Upholstery cleaning is not an easy job. Those who have furniture with this type of coating will know that much of the difficulty of this work is due to the tools we have. The upholstery cannot be cleaned like other materials with soap and water. For this, we need an upholstery steam cleaner. In this way, we will guarantee a deep cleaning against all the dirt that the fabric may have collected.

The list of waste that is trapped between the threads of the upholstery is very wide, going from hair, food remains, bacteria, mold and many other harmful elements to our body. That is why we must clean it periodically.

As we are dealing with a relatively porous material, steam can easily penetrate the spaces between the seams, softening all the dirt so that it is easy to remove.

Another advantage that steam has over traditional cleaning methods is that being very hot, it kills bacteria in the process, so that a furniture steam cleaner will also serve to disinfect it completely.

The best upholstery steam cleaner options

BISSELL 5207F Upholstery Steam Cleaner – Ready at all times

The general reception between clients of this vaporizer is extremely positive, highlighting overall the ability to be hot at all times. Its Heatwave technology allows you to control the temperature so that, while the device is on, we always have steam.

In addition to the upholstery steam cleaner, multiple accessories are also included to facilitate the task of cleaning, such as a brush for deep stains, especially for fabrics.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner – Hard work, and many accessories

When it comes to large-scale jobs, McCulloch has the ideal gadget. Not only because of the great power of this vaporizer but also because of the number of accessories it includes for different jobs. In total, we have 18 accessories that allow us to clean different surfaces.

A clear deficiency of this cleaner is that it does not have a suction mode to remove steam. However, it compensates that by decreasing the humidity it produces, so the drying time is very similar to that of other vaporizers. The heat it produces is so high that it can kill small bugs.

Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86T3 – Professional work for our carpet

When it comes to carpets, steam is not the only thing we need to clean them. Some suction power is never too much in these cases. That is why Bissell offers us this alternative that combines a vacuum cleaner and a vaporizer.

The brand is a pioneer in the cleaning world, and it has made available to the masses devices that would otherwise be very expensive to acquire. However, this was achieved without sacrificing features, since it even has high-quality accessories such as the DirtLifter PowerBrush to brush dirt.

As if it were a hummingbird, this upholstery steam cleaner can clean back and forth, halving the cleaning time.

Costway Steam Cleaner – Enduring much more

Thanks to the double capacity tank of the Costway Steam Cleaner, we can clean for longer periods without having to reload halfway. Thanks to its 17 accessories, we can not only clean upholstery furniture but even clothing.

Steamfast SF-370WH Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner – Drip proof

There are times when we simply want to clean a specific upholstery. For those cases, we need a vaporizer that can heat water quickly when we need it. The SF-370WH specializes precisely in producing only the steam we need, so, if at any time we want to take a break, we can turn it off without fear of water leaking.

This vaporizer has additional points thanks to the 15 accessories it incorporates, which helps it to gain the “multipurpose” title.

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner + Accessory Kit – The best that can be bought

If money is not a problem, then we can afford to purchase one of the best steam cleaners for furniture. The Dupray ONE has all the functions we need in these gadgets (even to clean our car), in addition to offering immense autonomy to work steadily for up to 50 minutes.

This vaporizer can reach temperatures of up to 300-Fahrenheit degrees, so it will dry immediately any possible moisture left in our upholstery.

AutoRight C900017 – Another multipurpose option

Although it does not reach the specifications of the previous vaporizer, it is not far behind when it comes to quality. This upholstery steam cleaner is perfect for every home since it can perform all the tasks we require for an acceptable price.

As an additional fact, the device works with 120 volts, so it is compatible with the United States standard.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner Machine F7412900 – A different bet

Unlike the other vaporizers on the list, this one does not offer tools or accessories of excellent quality. However, that is because it does not need them since its 360 degrees SpinScrub is responsible for performing all the work.

Thanks to the different angles of rotation of the brush, removing the garbage stuck on the floor or in furniture corners will be possible. Additionally, the rotating brush has an engine that does, as expected, roll autonomously to apply force for us (with two speeds, one smooth and the other normal, to adapt to the type of upholstery we clean).

Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable Cleaner – Perfect for pets

Who says we can’t use a steam cleaner to bath our pets? This device is practically designed for that task. It is small and has just the right power for surface upholstery cleaning, or to bathe our pet.

You just have to know what you will save on water: with only a 48-ounce water tank, you will be able to bathe a dog of approximately 80 pounds. If you used a bathtub, you would need 19 gallons of water to wash the same 80-pound dog.

Reliable 100CH – The wonders of technology

We finalize the list of the best steam upholstery cleaners with a device that symbolizes high technology. It has safety systems to prevent water from being dumped both when pouring and having it inside the tank, it only takes 2 minutes to warm up (with a maximum temperature of 245 Fahrenheit), and it has a power of 58PSI to be able to remove all the dirt.

Other notable features are its sprinkler-shaped design, which makes it extremely portable and maneuverable, its battery life (15 minutes in continuous work) and the ability to use steam to clean clothing without damaging them.

Ending thoughts on using an upholstery steam cleaner

As we mentioned at the beginning, the dirt that adheres to the upholstery can bring serious diseases. Especially in allergic people, who are more likely to suffer from respiratory problems. That is why there are so many methods to keep our home clean, such as pillow covers, air purifiers, or steam cleaners.

At first, the investment in one of these devices may seem somewhat high, but after a while, you will realize that you are saving a lot on other cleaning products and doctor visits.

The best thing about the upholstery streamer is that, since it only requires water, we will not have to make additional expenses on detergents or soaps. Moreover, since we don’t use any chemicals, the upholstery will not be affected in the least.

However, consider that these devices also do not do miracles, so beyond revolutionizing the way of cleaning, it is on our part if we maintain a constant cleaning routine so that we do not have difficulties when removing those annoying stains on our furniture.

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