For the most prolonged period, the Berber carpet has been the to-go carpet. It’s both classic and long-lasting. With its unique patterns, it offers a nice touch to almost any house.

Throughout the years, these carpets started gaining popularity. Because of that, they are now available in various colors. Also known as looped style carpets, they are also available in multiple patterns and designs.

Like any other product on the market, it is essential to know the pros and cons before deciding to buy one. Consider the positive and negative sides this carpet has. If you’re not sure where to research and who to ask, this article is for you. We’ve compiled a list of Berber carpet pros and cons. This will help you to make the right decision.

The origins 

Berber-Carpet-For-Multi-Family-by-Tidewater-Flooring What are the pros and cons of having a Berber carpet
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To begin with, we need to know the history behind the Berber carpet. Its definition originates from North Africa’s natives. The tribe of people called itself “Berbers.”

These people made original hand-made textiles with distinct designs. This weave of designs is made of multi-colored flecks and loops/knots of various sizes. This design was the original Berber knit.

Today, this word can be a little confusing. This word can mean both a particular style or carpet color. It is a term that can have many meanings. Manufacturers and salespeople typically use it. However, if we go by the original definition, it means a looped carpet style.

Pros and Cons

Dealing with this type of style can be a laborious job. Despite that, it has its advantages. Here are several Berber carpet pros and cons:

List of Pros

Flexible pricing

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The most notable reason for this carpet style is gaining popularity is its cost flexibility. It is less expensive than other kinds of carpet styles. Its price is flexible and ranges from $$-$$$. The reason for such a considerable price range is the different materials it is made of.

It can be made of various fibers. Olefin fibers are cheap, thus making this type of carpet economical. These carpets are usually a combination of both olefin fibers and nylon. The nylon is added to this to support the olefin. This combination creates the most durable rugs.

On the other hand, wool carpets are on the expensive side of the spectrum. Wool is a natural fiber that can last for decades on its own. It is highly durable and keeps its color and pattern for years.

Depending on your budget, you can pick between these two options.

Impossible to absorb dirt

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Because these carpets are tightly knit, they don’t absorb dirt or debris that easily. Their carpet strands are tightly packed. This is what makes them perfect for homes with pets and children. Even if you don’t have children or pets and are too lazy to continually clean carpets and rugs, they are perfect for you.

Resistant to strains

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These carpets offer a lot more than just resistance to dirt and durability. Because of their tight structure, they are perfect for resisting stains as well. Nylon is impermeable. It doesn’t have a porous structure, so it is resistant to all kinds of colors, making the whole carpet resistant.

Not only that, but wool is naturally resistant too. That’s why these carpets are nice to have.

Long durability

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The mention of durability is what catches the eye most. This carpet is among the most long-lasting mats on the market. A lot of people tend to change their carpets the most. That’s because rugs are the easiest to fall apart and get stained.

However, it is essential to know that these carpets can also fall apart. Make sure to maintain them correctly and with care. If you do so, these can last up to several decades with not a single hole. Again, make sure to choose the right carpet.

Easy to clean

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Unlike many other carpets out there, this carpet is relatively easy to clean. Perhaps you have spilled something on it, and you’re worried whether you can clean it or not. Well, worry no more!

Their looped structure offers excellent protection. The spilled concoction will remain at the top of the surface. The dense system of the carped makes any liquid hard to be absorbed further into the carpet. If it’s a fresh spill, you can clean it with a little bit of water and detergent without making a huge mess.


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This type of carpet is not only functional, but it is aesthetically pleasing as well. It comes with a variety of styles and designs. They have a whole palette of colors and an entire spectrum of patterns. You can go to the local carpet store and choose one best for your taste, style, and budget.

Ideal for slippery places

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Another great advantage of this carpet is that it is a great installation option. You can incorporate it in your stair design or any other areas where slipping could be problematic. They’re simple to install yet excellent for reducing slipping.

It is perfect for places that involve a lot of walking traffic.

Offers comfort 

Wool-Berber-Carpet-by-Abbey-Carpet-Floor-Of-Hawthorne What are the pros and cons of having a Berber carpetImage source: Abbey Carpet & Floor Of Hawthorne

Not only is it functional and pretty, but it also provides excellent support to your feet. Wool carpets are especially useful for this. Their soft structure can give you a cushiony feel. You can stand for hours and not feel a thing.

List of Cons

Prone to ripping

ripping What are the pros and cons of having a Berber carpet

Berber carpets, or all the other types of lop carpets, are prone to snagging. If attention is not paid to it immediately, then it might unravel the whole carpet. Even if one loop is hooked, it should be repaired immediately to avoid further troubles.

Hard to Install

Hard-to-Install What are the pros and cons of having a Berber carpet

Because of the complex weave patter, you might have a hard time installing it. This carpet has a dappled way that can’t be matched. This might sound confusing to you.

This type of carpet has a lot of carpet seams showing up. And that can’t be avoided. What you can do about this is use a 6-inch steam iron to reduce seam peaking. And, make sure to always order 10% to 15% extra carpet for pattern matching.

Inadequate for pets

Inadequate-for-pets What are the pros and cons of having a Berber carpet

We’ve mentioned before this carpet is suitable for pets. However, it is not ideal for all types of pets. Animals with claws can destroy the carpet loops. This will result in the carpet ripping and falling apart.

Cats are the worst pets to have when owning a Berber rug. These kinds of rugs are attractive to them because they are rough, therefore, ideal for scratching. Consider not buying this kind of carpet if you own cats.

It is rough on feet

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The Berber carpet made out of nylon, may not be as soft as the woolen type. Even though nylon is a soft plastic, it still is quite rough on the feet. However, not all woolen carpets are equally smooth. This is often a considerable setback when it comes to buying Berber rugs.

Requiring a special kind of vacuum cleaner

Requiring-a-special-kind-of-vacuum-cleaner What are the pros and cons of having a Berber carpet

It is vital to have the right vacuum cleaner for this type of carpeting. Vacuum cleaners with a beater bar can yank the carpet loops, making them snap. Many vacuum cleaners also come with a lot of power, which can be detrimental to the carpet. They can make the individual stands to untie, disassemble the rug, and even clog the vacuum belt. This will only add up to your expenses.

Carpet is a unique and exciting detail you can add to your home. Their flexible prices make room for all kinds of designs and colors.

However, you do have to pay attention to both the advantages and disadvantages they have. That is important because they should last up to ten years, if not more. Flooring is essential to a great and durable home. And installing a Berber carpet is the key to achieve that.

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