Condos in Miami are not going to be synonymous with luxury for everyone, but these particular condos in Miami will cause all sorts of people to rethink their perceptions immediately. People will be able to rest and relax in the gorgeous ultra-modern pool area. It’s an indoor pool area that also manages to overlook the sea itself, so people can get the best of both worlds in many respects.

The Setai condos themselves are part of a tall skyscraper that does indeed seem to reach for the sun. People will be able to enjoy gorgeously spacious balconies that overlook the entire city of Miami, with their own luxurious furniture and palm trees for the residents to enjoy for themselves. The interior of the homes has a beautifully modern and polished look to it, with gleaming hardwood floors, large and open windows and wide sliding glass doors that allow people to see the city from all sorts of different angles.

Of course, there are also rooms in these condos that will give people more privacy. They can enjoy dark and private libraries that have brick walls and rich hardwood floors. Many of the interior spaces in these condos have something of a traditionalist look and feel to them. However, the skyscraper itself is firmly a product of the modern technologically sophisticated world, as is the pool area and a lot of the grounds around the condos. These Setai condos will truly give people all that they could want in a living space in any time period.

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