Christmas is coming, and with it, Christmas decorations. You can already see many decorations everywhere, from shopping centers to houses. December is the favorite month for many people all over the world – it is time to spend time with family and decorate your home to the spirit of Christmas.

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In this article, we will take a look at the best Christmas living room decoration to try this holiday season. You can decorate your bedroom, your kitchen with Christmas ornaments, but the place people arguably spend the most time in their lives in the living room. There are many Christmas living room decoration ideas that you can try.

It is probably one of the most vivid and lively areas in your house to decorate – you may decorate your couches, your table, your bookshelves, and even the TV area and other furnishing pieces.

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A good, well-ornamented and thought out Christmas tree is, of course, a must to start with. But don’t stop there; there are so many possibilities to liven up your living room and make it enjoyable on those cold, winter nights.

Make your living room full of cheer and liven it up in the spirit of Christmas. Whether you are into a cozy decoration scheme, or if you want to have something different this Christmas, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this list.

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Floral Symphony

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You can add a Christmas atmosphere to your living room by simply placing some red and white blooms to one of your tables. To complement your Christmas tree, you can add pieces of greenery all over your Christmas living room.

Change the Color Scheme

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You can make this one simple adjustment before Christmas to liven your living room up: you can change the colors in your living room to bolder colors to liven it up; for example, you could have green and black colors in your living room and combine them with a white Christmas tree.

Red and White Living Room

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Another good way to make your living room appealing this Christmas would be to add crimson red and white colors to your Christmas living room in order to make it feel cozy and Christmas-y. Add a wreath, a tree collar and let your tree shine through.

Old Fashioned

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If you are one of those people who prefer a more classic, old-fashioned look in their Christmas living room, then we have you covered. A good way to make it appear more old-fashioned would be to add classic beautiful Christmas elements to your living room such as stockings by the fireplace and homemade ornaments.

It is simple but effective and it makes your living room a cozy and comfortable place.

Artistic Christmas Living Room Decoration

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On the other side of the spectrum would be an artistic, modern-looking Christmas living room. If you have a special piece of artistry in your living room, such as a painting or something similar, you can base your decorations on that piece of art and make it appear artistic and modern.

Natural Look

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You can design your living room to be more organic, natural-looking by adding a few simple touches. Many people like this look, and you can achieve it by placing some natural elements to your living room.

Adding some elements straight out of the forest would make your living room seem like a natural, organic place – add pine cones and antlers, as well as greenery and other wooden ornaments from the forest to make your place look really natural and organic. It would make for a simple, understated, but yet very cozy décor.

Different Layers

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You can set up a very interesting living room by adding objects of different sizes and heights. You can, for example, add oversize snowflakes and some really tall candles, as well as a handmade garland from olive branches.


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Another good idea for a Christmas living room decoration would be to add snowflakes to your walls and windows. Adding just three pieces of snowflakes with different properties would really liven up your living room.

Mini Trees

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To create an extra Christmas effect in your living room and if one big, beautiful Christmas tree just isn’t enough for you, you can simply add some smaller trees that are decorated uniquely. This would create a real Christmas atmosphere in your living room.

White and Gold

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There is something really charming and calming about white colors paired with gold. That would be a really nice idea for a beautiful Christmas living room. You can add some really nice Christmas ornaments that look really special if they are combined together with white and gold.

Dreaming of a White Christmas

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Another good idea would be a single-color scheme in your living room. The charm about living rooms with one color is that they appear really beautiful and charming without really requiring too much effort from your part. White would be a great choice for Christmas, and it would really let your Christmas tree shine through.

Christmas Chalkboard Living Room

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You can use a chalkboard to liven up your Christmas living room décor; it allows for some really nice works of art to be displayed and it would let you have some decorative freedom.

Farmhouse Living Room

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Similar to the natural look of the Christmas living room, this farmhouse design employes plenty of natural elements in its design that make the living room appear really natural and organic. Some handmade elements combined with wrapped gifts would really make your living room beautiful.

Red Living Room

If you are a lover of red, then you can simply design it in such a way that it contains plenty of red colors. You can add ornaments, blankets and other elements in red color to create a charming, romantic atmosphere.

Pine Garland

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If you want your fireplace to stand out more, you can simply create a beautiful garland with homemade ornaments to make it stand out more. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can place the garland on the wall and enjoy the decoration.

Minimalistic Living Room

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You can create a really simple but cozy Christmas living room by keeping it simple and focusing on a few small things. You can focus on your fireplace and wood and place a simple Christmas tree in the living room and just enjoy the Christmas spirit. This minimalistic design is really prominent in Scandinavian countries.


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To add a bit of glamour to your living room, you can add some metallic elements to make it shinier. If you are not afraid of make your living room extraordinary, then you can add gold and silver to it and enjoy the design. Now is the right time to do so, even if you are a bit reserved.


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Christmas is also the time of sweets and now is the chance to add sweets to your living room like cookies, ribbon candy, gumdrops and more.

Warm and White Living Room

A good way to make your living room cozier and family-friendly would be to add more white to it. It would really make for a warm design that you can enjoy with your family.


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Neutrals are timeless, and you can add them to any design and improve it. It would be a really nice way to liven up your living room without much effort really. Simply add some stockings, a mantel and other decorations with some flowers and you are on a great way to make your living room really cozy.

Bold Christmas Living Room

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Add some boldness to your living room by adding some unusual elements to your design; don’t be afraid to try and test things, this is the right time to do so!


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Blue has become really popular in recent times, and it makes for a nice design if done right. You can place blue ornaments onto your tree and add other decorative elements of blue color into your living room to make the most out of it.


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Plaid accessories can make your living room really nice at Christmas time. Simply add plaid elements to your living room and they will work out pretty well.

Knitted In

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If you like to knit, you can use your skills to create stunning ornaments and decorative elements for your living room. Add them to create a cozy feeling and to provide your living room with some warmth.

Victorian Living Room

If you love old things, then you can arrange the living room in the Victorian style. Add some classic elements to your living room and you will have a really nice design.

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