A bedroom is a refuge, a place to get away from it all and recharge. It’s where we sleep and where we wake up on both good days and bad.

Because of this, bedroom décor is very important…and very difficult to decide on.

A bedroom is a very personal space, more so than any other room in your home and the room decoration should be a reflection of the person who sleeps there.

Here are some tried and true bedroom inspiration ideas, tips, and tricks to help you learn how to decorate a bedroom and turn it into a sanctuary.

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How to Decorate a Bedroom

Use Subtle Colors

Bold primary colors are tempting, but they are not great for bedroom décor. More soothing shades will work better for bedroom design.

They help turn the room into a restful place. Know your color theory to help you determine a calming color palette. Gentle hues of green, lavender, and blue are considered serene and soothing colors.  Rick jewel-toned colors are great at establishing a sense of comfort and coziness.

Some of these colors include toast browns, topaz, and deep pomegranate. While you may want to cover your bathroom in your favorite colors, you’re going to get a better result by using a tone down version of the same color.  This means that you should opt for mauve instead of eggplant purple, or pumpkin rather than tangerine orange.

Don’t Forget About the Ceiling

Your ceiling is like the fifth wall in your room. Whenever you lie in bed, you get at least a glance of it, and you probably see a blank and bland surface right now. However, it doesn’t; have to be this way. You can add some life to your bedroom ceiling by painting it with a subtle pattern or in a soft color. Consider painting your ceiling the in a slightly lighter vision of the colors of your bedroom walls. This helps to visually lower the ceiling and will also give the space a comfortable, intimate feeling.

You could also wallpaper or stencil the ceiling, ass architectural elements with beams or molding, or make use of a decorative paint treatment. To give a truly luxurious vibe, you can use a silver-leafed bedroom ceiling or install a canopy or tented bed using dressing that hangs from the ceiling.

These tented beds or canopies envelop your bed in warmth and sensuality while bringing texture, color, and design to your bedroom décor. You could also add a molded medallion, delicate shades, or even a crystal chandelier to the room to add a sense of color, pattern, and texture to the ceiling of your bedroom.

Keep it Simple

Image source: Greg Riegler Photography

Bedrooms are not, typically, complex spaces. Your bedroom design should be cozy and simple. Sophisticated elegance is the goal, no matter which style you choose for your bedroom décor.

Modern bedroom design emphasizes ease of moment, so you should leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large furniture piece, as well as leaving two feet between the bed and lower furniture like tables or dressers. If you need to walk around the bed to access the closet from the bathroom, give thought to how the bed can be moved around to make access easier.

Bedrooms furniture should only consist of what you really need. This is often a bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and a chair. Anything else is clutter that will get in the way. A chest of drawers can also be a nice fit in your closet if you have the room.

Try to keep bedroom décor accessories to a minimum. Pick one lovely piece of art, arrange a nice small gallery of family photos, add a few flowers or candles, then leave your bedroom design alone.

Buy Furniture That Is the Correct Size

Once you decide it’s time to buy some new bedroom furniture, you should get a feel for your bedroom’s floor plan first. Create a measured, scale drawing of the room. Furniture needs to fit the room you put it in, especially bedroom furniture.

You shouldn’t select a heavy and large bed for a small bedroom. A high and tall headboard will keep a high-ceilinged bedroom from seeming too spacious and empty. Choose furniture that fits your bedroom, whether large or small.

For larger bedrooms, don’t let the room get too empty. Try including a chair or ottoman or place some piece of furniture at the end of the room.  Furniture that is too small for the room will look lost in your bedroom design.

Create a Private Nook

Image source: HollandGreen Architecture & Interiors

Create a specials pace for yourself. A nook is a great place to read and relax. You can create an intimate reading or lounge area with just a comfortable chair and a footstool. Sit it at the end of your bed or in a corner. If you have the space for it, build a window seat under your bedroom window. This is a great way to let in natural light and create a pleasant spot to enjoy the view outside.

Enjoy Luxurious Linens

Make your bedroom truly special by outfitting it with luxurious, beautiful fabrics. Nothing adds comfort the way these sheets and blankets do.

Buy sheets that are 100 percent cotton or linen with thread counts of at least 350. If you want sheets that feel like they came from a 5-star hotel, start sending your sheets to the dry cleaners for professional washing and pressing. This does not cost much but will create an incredible crisp smoothness.

Complete the luxurious feeling by adding other sensual fabrics throughout the bedroom design. These include soft mohair or cashmere throws that you can drape over the arm of a reading chair. Cover the walls with silk or textured wall hangings. Hang up silk draperies or even a silk bed canopy. Plush floor coverings are an excellent way to start a morning or prepare for bed at night.

Include Numerous Lighting Options

Image source: Cornerstone Architects

In good bedroom design, it’s a nice idea to layer your lighting across through room. What does this mean? Use ambient lighting to light the while room, while including small lamps for focus light to be used for reading or other activities and some accent lights to softly illuminate the walls.

In order to help focus your reading light where you need it to be, get a bedside lamp with a moveable arm.  Get a dimmer function for every light in your bedroom so you can adjust them. Have a separate on/off switch for each light so you can decide to only light the area that you want.

Make Your Bedroom Into a Getaway

To make a bedroom design into a true refuge, treat it like one. Try to keep your phone, television, exercise machines, and laptops out of the bedroom.

This space should be one used only to relax and renew yourself. Make it into a room used just for reading, sleeping, and romance. This will help you to sleep and make the room that much more special. Essentially, you should practice “sleep hygiene” not only on your bed but or your whole bedroom.

How to Decorate a Small Bedroom

Image source: Sanctuary Rooms

Small spaces are very hard to decorate. Small bedrooms often become cramped, even when a bare minimum of furniture is used. The bed is simply such a large piece of furniture that it can overwhelm what little space you have in a small bedroom.  A cluttered bedroom is not a restful space and a small bedroom gets cluttered very quickly. However, it does not have to be that way.  There are a number of tricks you can use to decorate a small bedroom to make the most of your smalls pace and turn it into a pleasant refuge.

Create a Focal Point

Every room, no matter its size, needs a focal point. A focal point is an eye-catching element in the room that establishes a visual hierarchy so the room does not just look like a jumble.

Often bedroom uses the bed as a focal point. You can amplify this by including a set of bold pillows on top of the bed. When it comes to organizing small spaces, the window is also a useful focal point.

Instead of having the bed and the window compete for attention, place your bed in front of the window so the two meld cohesively. You could also dress one of these elements in neutrals so that it recedes into the background and the other element can get the attention.

Keep the Room Open

Image source: Yellow Book Interiors Ltd

While it’s always tempting to buy the biggest bed you can fit into a bedroom, this is not the best idea for decorating a small bedroom. A large bed in a small space makes everything very cramped.

Opt instead to get a smaller bed that won’t choke the room. Iron beds with see-through headboards and footboards are a good choice.You could also get a bed with no footboard at all, like a platform bed frame or a storage bed.

A smaller bed with a minimal headboard and footboard will help keep the middle of your bedroom design open which will make it feel larger.

Be Bold

There are two ways you can organize a small bedroom: it can be dark and cozy using saturated colors like berry red or chocolate browns, or it can emphasize daylight with barely dressed windows and a light-bouncing color on the walls like sunshine yellow or cloud white.

Image source: Valerie Grant Interiors

Regardless of which approach you choose, go all out. A weak approach will leave the room feeling even smaller than it is. You can be very bold in a smaller room without risking a lot of money or spending a lot of effort.

Sneak In Some Storage

Image source: TG-Studio

Every square inch of a small bedroom is potentials storage space. It’s easy to stash some sweater boxes under your bed, but you can also boost your bed frame on blocks and use a voluminous skirt when using the space under your bed to hide something as large as a set of luggage.

Get a storage ottoman and put it under your window to hold some extra bedding. Use a chest as a bedside table for some extra drawer space.

More than anything, make good use of a closet organizer system. See if you can hang a bookshelf on the wall. Get creative with your storage opportunities in a small bedroom.

Look for Ways to Make the Room Special

A small bedroom seems very limited in terms of what you can do with your bedroom decor. That’s not the case!

For small bedrooms, it’s often the little touches that make all the difference. Use fabric with expressive patterns and punchy colors or textures. Include interesting lighting, like charming chandeliers or sculptural table lamps.

You could make a big statement by getting a bold headboard that is very tall, brightly upholstered, or distinctly curvy.

Use art to show off your personality and interests. You don’t need to spend on an art gallery but can just frame snapshots for an amazing effect. Your bedroom is the most personal space in your home, so decorate a small bedroom with what makes you happy.

Let the Light In

Image source: Alpha Painting

While black-out blinds are very helpful for keeping a room dark, a small bedroom can benefit from embracing natural light. This will help the space feel light and airy. Use drapes and light-blocking shades together to get style and excellent light control.

Think Tall

Try hanging your window treatments closet to the ceiling in your small bedroom. This will make the smaller space feel taller—and therefore, bigger. Try having someone hold some curtains up high to see how this works. It can make for an instant change in your small bedroom design.

To help with lower ceilings or slanted ceilings, paint the room in crisper and lighter colors. This can help with any odd-shaped room that has odd nooks and corners, helping the space to look more pleasant and normal.

Rounded Edges

Image source: TG-Studio

When decorating a small bedroom, look for bedroom furniture with rounded edges. These pieces are good ideas for several reasons. for one, they take up less floor space and help to widen walkways.

They also are less easy (and less painful) to bump into, which can be an issue in a small bedroom no matter how well-organized it is. Getting poked by your nightstand’s corner while making the bed is very unpleasant.

Look for half-circle nightstands and round ottomans (often with hidden storage compartments). With the right bedroom decor, these kinds of pieces can fit into any style of small bedroom design.

Try Out Boho Chic

If you are trying to think of a style that works great for both a small bedroom and a small budget, give boho chic a look.

Boho chic style places one dramatic element as a focal point like suzani patterned tapestries that serve as a striking headboard. include a few other boho accessories, with their exotic but rough looks, to make everything fit together, and now you have an incredibly small bedroom design!

This is a really great way to take what was once a dingy and dismal apartment and give it a nice bit of fun flair.

Layer Elements

Image source: Sustainable Home

Small bedrooms don’t have to follow some of the traditional conventions of bedroom design.  You can and maybe should be creative with your small bedroom furniture layout.

Consider having the bed slightly overlaps windows so that the placement still provides wide walkways. If you choose to arrange your small bedroom design this way, just be sure to prioritize movement and access to doors, drawers, and the bed.

Also make sure to allow room for other decorative touches that can help your small bedroom look great, like blinds and curtains.

Place Your Bed Against a Corner

Many bedroom designs have the bed centered against a wall. However, this is not the optimal floor plan for narrow floor plans and limited space.

In order to maximize available space, push your bed up against a corner or wall. this will create a cozier sleep area and a bit more space in the room.

If this feels too much like a college dorm, add a headboard built with a two-corner system to make it look more finished. The result is not a juvenile, cheap look, but a sleek designer look that makes this arrangement very modern.

Avoid Buying a Bulky Bed Frame

Image source: WAKE + LOOM DESIGN

Every extra inch of space counts in a small bedroom. Give up a footboard-style bed frame and replace it with a simpler modern headboard to finish off the look of your bed.

You could also get a Hollywood bed frame that will support the bottom of your bed but extend no further than the edge of the mattress. Feel free to decorate the space above your bed in this set up with art, drapery, or add a headboard at a later time.

Bring your bedroom down to its bare essentials to maximize space. Only keep your favorite elements and the most necessary things. The focus of any bedroom is definitely the bed, so try to keep other bedroom furniture down to a minimum. For storage, get some sleek contemporary built-ins.

These pieces maximize the amount of storage available while not even seeming to be there at all. A good built-in around your bed will make a cozy sleeping area that also includes a lot of storage. Make saving space your top priority when it comes to small bedroom design and you will succeed at making it work very well as a plant space to sleep in.

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to expand the size of any room. By arranging them properly, you can create the illusion of a bigger room.

Place a mirror so that it reflects the light of a window to increase the amount of natural light in your small bedroom. If you’re looking to include a larger mirror in your small bedroom, find a body-length mirror and lean it against your bedroom wall.

There’s no need for a drill, hammer, nails, or any holes in the wall. You may want to secure it with some wall tacky just to make sure it won’t get tipped over and broken, however.

How to Decorate a Master Bedroom

Image source: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Master bedroom decor is often some of the nicest in a home. these spaces are often luxurious refuges. Just because you spend most of your time in your master bedroom asleep doesn’t mean that you should let all this space just sit empty.

Use these master bedroom decorating ideas to develop a bedroom design that captures your personality and makes the most use of the space to create a place that is great to sleep in and wake up to every day.

Maintain a Light Color Palette

Image source: Shea Homes Charlotte

A bedroom is a place where you can relax no matter how hard the day has been. Neutral palettes tend to be better choices for this kind of environment and are very common choice.

Softer whites that have a bit of warmth help keep the bedroom decor soothing while not feeling stark and cold. Pastel colors are a nice way to add splashes of colors in but not overwhelm the feeling of serenity that the master bedroom design should have.

Embrace Black

Dark colors have their place in a bedroom design, too. They add impact to the space and keep it from becoming so serene that it’s boring.

Contrast dark elements with lighter ones to keep the master bedroom from becoming cave-like and oppressive.

Use Bold Patterns

Image source: Jennifer Welch Designs

You can add patterns to a bedroom design in a number of ways, from wallpaper to bedding to curtains.

Be small and subtle with patterned throw pillows, or go wild with floor to ceiling prints. Patterns keep things interesting and even a very serene bedroom needs a bit of visual interest to keep it from becoming boring or cold.

Play with Montone

Image source: L K DeFrances & Associates

Try using variations on one color in your master bedroom design to make it feel like a jewel box. The room will feel cozy and intimate this way.

This can be almost any color you like, from different shades of green to various blues.  Include deep jewel tones as well as pastels, all balanced out by neutrals.

This will be an amazing effect and is a great way to include a lot of your favorite color in your bedroom decor.

You can easily get an idea of how to work within a color range by visiting the paint section of your local hardware store.

Coastal Master Bedroom with Layered Decor

A coastal style master bedroom can be an excellent retreat after a busy day. Mix materials throughout the bedroom design, including a cloth duvet, grass cloth wall coverings, bamboo furniture, and wool Berber carpets for a touch of warmth.

The room will have a sleep feel, but add a touch of wakefulness with a quiet flourish of celadon green in places like the bed linens, pillows, and furniture cushions. the layering and contrast between all these textures will help make your master bedroom into a unique space that is both refreshing and full of personality.

Wallpaper Your Bedroom Ceiling

Image source: Woodford Architecture and Interiors

If you have a master bedroom with a low ceiling, make it an asset rather than a detriment by wallpapering it.

Choose a fitting pattern for your pattern and bedroom decor theme, then put it up there! Your ceiling is effectively the ‘fifth wall’ of your bedroom, and inf act your bedroom is one of the few places where you look directly at the ceiling very much.

With the addition of wallpaper on your bedroom ceiling, you now have an accent wall and a truly unique look for your bedroom design.

Go for Classical Blue and White

Blue and white are a reliable bedroom color scheme that can be used in a number of different ways. It’s a calming color scheme.

You can try bright white and preppy navy for a nautical look, or combine creamy white and sky blue to remind you of a spring sky.

The two colors balance each other out while working as a neutral while blue is a naturally calming color that is associated heavily with a lot of emotion.

It is a very effective color palette for master bedrooms that works regardless of their size, height, or even how much natural light they receive.

Combine Antique Pieces with Modern Ones


A lot of people find that their style falls somewhere between contemporary and traditional. A space filled only with one or the other also tends to feel a bit too much one-note.

Try mixing different styles, Include vintage and antique pieces to add a sense of warmth to your bedroom decor, while having sleeker furniture and more minimalistic modern elements keep it from becoming stuffy.

It’s also a great way to allow your bedroom decorations to express your personality without feeling restricted. Include your heirloom figurines as well as your modern artwork side by side with no worries!

Use a Layered Look

Layers are always a great way to add a sense of coziness to your master bedroom design. Have top durable sisals with plush rugs.

Add throw pillows and throw blankets to your bed. This adds warmth and interest. Place rugs on the floor (a great thing to do if you have a tile floor that gets cold on winter nights and mornings).

Layer window treatments and drapes to make your bedroom windows more interesting.  It also gives you new ways to include colors, patterns, and textures in your master bedroom design.

Create a Seating Area

Image source: Harwick Homes

Add a seating area to your master bedroom if you have the space for one. Add a sofa or a comfortable armchair or two.

This can be a great place to read or maybe even read stories to your kids. These additional seating areas a wonderful way to add more space in your bedroom specially carved out for relaxation.

They also add to warmth and sense of welcome in the bedroom design, while providing more opportunities for texture, pattern, and color in the design of furniture or the throw pillows and blankets you keep on it.

Make Your Bed Your Focal Point

the bed is the most important element of any bedroom. Because of this, it should be the focal point. Have your bed be the showstopping element in your master bedroom.

Because master bedrooms can usually fit larger beds, this is very easy to do. Use the scale a large bedroom has and get a bed that dominates the space.

Try out an elaborate, striking headboard or even add a canopy. Use colors on the sheets and pillows that help catch the eye. There are a lot of options that can make your bed stand out in your master bedroom design.

Cheap Bedroom Decor

Image source: Dream Finders Homes

Decorating a bedroom on a budget is always hard. A shoestring budget can be very limiting and it can feel like budget bedroom inspiration can be hard to come by.

However, there are still a number of great bedroom decorating ideas out there that won’t make your wallet scream. Often, they are simple bedroom decorating ideas that look like they cost a lot more than they do.

Use these bedroom ideas and tricks to help transform your sleeping space into a sanctuary that looks great and stays within your means.

Keep it Fresh with Flowers

Image source: John Lewis & Partners

Bring in a touch of nature with flowers. A vase of fresh flowers is perfect for country bedroom decor, but with the right color and vase choices, flowers can be perfect for any style of bedroom.

For a gentler splash of color, try traditional favorites like lavender, roses, and sweet pea. White daisies (or even dyed ones) can look lovely in even minimalist modern bedroom designs.

Fresh flowers can be found at your local grocery store for relatively cheap, or you can even grow your own! Change the flowers you feature depending on the season to add a more festive touch, variety, and also to save money.

Use Wallpaper

You can play a fun visual trick by wallpapering a cupboard or wardrobe door with a fun mural or wallpaper pattern.

This is a very creative idea that packs a lot of visual punch and doesn’t require much effort and time.

Look for a wallpaper design that emphasizes the scale of your bedroom design and the height of the bedroom ceiling. To get a more seamless look, replace any obtrusive door knobs or handles.

Stack Up Boxes

Image source: West Elm UK

Use crates and boxes as interesting and unusual display shelves. Wooden crates are typically very inexpensive and even battered, weathered ones are fairly easy to make pretty with just a bit of TLC.

You don’t even have to place these unique bedroom shelves on a wall, but instead, you can just stack them up to create a budget bedroom storage unit.

Use “Soft Doors”

Select a corner and create a walk-in closet and dressing area. This so an idea used by clothing boutiques.

All you have to do is place sheet curtains in a single tone pattern and hand them from a slender track in front of the designated area. Add in a standing clothes rails to store all your clothes and you have a luxurious new touch to your bedroom that costs very little money!

Ladder Shelves

Image source: Go Modern Furniture

Maximize your bedroom storage by using ladder shelving. This is an attractive alternative to normal shelving that does not need nails or screws.

All you need to do is position the free-standing ladder against a wall. While trendy and modern, ladder shelving is very affordable and can easily be moved around if you decide to change your bedroom design around.

Make an Adaptable Display

You can find ways to display photographs, pictures, and postcards without a frame. There are a number of different bedroom accessories that are interested and practical for displaying your memories and interests.

Try to stagger your image so that they have a contemporary and fun look. Without frames, it is much easier to swap images in and out of the display or change how they are arranged.

Upcycle Unused Objects

Take an old wooden box and turn it into a bedside table. Paint the inside of the box the same color as your walls to make it fit into your bedroom design, or leave it untouched for a rustic vibe.

Add some color and life with bedroom accessories. Look for glass bottles in pretty shapes and designs, remove their labels, and start using them as vases in your bedroom.

Revamp Your Headboard

Take an old headboard and cover it in a fun fabric. Pick a modern design that is vibrant and eye-catching so it can work as the focal piece of the bedroom design.

If you’re only covering a headboard, it should not cost you much. Paint your walls white to let this unique centerpiece stand out and dress your bed with white linens to make it even more eye-catching.

Roll a Pattern Onto Your Bedroom Walls

Image source: Design Loves Detail

Wallpaper can get expensive, so find an alternative in decorative rollers. These often have raised leaf or floral patterns.

All you need to do is get some paint that contrasts with your bedroom walls and applies the pattern up and down the wall. Don’t be too worried about being exact, since imperfections give it hand-rolled charm.

Keep Your Pattern On Your Bedding

Let your bedding get all the patterns in your room, especially if you have an awkwardly shaped bedroom. This will help save money since you can now mix and match furniture more freely and are also looking at mono-color furniture, which is typically cheaper.

How to Decorate a Bedroom Wall

Image source: Tanya Capaldo Designs

Knowing what to do with your bedroom walls can be very difficult. Your bedroom is a place you want to be restful but full of personality, so is there really anything you can do with a bedroom wall other than paint it a solid color or maybe wallpaper it? Yes!

Try Some Unique Painting Techniques

There’s more to painting than just using a roller!

Faux techniques

Image source: West Elm UK

Use faux techniques to add interesting texture or color techniques. You can achieve them by simply blotting a sea sponge in glaze and dabbing it on your walls, or blotting over gauze. Try watering down paint and using a crumpled paper sack, feathers, rages, or even wide-toothed comb to create a special effect on your bedroom walls.


Use painter’s tape to mask off stripes on your neutral colored walls. Fill them in with a cheerful bright color for a more whimsical effect or make them neutral for a more sophisticated one.


You can find stencils of just about anything you can imagine, from floral designs to animals. Try stenciling a border around the upper edge of your bedroom walls, or even use stencils to create a unique and personalized mural above your headboard.

Add an accent wall

Image source: Soelberg Industries

If doing something unusual with all your walls is too much, try just applying the effect to one wall to add some life and interest to the bedroom design. you can also just paint your accent wall one distinct color from the rest.

Wallpaper and More

There are many alternatives to paint for your bedroom walls if you don’t want to break out the brushes.


Image source: Raspberry Interiors

Modern wallpaper comes in many unique and fun patterns.


If you feel like being bold, cover your walls in fabric instead of wallpaper. Along with being a completely wild and new direction for bedroom decor, it is also much easier to remove.

Hang a rug or quilt

Looking for a nice accent that adds some texture? Hang up a quilt or a rug. these unique pieces often add a touch of personality to even blank bedroom walls.

Wall decals

These fun and removable bedroom wall decorations are very easy to do and are a great choice for renters who want to add something special to their walls. You can find murals, borders, decorative flourishes, and more.

How to Decorate a Loft Bedroom


Loft bedrooms are unique challenges in terms of bedroom designs. they’re intriguingly open, but lack the traditional privacy of a bedroom door. They also tend to be rather small.

The major focus you should have when decorating a loft bedroom are:


Try installing curtains between the loft bedroom and the living space. The fabric should serve as a visual bridge between the two areas. if this is too much for the limited space, use a translucent room divider or free standing screen.


Even with its small space and lack of privacy, a loft bedroom should still be focused on relaxation. Proportion furniture to the size of the room and try to keep it as cozy as possible.

Color harmony

Loft bedrooms should fit in with the rest of the house, even if you try to treat them as their own space. There’s a lot of room for decorating them in their own unique colors, but it should feel like a natural transition from the rest of your color scheme.

Ending thoughts on how to decorate a bedroom

Bedroom decor is a perfect way to express your personality and turn your bedroom into the perfect refuge from a busy life.

No matter the size, shape, or budget you’re dealing with, there are plenty of ways to turn your bedroom design into a truly great one!

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