Chicago skyscrapers represent the birthplace of many majestic buildings. Chicago’s skyline is one of the most beautiful in the world, with the city’s tallest buildings emerging out of the mist in ethereal wonder.

Chicago is currently reinventing itself and Chicago’s towers add to the beauty of its skyline.  The tallest buildings in Chicago are found throughout the city.

Chicago’s skyscrapers represent the building of a dream.  From the beginning of the Industrial Age, people have sought to reach the sky.  Different cities and counties have taken part in a competition to produce the tallest buildings.  Chicago is no exception.  Chicago’s skyscrapers aim not only to compete as some of the tallest buildings in the world but also as the most well designed.

Chicago skyscrapers are some of the oldest in the world.  These skyscrapers have often been built by large corporations but some have been built by extremely wealthy individuals.  Towers in Chicago can be found in many different areas of the city and are not only limited to the commercial hubs.

Over time, the definition of a skyscraper has changed.  Skyscrapers can be either commercial or residential buildings.  At present, a skyscraper should stand over 150m tall and have over 40 floors.  In the 1880’s, however, a skyscraper would only need to have 10 to 20 floors.  As construction has grown more elaborate, buildings have increased in size, and the same is true for Chicago’s tallest buildings.

These buildings offer exceptional views of the Chicago skyline.  They are also exceptional architectural achievements.

Check out the impressive Chicago skyscrapers

Willis Tower

WillisTower Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

Often referee to as the Sears Tower, Wills Tower was built in 1973.  Not only was it the tallest building in Chicago, but for 25 years it was the tallest building in the world.  It has 108 floors and stands at 1,451 ft.

At the moment, the Willis Tower is the most popular of Chicago’s skyscrapers.  It is the 2nd tallest building in America and has an incredible observation deck which makes it an excellent choice for tourists.  It is the 12th tallest building in the world. The sky deck on this Chicago tower therefore gives wonderful views to those who wish to really see the Windy City.

Trump international hotel and tower

Trump-international-hotel-and-tower Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

The Trump Hotel is a Chicago skyscraper in the downtown area.  This Chicago tower is named after businessman and President Donald Trump.  The tower is a condo-styled hotel which reaches a staggering 423m. It presents guests with a beautiful view of Lake Michigan as well as the Chicago River.  This Chicago building has 98 floors.

The building has been creatively designed and has three setbacks, adding to the Chicago skyline by connecting to the heights of nearby buildings.  It offers space for 486 different condominiums, including suites, studio apartments and penthouses. This Chicago tower also has space for a luxury hotel condominium.  This luxury hotel has 339 guest rooms.

Aon center

Aon-center Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

One of the modern Chicago skyscrapers, the Aon Center was built in the Chicago Loop.  It was completed in 1974 as a building for Standard Oil.  Designed by The Perkins and Will Partnership and Edward Durrell Stone, it has 83 levels.  It is the third tallest of the Chicago skyscrapers. It is only beaten in height by Trump Towers and the Willis Building.

The Aon Building stands out amongst Chicago skyscrapers because the top floors are often lit up at night.  They have sometimes been lit up in seasonal colors.  Other times they reflect a holiday, or an important event.  The building was recently lit up in pink for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

John Hancock center

John_Hancock_Center Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

As one of the most recognized of the Chicago skyscrapers, ‘Big John’ has become an Icon representing Chicago design.

This Chicago tower has 100 floors.  It is an example of simplicity and architectural elegance and yet the building is pragmatic as well as innovative.  The 94th floor offers a 360 degree view of Chicago, showing an incredible view of both the city and Lake Michigan.

In 1968, Big John was the tallest of the Chicago skyscrapers as well as the tallest building in the world (excluding New York).  Now, it is the fourth tallest of the Chicago skyscrapers and the 7th tallest building in the USA.

Franklin center

Franklin-center Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

The Franklin Center is a big building in Chicago, reaching 60 floors in height.  This Chicago skyscraper was completed in 1989.  It was immediately utilized as  AT&T Corporate headquarters.

This Chicago tower is 1,007 ft. Built in the Loop area, it is just two blocks from the Chicago River.  It adds an incredible presence to the Chicago skyline and is the 5th tallest of the Chicago skyscrapers, the 13th tallest in America and the tallest Chicago tower built between 1975 and 1999.

Two Prudential plaza

Two_Prudential_Plaza Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

As the 6th tallest of the Chicago skyscrapers, Two Prudential Plaza  has won 8 different awards, including an award for best  structure.  The building has 64 levels and stands at 995 feet.  It was built in the Loop area in Chicago.

This Chicago tower is the thirteenth tallest building in America.  It is also the tallest building in the world under 1000ft.

Architectural firm Loebl, Schlossman & Hackl, were responsible for the designs and Stephen T. Wright was principal in charge of design. This award winning tower has stood the test of time and occupies an important place on the Chicago skyline

311 South Wacker drive

311_South_Wacker_Drive Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

This Chicago building was completed in 1990 and has 65 levels.  It is a past-modern Chicago skyscraper which is the 7th tallest building on the Chicago skyline. It is the 16th tallest building in America. Located at 311 South Wacker Drive it is known by its address.  It has three levels of underground parking and has a possible connection to the Chicago Station through the winter garden design.

Did you know that this Chicago tower was once the tallest building made out of reinforced concrete in the world?

900 North Michigan

900-North-Michigan Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

Built in 1989, 900 North Michigan is the 8th tallest of the Chicago Skyscrapers.  It is also the 31st tallest building in the USA.  It was created as a sister to the popular Water Tower building, located one block to the East.

900 North Michigan has a vertical shopping mall, the second to be built on The Magnificent Mile. The building features a large Bloomingdales as well as other luxury shops and restaurants.  It is often referred to as the Bloomingdales Building although the official name of the mall is 900 North Michigan Shops.

Water tower place

watertowerplace Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

Water Tower place is dynamic Chicago skyscraper with 74 levels.  The building has a shopping mall as well as a mixed use tower.  It is located on Magnificent Mike, at 835 North Michigan Avenue.  The complex was named after nearby water towers. This Chicago tower is owned by General Growth Properties


aqua-tower Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

Aqua is an upmarket residential block constructed in Lakeshore East.  The building was named for its attractive balconies as well as its proximity to Lake Michigan.

Aqua has 82 levels and was designed by a female architect called Jenny Gang.  The building makes a very attractive addition to the Chicago skyline

Park tower

Park_Tower_Chicago Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

Constructed on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Park Tower is a modern Chicago skyscraper completed as recently as 2000. The building has 70 floors and is the 11th tallest building on the Chicago skyline, the 39th tallest in  America and 83rd in the world simply based on height.

It is one of the tallest buildings in the world created out of precast concrete.  The building doesn’t have a steel frame and is instead built entirely out of concrete.  It was originally going to be built to 650 feet, But increased ceiling heights meant that the Chicago tower would eventually reach 844 feet.

Marina City

Marina_City_Chicago Chicago skyscrapers, the eye-catching tall buildings in the Windy City

When the Marina Towers were constructed in 1964, they were the largest residential blocks in the world.  These Chicago towers were also the first American buildings to be constructed with cranes.

Constructed next to the Chicago River, these towers are identifiable on the Chicago skyline because of their corncob shape.  They have a marina in their lower levels and once had a movie theatre.  However, this has been converted into a blues hall.

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