Are you in the position of decorating your bedroom and you need some bedroom decorating ideas to inspire you? I’ve been there.

The floor of your bedroom is of utmost importance and a tricky thing to get right because it needs to be both comfortable to the bare feet and pleasing to the eye.

Let’s look at some bedroom flooring ideas you can work with to create the most perfect bedroom.

Bedroom flooring ideas

  • Wool carpet
  • Animal Prints
  • Sisal carpets
  • Carpets with Berber flecks
  • Careful with the color
  • Area Rugs
  • Wooden Floor
  • Bamboo Floor
  • Rubber Floor
  • Leather Floor
  • Hardwood flooring
  • Cork Floor
  • Traditional tile and stone flooring
  • Linoleum Flooring
  • Contemporary glass tiles
  • Simple concrete
  • Laminated floor
  • Luxury vinyl tile
  • Stylish and affordable vinyl tiles
  • Elite solid wood with Parquet flooring

Now let’s look at them in detail.

Choice of carpet

Image source: Bigane Construction Company

The carpet is a highly preferred option in types of flooring, especially in bedroom flooring ideas, because of its warm and soft nature. The price of carpets can vary widely from high to low and you have a lot of options to choose from, depending on your budget and preference.

Carpets are divided into two major categories, loop pile, and cut pile. In cut pile carpets, the tips of the fiber loops are cut and left uncut and looped on loop pile carpeting.

Within these two major categories, there are several subcategories: Saxony, textured and frieze are variations of cut pile carpets, while Berber and level loop are the main types of loop pile carpet.

Wool carpet

Image source: Bagnato Architecture & Interiors

The carpet has been a popular flooring choice for many generations of homeowners. It is so soft, warm, and comfortable underfoot and is available in a wide range of colors and styles.

For years, carpets have been made using harmful and toxic materials that have a detrimental effect on both our health and on our environment.

But nowadays, there are many eco-friendly options available, starting with wool carpets. Other natural materials used to make carpets or rugs are sisal, jute, and cotton.

Wool carpets are the staple in many homes. They are made from natural wool spun into a thread, dyed in colors and then woven into carpets.

It has been one of the most popular flooring options since such a long time that some are even considered family heirlooms by now, being passed down from generation to generation. It is a durable flooring option and can sometimes last for years.

Animal Prints

Image source: Mary Prince Photography

Carpets with animal prints are back in the game. Flooring options nowadays consist of more subtly incorporated animal prints, rather than all-out traditional leopard or zebra prints.

Sisal carpets

Image source: Shaw Floors

Another popular flooring choice in eco-friendly material is sisal carpeting. Fibers extracted from a plant called Agave Sisalana are woven to form this type of carpeting. Sisal is a popular choice these days because it is both renewable and biodegradable.

Many homeowners who prefer green flooring and natural materials are using sisal in their home for both living room and bedroom flooring ideas.

For such high traffic areas of the house, options that come coated with a fire-retardant and stain-resistant sealer are even more preferred.

Carpets with Berber flecks

Image source: Lisman Studio Interior Design

Berber is one of the newest carpet flooring ideas nowadays. Using flecked color instead of solid color is an amazing and easy way to incorporate some personality into your room.

Normally, carpets with Berber flecks are found in neutral colors with darker shades for the flecks.

Berber flecks are quite pleasant looking and offer an extra advantage with their ability to hide any bits of dirt or lint that may be left on your carpet in between vacuuming.

If you have slight OCD when it comes to the set up of your room, this may just be the most ideal flooring choice for you.

Careful with the color

Image source: Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

The color of the carpet you use in a room will affect your mood a great deal so be sure to choose the color sensibly and thoroughly. Keep the changes in trends in mind and be sure to choose what will appeal to you for years to come.

Area Rugs

Image source: Bridget Beari Designs

Area rugs are mostly used to soften hard surfaces like laminate floors in bedrooms and can also be used as a layer over carpets. These rugs come in a range of sizes, colors, patterns, weaves, and materials, hence, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

When choosing the right rug for your bedroom, what you like matters a lot. You should choose one that feels soft and cozy, compliments the style of your room and hugs the overall décor of your bedroom.

Area rugs can be a cheap floor covering idea but those cheap bargain brands will not be the same in feel, looks, and longevity, to the expensive types.

Rugs look best in bedroom flooring when they cover the whole space left behind after the bed is placed in position. Other times, it may give a reasonably good look by extending the rug from underneath the bed.

Wooden Floor

Image source: DWYER DESIGN

Real wood flooring has a depth and charm that cannot be recreated easily, but it adds a fascinating appeal to any room it is used in. Although there are many hardwood floors options available, the most commonly used ones are ash, walnut, oak, and maple.

There are two types of wood flooring: engineered and solid wood. Solid wood, as the name suggests, is a sturdy piece of wood from top to bottom. Whereas, engineered consists of three to nine artificially manufactured layers of wood vinyl.

Of the three styles of wood floors available, strip and plank are the more commonly preferred bedroom wood floor ideas because they are both traditional and linear.

Bamboo Floor

Image source: Giffin & Crane General Contractors

Bamboo is a type of grass, shocking – I know- but true. It is one of the most eco-friendly flooring options available because of how fast bamboos re-grow and get harvested.

Bamboo is a durable flooring option because it is stronger and harder than wood floors and it comes in a variety of styles and colors.

Rubber Floor

Image source: Aspen Design Room

Recycled rubber is used to make rubber flooring. This type of flooring is very reliable and long-lasting, often times undeterred for over 30 years.

Because it is easy to maintain and clean and is available in a number of styles and patterns, it is an ideal choice for a child’s bedroom and playroom.

Leather Floor

Image source: Kriste Michelini Interiors

Shocking, right? The leather is surprisingly a durable and feasible material when it comes to bedroom flooring ideas.

This type of leather is extracted from the center-most part of the cowhide and is thicker than the leather pieces used for clothing accessories such as belts, wallets, and handbags.

It is the most suitable flooring choice for the rooms that have lesser traffic, for example, the bedroom or the closet.

It should not be used for rooms where water is readily available as the kitchen of the bathroom. Leather wears well over time and even old, scratched leather gives a swell look.

Hardwood flooring

Image source: Homespun Furniture Inc

Hardwood floors are not considered eco-friendly because of concerns over deforestation but if it is what you want, then there are a few types available.

Of these, reclaimed wood is the perfect one because it makes use of the wood that was cut down a long time ago. Bedroom hardwood floors look amazing in beach houses and cottages.

Cork Floor

Image source: Ponciano Design

Cork floor is ideal for the room where you need to stand for long periods of time, for example, the kitchen, because of its tenacity and durability. Cork can also be a splendid choice for bedroom floor due to its ability to absorb sound.

But cork floor can easily be influenced by placing objects on it for long periods of time. The imprint of heels or shoes may heal quickly but heavy furniture, such as the bed and the dresser, is bound to cause permanent damage to the cork bedroom flooring.

Cork floor maybe eco-friendly and comfortable, but it is an expensive flooring option and therefore, should be chosen wisely.

Traditional tile and stone flooring

Image source: Gcid

While the stone and tile maybe a traditional choice in flooring options for the rest of the house, they are considered too harsh, noisy and cold to be used in bedroom flooring.

On the contrary, if you are going for a themed-based room like Mediterranean, Tuscan, tropical, Spanish or Moroccan themes, then tiles and stone might be the more suitable option to use.

Linoleum Flooring

Image source: Baltazarstyle

Linoleum flooring is very often linked to vinyl, whereas in reality, the two are poles apart.

Vinyl is made of harmful and toxic materials while linoleum is an eco-friendly product made from plants and natural resources. Linoleum is not new to the market; it fell out of favor with the introduction of vinyl in the 1940’s.

Linoleum has a long shelf life and is resistant to fire, water, and even stains. It takes a long time to wear and tear and therefore, has become a big hit since its induction back into the market. This type of flooring is available in a wide array of colors and is relatively easy to install.

Contemporary glass tiles

Image source: Morph Interior Ltde

Glass tiles are all the hype in bedroom flooring ideas, as well as bathroom and kitchen walls these days. Beautiful glass tiles are made when wine bottles and beer bottles are recycled.

This means that this type of flooring is eco-friendly and more sustainable than others. It is not affected by damp conditions and is easy to maintain and keep clean.

Glass tiles are available in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes that suit a lot of bedroom schemes. Unlike ceramic tiles, a glass will reflect light rather than absorb it, therefore, adding an additional layer of light some rooms need.

Simple concrete

Concrete is usually used as a base for the tradition flooring types to be placed over it in many residential settings. If however, the concrete is set and designed according to what the owner’s demands are, then the need put another layer over it is no more.

Some of the perks of using this type of flooring are that it is extremely durable, easy to clean and never needs to be replaced. No wonder this material is gaining popularity.

Laminated floor

Image source: Beaulieu Group

Laminate flooring consists of three layers: backing, decorative and wear. Recycled, low-cost materials are used to make the backing layer.

The majority of the laminate is comprised of the backing layer. Over this layer rests a very thin decorative strip that is printed to give each piece its unique pattern. All of this is protected from stain and damage when a transparent wear layer is placed on top of it.

Laminate is one of the most inexpensive flooring ideas because it can use print patterns to achieve the look of many hardwoods and stone patterns. This helps in making the room look fancy and extravagant without breaking your budget or clearing the bank accounts.

Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) have the capability to replicate the designs of hardwood and tiled flooring with intricate detail.

This makes them a stronger and better alternative to the flooring options mentioned earlier. Displaying the character, look and grain of solid wood or the texture and feel of Italian slate tiles, LVT is the practical alternative.

LVT is highly tolerant in challenging environments and have a very amazing resistance to moisture and slipping. This can be an easy way to synchronize the style of both your bedroom and your bathroom.

Stylish and affordable vinyl tiles

If luxury hurts your wallet, don’t be saddened! Amazing and cheap flooring can be achieved by using low-cost vinyl in your bedroom flooring.

With the technology available these days, a huge variety of hardwood, tile, marble and mosaic imitation designs can be printed on vinyl tiles with an incredibly realistic quality, picking up on the smallest of grains or color fluctuations.

On another note, you can also use vinyl to give your room a unique and different look or just to add a pop of color in an otherwise neutral colored room. You can create your own designs, patterns, and graphics for your room and have the best flooring ever.

Elite solid wood with Parquet flooring

Image source: Montgomery Custom Homes

If all you desire is something that looks luxurious for years, then a wooden floor with its timeless grace is the best answer for you. Choose any type of wood, elegant parquet flooring, engineered or solid wood and design your room stylishly.

There are many bedroom hardwood floor ideas to choose from if you just know what you desire.

You can enhance your traditional decor with authentic wood knots and grains or if modern trends are more your style then whitewash coverings and light oak will elevate your room.

Types and materials

Tiles are available in a wide variety of types and materials, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. To be able to decide which floor choice suits your style the best, you need to look at each of them closely.

For example, stone floors offer an attractive natural look but require additional work cutting and grouting to fit the pieces together properly. Some common tile options include:

  • Ceramic
  • Stone
  • Porcelain
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Limestone
  • Terracotta


Image source: Kermans Flooring

The first step in budgeting for designing or redesigning bedroom flooring is to measure how much square foot of space you are working with.

Then, you buy the materials you require for the transformation. In this step, make sure to buy 10 percent extra material for some unforeseen circumstances.

Depending on the material, you may have to pay any amount from 50 cents to 20 dollars per square foot of space.

This is a long range and covers all types of materials. Generally, exotic woods with specialized finishes and designer types of tile will cost more than other materials. You can always go for cheaper flooring options if your initial choice doesn’t sit well with your budget.

At the end of the day, no matter what flooring choice you go for, make sure that you order samples first and have a clear idea of what your room will look like after this huge transformation.

An interesting way of doing this is to create a mood board to play with a few ideas before deciding on one.

Finally, the type of flooring you choose is completely and solely up to you. Don’t just dwell on the cost of all the material to be used, be sure to also think about the installation process.

Make a choice that you will be happy and satisfied with for quite a while because flooring takes in a lot of effort and a large investment of both money and time. You don’t want all that to go to waste!

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