks to extra details are by using smart technology, such as smart lighting, TVs, entertainment and sound systems, and automated blinds. You might also up the luxe factor by buying some top-quality candles to use in your room and purchasing a “wow” piece of artwork for over your bed or elsewhere.

Increased Use of Earthy Shades

Over the last few years, earthy shades have been trendy in many rooms of the home, but in 2023, they’re particularly evident in bedrooms. You can help warm up your sleeping zone and make it feel more like you’re bringing the outside in by decorating your primary suite in down-to-earth colors like soft gray, clay, plum, coral, amber, and green, etc.

Such hues add depth to an area but are modern and versatile, too, so they suit all sorts of architectural and design types. You can introduce some earthy tones into your bedroom through classic comforter sets, quilt covers, or sheets, your choice of lighting fixtures or ceiling fans, area rugs, flooring, drapery, and more.

Lots of Walnut Wood In Use

Another trend to make its presence known in 2023 is the choice of walnut wood in bedrooms. This deep shade of wood adds a sense of solidness and can be paired with other wood types, too, such as white oak, when you want a nice contrast. You can use walnut in your bedroom in the furniture you decorate it with, such as your platform bed or bed head, bedside tables, dressing table, reading chair, and the like.

Alternatively, you might like to fit out your closet wall in this material to make it on-trend this year and beyond.

Patterns Seen in Many Areas

Patterns have always been a bit of a mainstay in bedrooms, especially in bed linen, but they’re particularly evident in primary suites and guestrooms this year. Rather than continuing to focus on lots of crisp white sheets or one-toned quilt covers that have been all the rage for the past few years, designers are now using a variety of pattern types throughout sleeping quarters. You won’t just find patterns in linen, either, but also in drapes, rugs, artworks, throw pillows, wallpaper, vases, lampshades, and so on.

You can get in on this trend by choosing pieces with stripes, checks, plaids, florals, or other pattern types, whether just the one or multiple options. If you choose a mixture of patterns, though, be sure to keep the materials in the same color tone so the room doesn’t end up overwhelmed or cluttered, visually.

More Illumination with Pizzazz

In 2023 bedroom design, there’s also a focus on illumination with pizazz. If your bedroom currently has very simple lighting fixtures, you may want to update these for more interesting and fun options. There’s a trend for lighting design that helps to add a warm, romantic glow to bedrooms through the use of red, deep plum, coral, or other undertones and saturated shades.

You might like to update the room’s lampshades and the overhead lighting, such as chandeliers or pendants. Another place where you can bring in some impressive lighting is by installing wall sconces or using floor-standing lamps.

Focus on Curvy Bedroom Furniture and Fittings

Lastly, note that one of the trends for bedrooms in 2023 is curvy bedroom furniture and fittings. Rounded pieces, such as curved headboards and bedframes, are having their day, as are cocoon-style reading chairs, circular lighting, round window-seat frames, and dressing tables and bedside tables with rounded edges.

Whether you want to update your sleeping zone minimally or undertake a complete renovation, utilizing one or more of these trends will help turn your bedroom into a modern, appealing space in which you love spending quality R&R time.

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